Chill-Dude - Sorceress

Character Intro and Overview

I have been playing D2 for a long time, I remember that I even checked out Eastern Sun years ago, I think it was in 1.03 or something like that. After years of playing D2 on the Battle.Net it held no secrets anymore for me, so I searched around for mods. TFW and similiar in .09. I got back into mods now with 1.11, the new stuff from 1.10 wasn't new anymore and I am rich on by any standards, it just wasn't challenging anymore.

So I found Eastern Sun. After 2 characters who ended up not cutting it in Hell I decided to start my favorite class of 1.09, a FO Sorceress. I decided to make her a pure Frost build for damages sake with one point in Immolation and one in Fire Mastery, even though I never really used those skills. I hate skill redestribution so I kept those points where they were.

Surprisingly Chill-Dude was able to survive in Hell and even kill Baal, mainly because of her Barbarian Merc with Conviction Aura.

Stats and Attributes

Nothing special here really. Well maybe that my Chill-Dude nearly managed to kill Baal at level 86 but was stopped in the Worldstone Chamber by a nasty pack of ghosts and Council members.



Nothing really special here either, except the two points spent into Fire Skills without really needing them. I think I'll put some more skills into Frozen Armor or something similiar, not sure yet what to do with the last few levels.



Yeah this baby is mainly un-D-stoned, tinkered, or even forged. I revised my gear (runewords) at level 86. Pretty cheap and successfull build.


Merc and Merc Equipment

Nothing too special here either, except his weapon. Oh yeah I am proud of this baby, Ethereal and 3 Conviction, upgraded and merc crafted. Oh and Iron Timble makes a difference of 10k def, so I didn't ditch it yet. Maybe later on.



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