*Zaramoth - Sandstorm Druid [#hac971c3]


**Character Intro and Overview [#m6701fce]

Zaramoth is my Druid from the ladder R6D Nov08. This is one of my first characters that is really strong. I like a Sandstrom Druid very much because he has an awesome Oak and Sandstorm has a range of 22 yards and that is realy nice. I think my way is the best way to make a Sandstrom Druid but if someone has an idea to make it better pls make a comment.

It's not so easy to get Sandstorm on level 100 you need much Odd Charms.

Winterfury is nice when u rush people and at Nihlatak's Domain it kills the mushrooms if i get stuned.

**Stats and Attributes [#cb189bd9]
I put all status points into energy to get the highest bonus % windskilldamage. The 1316% increase maximum life comes from oak/bo and jewels forge . The whole equipment consists of + 1 all skill jewels which are +12%increase max life forged.

**Skills [#b82bc9c2]

**Equipment [#y39855ff]

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#z550e97e]

**Comments [#ca21dcbe]
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- bGvVHLULPYgANLC -- [[nhfxeh]] &new{10-08-2008 (Wed) 16:03:09};

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