*DooM - Immolation Sorceress [#vb431e4e]


**Character Intro and Overview [#yc5c12d1]

All my friends who played this game said there is nothing better what u can make as a immo-sorc. I never made one because it was boring for me. Now nearly all of my friends are offline so i wanted to test this char. I am overwhelmed!

The Spell and the Curse



**Stats and Attributes [#n9422ff3]

Status points:
200 Vitality
300 Energy


**Skills [#z5ca7682]
30 Fire Bolt
25 Fire Ball
20 Immolation
20 Fire Mastery
18 Meteor
1  Aerial Guard
1  Fire Armor


**Equipment [#ff182e8a]

I have -102% enemy fire resistance that is only on my equipment. If u see my gear you can count it. That was the reason why i didnt choose Tasselhoff Set and my skill didnt get Lvl100.

Whole Equipment + 1 to All Skill Jewel with 12% max life forge
Except the Rumour of pain -  3x Salamander Stone

Diadem of the Skillmaster with +2 Sorceress Skills and + 5 Oak Sage!


Eternal Reign Runeword


Cinderspark - 102% fireskill damage d-stoned


Rumour of Pain Equipment 13%/15%/15% - Socket with Salamander Stones -5% enemy fire resistance


Phoenix LoD Shield 


Lvl 75 Sorceress Amulet


One Ring with a Sorc/strength-jewel


Lvl 75 Sorceress Ring


**Merc and Merc Equipment [#i243853d]

3 socket MoYaSu Sword with Conviction Aura
Izeal's Vize Armor
Medi Aura helmet
belt with resists
shiver armor gloves
2 elemental jewels
Envy Shield
lvl 60 Barbarian Amulet

**Comments [#g925414f]

Thanks for your attention. 
- First! yeah its online :D -- [[cpt_chaos]] &new{04-16-2010 (Fri) 10:14:35};

- MfMqTvdnmNbhvFANv -- [[swvkoyjcn]] &new{01-18-2009 (Sun) 08:33:07};
- bGvVHLULPYgANLC -- [[nhfxeh]] &new{10-08-2008 (Wed) 16:03:09};

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