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*ES_Dru - Druid [#p3e78139]


**Character Intro and Overview [#f60c6dee]

This is not my first ES-character, but this is the first to reach lvl 100. He is built in singelplayer in the R5H patch. I started with nothing and wanted a char with good rate of killing to beat the game as fast as possible. This one really did it and when i was done i realized that he had much more to give. 

**Stats and Attributes [#a1de54da]

Before i've got my endgame-gear i had to put statpoints where it was needed to get a good balance. After that every singel point went into vitality. I still have enough strenght to carry my gear and dexterity to obtain maximum block of 75%.

Here are some numbers (with and without buffs)

Life: 5486/13603
Mana: 1322/1723
Defense: 2217/26604


Well, not much to say. See for yourselves.
I just want to mention that a bit more mana wouldn't hurt and maybe dr%. I've got full resistances even if I face "Conviction" and "Lower resist" at the same time.

**Skills [#yd1348b8]

I've put my skills as following


Cyclone armor: 30 
Winter fury: 30
Tornado: 25 (main skill)
Sandstorm: 20
Arctic blast: all remaining points




Cow balloon: 1 (prereq)
Oak sage: 1


This build actually has only one point of prereq. Every other point is helpful in it's own way. Here are some pros and cons about the skills that I've experienced.

Cyclone armor: Very nice abs- and defbonus. Have to be recasted often when hit alot.

Winter fury: Godly in normal and nightmare. Not that effective in hell.

Tornado: Good damage over a large area. A bit tricky to find the right angle to get the maximum damage vs bosses etc. "Amplify damage" makes this skill even better.
Note: I've havn't faced one singel monster that I couldn't kill. Some possessed monsters where a bit slower to kill, but still kinda fast.

Oak sage: Great life buffer, but very fragile.

**Equipment [#ke982d26]

You may notice that most of my items has perfect stats or almost perfect and I promise you that I havn't cheated in any way. It took a long time and alot of perfect gems to accomplish this but it was worth it I think. I'm not much into rare items as you can see. I want to build my chars with items like uniques, sets and runewords. This is because it should be easy for anyone to copy my build.

Anyway, here is my setup of items.


On switch I have Raka's Folly, a twohanded axe that provides "Amplify damage"

Most items are dstoned with mods I considered useful. "Runefusion" is still untouched. I  planned to put a "Wind rune" in them, but I didn't know the lvlreq penalty of that.

In my inventory I've got all unique charms except "Vlad Tepe's Sustenance". Havn't found that one yet. All charms are rerolled to perfect or almost perfect and forged with "+1 to druid skill levels". I also have some life/mana small charms.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#f169f5f3]

I'm using an act 5 defensive barbarian. I think this was the best choice for this char, but i can't be sure because I havn't tried any other. From that I hired him until late game he used "Barbarian" set, "Achilles" set, "Collar of the minotaur" and two "Ring of vengeance". He did a really good actually, but I wanted him to be even better. I knew that he should use "Eternal reign", which gives a nice exp-bonus, but i didn't know the rest. I took some ideas from Blinn, or in truth, copied his merc. I'm sorry about that Blinn =)

This is how he looks now (with and without buffs)



When using "Concentrate" his defense reaches up to ~145k

And here is his equipment


"Achilles" set is still left with some improvements


**Comments [#off09526]

Well, that was everything i think. Thanks for reading this and also thanks to those who made ES and keeps it updated. And of course to those responsible for this site. You are doing a great job!

If you have any questions I'm pleased to answer as good as I can and some feedback would be nice too.

See you when my next character is complete =)

- They aren't exact. Helps if you actually read the stats. -- [[DUPE_DUH]] &new{10-01-2011 (Sat) 19:06:08};
- i love how he had enough throughput to make 2 exact items on each hand. NOT -- [[OBVIOUS_DUPE]] &new{04-14-2011 (Thu) 19:13:09};
- You would've shined as a Runemaster -- I like the poor-man's setup that you devised, it's almost newbie-friendly. Good job on the Level 100 too! Note I'm making a wind druid with updated equipment, but this has gotta be in the Character Builds too! -- [[psycho2]] &new{02-06-2011 (Sun) 18:57:33};
- You're missing two pretty imporant things for any good druid of this type. Teleport, Cold Mastery and Amp. I recommend Scepter of the Sorcerer-Kings *Blessed Scepter for both Teleport + Cold mastery.  Try to get Amp on either a helmet for ring. It will make your Sandstorm/Tornado godly. Not a bad base druid. Needs some work still though! -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{08-02-2009 (Sun) 05:01:27};
- You probably won't see this since you posted a year ago, but Jake downloading someone elses character is something widely frowned apon. You wouldn't like someone using your character after you spent months or years working on it would you? -- [[stingray]] &new{08-02-2009 (Sun) 02:22:21};
- You have this up for download? -- [[JAke]] &new{12-01-2008 (Mon) 02:32:40};
- There's accusations and then there's jealousy. We know where that guy is... -- [[Will]] &new{11-24-2008 (Mon) 19:36:32};
- When someone plays more hardcore or is luckier than you, you don't need to comment it's duping. It's pretty lame really. I don't know who you are but all I know is that there are thousands of people who have gotten Jah Ith Ber themselves while I have not, thousands of people have stashes full of High runes while I do not but I do not complain. I even got scammed once. It's really pointless to say he's been duping JUST BECAUSE you do not have it. If you had proof it would be better.  -- [[Xenmorpha]] &new{10-11-2008 (Sat) 16:31:27};
- and that's not even to mention two level 75 class amulets that are damn near perfect as well.....must of gotten tired of duping stuff to reroll them into perfect and just settled with almost. i've gambled billions of gold on rings and amulets then ending up spending a couple hundred million on gems in order to reroll to get anywhere near perfect and have yet to even get close.....you may say it's a matter of luck....i'd say it's more of a matter of you duping as opposed to me not. out of all that i still don't have any 75 amulets / rings and only one zodiac that's damn near the lowest values.....and i've been playing this game for months now....one thing i'm proud of is finally getting a 50 scroll but still can't find 49.....oh well, enjoy your dupes. -- [[I-Smell-A-Duper]] &new{10-08-2008 (Wed) 14:06:12};
- my name says it all, no way in hell you could get those perfect Zodiac Bands without duping......not to mention the Madawc's hoops being damn near perfect as well.....it's best not to post your characters that use duped items you know.....i surely bet that it takes away all of the feelin of accomplishment now that you think about it right? -- [[I-Smell-A-Duper]] &new{10-08-2008 (Wed) 13:56:19};
- Congratulations on getting this character to lvl 100. That's something I have yet to do. I'll be doing a very similar build for the upcoming ES Obsession II Tournament, but there will be some key differences with my build and yours. I'll try and do a writeup myself when I'm done with the build. -- [[Metro]] &new{08-20-2008 (Wed) 22:57:55};

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