Hannibal - Barbarian

Character Intro and Overview

Character Build Strategy:

1) Above all else, find the secret of accumulating gold.

2) Refrain from Gem Melding and DStoning (except Extra Gold From Monsters), until all Quests have been completed in Hell mode.

3) Learn about the types of armor and weapons desired for long term use along the way.

4) Gamble for each piece of long term armor and weapon(s) that you are in need of after completing all the quests in Hell Mode.

5) Use Secret Recipe 37 to add Self Repair to all five armor items, shields, and non-ethereal weapons which eliminates repair cost and the need to do so.

6) Complete the Gem Melding and DStoning of all pieces that can give one 400% Extra Gold From Monsters and 400% Magic Find to a minimum of 1200%.

7) Gem Meld first because a) it requires less Dragon Stones and Ancient Decipherers than DStoning; b) many attributes gained are basically unique to Gem Melding; and c) two and three desirable attributes are added and/or increased with each Gem Meld.

8) DStone as resources permit.

9) Use the gold to purchase more Perfect Gems for Gem Melding and creating Maple Leafs.

10) Use the recipes provided to convert higher and lower level runes into SA runes for use with Maple Leafs and Secret Recipe 50 to reduce Level Requirements on Gem Melded and DStoned pieces.

11) Farm for Dragon Stones, Ancient Decipherers, gold, gems, runes, set items, and unique items (convert to Ancient Decipherers) to enable further Gem Melding and DStoning.

12) When satisfied with your warrior, create a new one and begin again.

Hannibal the Destroyer is the first in a new generation of Barbarians residing in Harrogath. Although he is very young, he has shown wisdom beyond his years by consulting the Elders of Harrogath as to how one might become a mighty Barbarian using equipment obtained and modified using resources obtained in the Realm. He was sent to the Sages of the Phrozen Keep where many immortal warriors dwell. Hannibal was schooled in the acquisition of resources which he would need to empower his own equipment so that he too could become an immortal warrior. No magical duplication of resources was permitted. Hannibal must find or Gamble his fortune on the gear he would need and then modify the items using the many Recipes he was taught by the Elders of Harrogath. He was given the Scroll of Hawkman the Invincible by Deckard Cain whereby Hannibal learned the most important secret he could know, how to obtain mountains of Gold for Gambling and purchasing precious Gems. The extent of the modification of equipment by Hannibal will above all be that which is truly feasible.

But what of Hannibal's journey and of his adventures and quests? A sad tale indeed. He and his beloved Merc Amazon, Silverdawn, were seeking to discover the pathway to the Electrocutioner's Horde, a most vile and foul set of Evil Minions. They had journeyed for many days and much distance before finally encountering the Way to the Naraku One domain. Silverdawn was exhausted and advised Hannibal to rest before venturing further. Although he too felt weary, the lure of adventure and reward was too strong. Hannibal rushed onto the Naraku One waypoint and raced into the interior darkness. Silverdawn was not far behind, but as soon as she set foot on the waypoint, she was beseiged by a horde of bonecrushing monsters. Hannibal heard the noise from the melee and raced to save her. When he arrived, Silverdawn lay mortally wounded on the waypoint. Hannibal, in his exhausted state fought with all his might to reach her side, but exhausted his supply of healing and rejuvenation potions and was beaten back into the Naraku's darkness. He attempted to launch a Town Portal, but alas it failed. Checking his backpack, to his horror, he found that thieves among the thronging horde had stolen almost everything. Gone were the Town Portals and all of his powerful Charms. Only the Horadric Cube and thanks be the Damage Augmentor Charm remained. Ever forward was his only path. What was he to do? How could he avenge the death of his beloved Silverdawn? He had been given the map of the domains that stood before him which lead to the deep pathways to the Electrocutioner's Horde, but did he have the heart? Since he knew there were no more waypoints ahead and since he had no Town Portals, he knew that he must conquer with the resources still remaining to him and with those he would find along the way. This much he did vow, he would search every corner, crook and cranny of the three Naraku levels, the GFraizer Dome, the Bill Roper Memorial Park, the Dead End, Nowhere, and Nihlathak's Domain for every Evil Minion and then destroy them all. There can be only One. All would die. Finally, the Evil Lord Nihlathak would be destroyed in the dark fortress where he lurks for it was he who set the trap that slew Silverdawn. In the lore of the Realm, this historic journey by Hannibal has become known as the Trail of Tears.

Hannibal Character.JPG

Stats and Attributes

As with all Barbarians, all Stat Points have been placed into Strength. He has a 95% chance of hitting his foes while they have only a 15% chance of landing a blow. Those Elemental attackers should note that Hannibal is 14 points above Max Resistance on all four Elemental Damages. Magic Find and Extra Gold From Monsters is limited to 1200% to meet feasibility guidelines. 100% Life and Mana Stolen Per Hit were added free of cost to the weapon and gloves when they were Gem Melded for +50 Max Damage. Replenish Life is limited to 180 and is helpful to a non-Warcry Barb's health. Damage Reduction, Magic Damage Reduction, Slows Target, and - Target Defense are not modifications that are required by a skillfully enhanced Barb because the foes are dead before they can inflict lethal amounts of damage. Light Radius is increased as a dare to nearby foes to come to Hannibal's axe. 100% Faster Run/Walk is limited because of control of movement needs and was added free of cost when Hannibal's helm was Gem Melded for +200 Dexterity. 120% Faster Hit Recovery can save your life when surrounded by hordes. 240% Increased Attack Speed is beyond the weapon speed IAS breakpoint of 168%, but Hannibal does not have Cannot Be Frozen or Half Freeze Duration and foes do have Slows Target. He can be slowed, but extra IAS helps. Open Wounds is at 0% for the same reason that a Barb never uses Poison Damage, foes are lying on the ground dead long before either mod shows results. 100% Bonus To Attack was added free of cost when Hannibal's helm was Gem Melded for +200 Dexterity. Increased Max Life 60% and +479 Life, on all possible gear, are essential to a non Battle Orders Warcry Barb. Adding +200 Strength to all possible items is a given. Slain Monsters Rest In Peace on the axe is a no brainer mod. Finally, Hannibal's gloves received 900% Enhanced Damage free of cost when they were Gem Melded for 100% Deadly Strike. In summary, intelligent use of both DStoning and Gem Melding can greatly enhance the level of mods one can implement at a feasible cost using only gameplay resources.



1 to Howl
1 to Shout

Battle Command can give +4 to All Skills, but consumes 21 Skill Points to achieve. In addition, swapping between Shout, Battle Orders and Battle Command to get their benefits is a pain. Hannibal's 20,000+ Life and +14 To All Skills is more than sufficient for successful gameplay. Shout is Hannibal's right hand skill to increase Defense as I chose to Enhance Defense 900% only the Helm and Armor to meet feasability guidelines. The other Warcries on examination and in gameplay are either ineffective or redundant.

Combat Masteries

15 to Close Combat Masteries
1 to Strength of Ancients

The other Combat Masteries are either unrewarding or simply confusing to a Barb, being more suitable for other Characters who rely on magic powers.

Combat Skills

30 to Stun
30 to Concentrate
25 to Bash
20 to Berserk

Bash is the Barb's most powerful Skill, but Concentrate's uninterruptible attack cannot be overlooked when a Barb is being Stunned. Beserk Skill eliminates all need of Elemental Damage to deal with Physical Damage immune foes. The synergy bonuses of these Skills is wondrous. The other Skills are not suitable for this build. Finally, Whirlwind is a hokey Skill given to impress children.


Viper Razor Slayer Axe: This Rare Dual Max (300% EMD Based on Character Level and 250 MD Based on Character Level) Axe is the most enjoyable weapon that I have ever used. While not matching the Damage of a Rare Ethereal Dual Max Axe, it packs plenty of punch.

Hannibal Axe.JPG

The 12% CTC a Level 25 Immolation on Striking is killer cool as you can readily see from this screenshot. 12% means you see it often.

Hannibal Immolation.jpg

Collar Of Minotaur Amulet: The Might Aura increases Damage. With a boost to All Skills and Combat Skills, the amulet adds critical MF and EGFM.

Hannibal Amulet.JPG

Elemental Jewe