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[[The Hall of Glory]]
*HenryHandsmek - Paladin [#c4d33755]


**Character Intro and Overview [#sa7d48a8]
Henry Handsmek is a Martyr, a paladin who believes that sacrifices are to be made to stop the evil (bad pun intended). He uses Sacrifice as primary attack, backed up by defensive auras.

It's played rather straightforward when it comes to attacking, click and hold an enemy until it's dead, and quickly switch to a new one. Against large packs or especially dangerous enemies, a quick conversion with Hypno Blast first turn the monsters against each other. Against physical immunes he has Vengeance. But the funny part in playing isn't the attacks, it's the auras. I use no less than... hmm, I'll have to think here... no less than 7 different auras. In a single Nihlathak-run, I usually use 4-6. It's a great challenge for ones tactical mind, and ones coordination.

He's quite good at dealing damage versus bosses and small groups, and great at surviving, but there are far better builds against masses (since he hasn't got any AoE damage attack whatsoever).

**Stats and Attributes [#y8f67523]


Well, this is how he looks. The damage is decent, especially considering it's with Aura of Divinity active (with fanaticism it tops 248k max), but not extreme due to mediocre weapon.
My resists are quite nice though, as I've also got 12%/17%/12% absorb when my barb's Prot. from Cold is active. Protection from Fire and Lightning gives me 40% absorb versus that element, so it's useful against Electrocuters and those guys.
All stats here are fully buffed and with auras from merc active.
The attack rating makes me have over 90% hit chance against most enemies in Naraku and below, and my defense of 101k makes most enemies hit me 7% of the time or even more rarely. With Fanaticism active, I've got 42k AR. Not getting hit is also quite important, since it can trigger my hit recovery and I don't want that. Big time don't want that.

My life is quite low for a melee char, but if I use Vigor it pops up to 7772 max life. Speed is also important, and while I only have 30% FRW, I always have a level 6 Vigor active on equip, and when I actually use vigor (most of the time when I'm not in melee combat), it gives me an 85% boost, so I can run like hell if needed. It's needed quite often :P

I don't really care about GF, as I've got another char to take care of the goldfinding, but since I'm gonna run high-level areas with this guy, I really wanted some MF. Lucky for me, it's packed in Lady Eboshi's Greed, which I use anyway for Life Leech.

For stats, I've gone all strength. Not a single point anywhere else. More damage mean more life-leech, and less enemies. More damage is king.
**Skills [#a6b8bd19]

As you can see, maxed Sacrifice, maxed Holy Shield, and maxed Prayer. Most other skills are one-pointers, except for Hypno Blast, which I have something like 9 hard points in (going for 12, for increased radius), and the Protection from Fire and Lightning skills, which I have 2 hard points in each, for +1 to maximum resistance each.

Sacrifice in itself gives +3025% ED and +1850% AR. When I meet physical immunes, I have to switch to Vengeance, which does 37k-167k with Protection from Lightning active. Hypno blast is used on groups and dangerous enemies such as holy freeze uniques with minions. 

As can be seen on the stat page, Aura of Divinity, which is my primary aura, has only 1 point in it but still gives +23% experience gained. It really makes a difference. Fanaticism, which I have on a staffmod from the odd charm, gives some IAS which I don't need as I reach maximum for my weapon if my merc is in the vicinity, 465% ED, and 215% AR. 
Prayer heals 540 life every two seconds, and the on equip Meditation and Cleansing auras I have each heal 538 life every two seconds. Protection from Fire and Lightning each gives 40% Absorb to it's element, and 129% elemental skill damage. Redemption has a 95% chance of working and gives 400 mana and 430 life after each leech.
Salvation is nearly only used when under Conviction aura, but it gives +126%/+114%/+126% resistance to the elements. I've got Holy Freeze on a staffmod too, but I almost never use it. It deals neglible damage, but slows all enemies with 58%.

**Equipment [#u96f7151]

***COMIN' UP! I'm tired and I'm gonna sleep a few hours >< [#kf7b2904]
Nighty nighty!
**Merc and Merc Equipment [#jc697204]

**Comments [#gb995d36]
- Those are really impressive stats, can't wait to see his equipment! -- [[Blinn]] &new{04-10-2008 (Thu) 00:55:50};

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