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*Hercules - Barbarian [#s981270e]


**Character Intro and Overview [#e5422ecb]

Hercules is the younger brother of Hawkman the Invincible Barbarian. For two years he has relentlessly journeyed toward Harrogath, answering the call of Hawkman for a union of forces to combat the coming of the "One". Hercules gladened Hawkman's heart with news of their sister Hawkmana who was lost nearly three years ago when captured by Realm minions. She has escaped and is at this very moment nearing the outskirts of Harrogath. This is, of course, a turn of events only beyond fortunate. Hercules and Hawkmana were trained by Hawkman, but he has new lessons for their betterment. From his birth, Hercules has ever built his body for strength. He is, without a doubt, the strongest Barbarian ever to walk the face of the Earth. 

Once reunited with Hawkman and sister Hawkmana, will the Prime Evils in this Realm even dare to show their faces? Bring to the realm what you will Tsuru, we are prepared.

**Stats and Attributes [#sf6e4ff4]

Hercules: Master of Sword and Shield

&ref(./Hercules Character SS.JPG);

A secret will be told, Hercules is mute and unable to practice the Ancient Skill of Warcries. He has learned to increase his defense using a shield because he cannot Warcry Shout. While this reduces his attack somewhat, his powerful blows still do neary 900k damage.  When he ventures into the Realm without his shield, he can do 1280k damage. The most notable attribute, the one he is most proud of, is his 5,000 plus Strength. Hercules Forged his Gauntlets with He Runes to increase damage. He forged his Sword with Wo Runes to make it Indestructible. Two Ruby Carnage Jewels were used in the Sword,(+1 Combat Skills, 59% Enhanced Damage, 24 Maximum Damage), instead of Nickel Werewolf jewels forged for Strength. Thus, 225 to the Strength displayed is possible.

Hercules is neither proud, nor is he a braggert. Therefore, he will not give a detailed description of his attributes. One can say that he is basically immune to Elemental attacks. His offensive attributes make his enemies quake in fear. His defensive attributes have frustrated multitudes of the Realm's most powerful Minions. By carefully studying Hercules' individual pieces of Armor, jewelry, sword and shield; one can uncover his powerful build. 
**Skills [#gcee350d]

Hawkman has given Hercules:

1 Lesson in Close Combat Masteries
28 Lessons in Strength of the Ancients
31 Lessons in Stun
31 Lessons in Concentrate
26 Lessons in Bash
6 Lessons in Beserk
**Equipment [#s2b9909c]

Plague Hew Helfire Dual Max Rare Ethereal Sword: If one must have a sword, this one may be it. However, one that Self Repairs would be the ultimate sword. Hercules will keep scouring the Realm for just such a weapon.

&ref(./Hercules Sword.JPG);

&ref(./Hercules Mad Celt.JPG);

&ref(./Hercules Amulet.JPG);

Here is a list of Hercules equipment (view by seeing the attachments below): 

Berserker's Slayer Guard of Power(+50 to Strength Based on Character Level)3 Sockets
Jewlers Chaos Armor of Power (+50 to Strength Based on Character Level) 4 Sockets
Godly War Gauntlets of Greed 2 Sockets
Vigorous War Belt of Equilibrium 2 Sockets
Bahamut's Greaves of Greed 2 Sockets
Barbed Shield of Equilibrium 3 Sockets

All 14 Grand Charms and the square charm have sockets. Both rings and the amulet are socketed. The jewels used in the sockets for all items add Strength, Maximum Damage or both.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#r5c149e5]

Hercules has no Merc. With but a few exceptions, Merc's are often nothing more than shields or damage aborbers. 
**Comments [#db44cf1b]

King James: to "Seas" See my comment to you on Hall of Glory Hawkman page

- another thing, this isnt how far player CAN come cause this kind of char requires cheats/sharedstash cloning, thats the only thing u show, u should try to make a damn REAL char whrer u need to get all items with ONLY that char, then i can be suprised, this is just boring chars imo......... -- [[farmer]] &new{07-13-2008 (Sun) 18:34:13};
- he duped all charms from hawkman too i think....Hercules will keep scouring the Realm for just such a weapon.,haha BS lol, ur cloned gem can will make u a new weap -- [[farmer]] &new{07-13-2008 (Sun) 18:29:14};
- isnt sp great ..stuff full forged with no +lvl req, how often u duped Maple Leafs ? -- [[seas]] &new{07-13-2008 (Sun) 03:54:29};

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