*Jyggalag- Holy Shock Zealot [#i1f9f3a2]


**Character Intro and Overview [#d3e30db4]

When I was still playing Vanilla I always hated the fact that there were so few choices as far as builing a paladin went: the only builds that were truly "hell Proof" were the smiter and the Hammerdin. Es gave me the opportunity to try new and exiting builds AND to be able to kill Baal all by myself. 

I Think I've played ES for almost three years now (Don't worry, I've been doing other things as well :) and although I've tried all kind of setups, the shockadin build proved to be most succesfull (and fun). I was amazed how incredibly fast holy shock kills on normal/nightmare: doing cow runs became my new favorite thing. 

True, I've spent many (maaaaany) days collecting maple leafs and devil's foods, but even without the d-stoning or gem melding this build will still enable you to clear /players 8 hell without too much difficulty.

Thing that I still need to work on:

-Merc gear: Although he really isn't all that bad, I still need to find better merc gear. I basically equipped him to further boost my stats (aura's) and nothing more. I haven't d-stoned any of his gear because My paladin needed all my attention (and maple leafs).

- Tinkering: I haven't fully tinkered all my gear yet, simply because I ran out of organs... I think I need to kill more plague rats.

-Better shield: I'm still Looking for a better alternative for my conquest. Perferably a shield with mutiple sockets and + 3 to shock armor to boost my defence and my BO & BC.

Other than that I think I'm pretty much done :)

I'm still working on my Immolation sorc, but she's coming together quite nicely.

I will update this page sometime in the near future. Feel free to ask or comment to your liking. Btw, if the pics are too large don't hesitate to let me know. I can always make them smaller.

**Stats and Attributes [#q9927287]

As can be seen below:


**Skills [#l96a33f0]

I raised all my lvl 100 skills to lvl 97 in hard points, because BC and AoD give me an extra + 3 to all skills (TAS). I don't encounter any lightning immune monsters any more, so other skills really aren't necessary :)

**Equipment [#h5edeb73]

Active Aura's:

Lvl 16 Conviction (Merc's Work of God)
Lvl 12 Cleansing (Arthur's crown)
Lvl 10 Defiance (Merc's Beads of the Guardian + Aura Stone)
Lvl 12 Aura of Divinity (Merc's Eternal Reign)
Lvl 5 Prayer (Merc's Heart of the Moon)
Lvl 8 Vigor (Rare Diadem)
Lvl 14 Protection from Lightning ( Gold Scarab)
Lvl 5 COncentration ( Aura Stone + Seraph's Hymn)
Lvl 8 Fanatisicm ( Rare Scepter)
Lvl 100 Holy SHock (active aura)


lvl 36 BO/BCommand (CTA)
Lvl 34 BCry (CTA)
Lvl 35 Heart of Wolverine (boots)
Lvl 39 Oak Sage (boots)
Lvl 49 Nova (Master of Thunder)
Lvl 59 Elemental (2xUnique Rings)
Lvl 36 Close COmbat Mastery (Rare gloves)

Charms: All unique one's + 5 or six +1 to Offensive Auras Grand charms and 1 or two Grand charms of the angel (all Socketed).

Jewels: 12 Sescheronya's Sparks, the rest either damage jewels of +1 to all skills jewels. My scepter contains 1 dragon kanji rune, my Seraph's hymn contains 1 wood rune.

Weapon Switch: CTA and conquest runeword for the +3 to fire armor


Now for my weapon: I had an Agent of the Light equipped until the moment i found this beauty. I really don't know hom many maple leafs I used for my scepter, but I can assure you: it was no easy task obtaining them.  

The jewels are all damage jewels with +1 to combat skills. The +2% to wind skill damage and -1 to pS damage are jewel stats, the +2 to magic skill damage was a faulty d-stone (I know, I know...)

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#z1a8f037]
I haven't d-stone or tinkered any of the gear. I did however forge everything with either +1 to all skills or a merc only conversion.


Futher merc gear: 

Death's grip (gloves, for the life steal)
Arthur's crown
Zodiac band x2 (rings)
Timeloop (Belt)
Beads of the guardian (Amulet)

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- Where's the nearest cash machine? http://www.embodimentproject.org/artist-statement/ buy cyproheptadine online  * Annotate the front of the CRC to indicate these items relate to “Uncollected Repeat”  -- [[Allison]] &new{07-26-2014 (Sat) 02:40:06};
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- Go travelling http://www.embodimentproject.org/artist-statement/ cyproheptadine hydrochloride  be placed in the Reason for Service Code (439-E4) field. The DUR Conflict Code being  -- [[Sofia]] &new{07-25-2014 (Fri) 20:54:30};
- On another call http://www.findagroomer.com/pet-owner-help.htm many mg orlistat alli  11LAMPUPPERTo turn ON/OFF the upper lamp.P.20  -- [[Katelyn]] &new{07-25-2014 (Fri) 18:02:38};
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- Enter your PIN http://uniquelyurbandale.com/city-of-urbandale-iowa/ buy orlistat 60 mg  3 1-3 MEVS Accepted or Pend Codes  -- [[Gabriella]] &new{07-25-2014 (Fri) 05:13:16};
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- 3UwMX3 http://www.QS3PE5ZGdxC9IoVKTAPT2DBYpPkMKqfz.com -- [[horny]] &new{07-20-2014 (Sun) 19:29:44};
- Would swapping the Defiance forging on Merc's amulet and Concentration forging on your own be better? Since you have no synergy for Concentration, forging on merc of yourself gives identical Enhanced Damage. But Protection from Lightning gives enormous synergy to Defiance: 10% per hard point, eventually you'll have 300% more Enhanced Defense if you swap them. -- [[pheather]] &new{04-18-2010 (Sun) 19:33:34};
- Daishi: Yurmy is correct. I've socketed my weapon with 1 dragon rune (the "dr" you see), but because of all the mods the rest of the name vanishes -- [[RLeon]] &new{03-31-2010 (Wed) 16:56:06};
- Smells fishy. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{03-23-2010 (Tue) 07:28:55};
- lol Daishi. Was thinking the samething. I believe all the mods have cutoff the full name? -- [[yurmy]] &new{03-23-2010 (Tue) 05:35:27};
- Never seen a weapon called " 'Dr "  before. Interesting. -- [[Daishi_GD]] &new{03-23-2010 (Tue) 02:55:51};
- What is the damage output ?! :) I am currently trying the same build, but I am way behind - only about lvl70 and with no endgame equip :) -- [[Roger]] &new{03-21-2010 (Sun) 11:31:48};

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