Larazon - Druid

Character Intro and Overview

This was the first character I had to beat Hell in the R5D patch. This character started out early on as a Fire Druid, but I changed it around upon entering Hell after nearly tearing my hair out at the multitude of Fire Immunes. He turned out to be incredibly sturdy then, with Cyclone Armor absorbing 2000+ damage, Fade from the belt giving me DR% and near maxed resistances, and Decrepify from the ring giving me amazing safety. Tornado damage is near 7000, with Sandstorm about 4500, which gives me good killing power, even enough to take out Diablo Clone with ease after Decrepify kicks in. Pictures of his stats and equipment will follow soon.

Stats and Attributes



(All points are base values.)
Cyclone Armor: 20
Winter Fury: 30
Tornado: 25
Sandstorm: 20
Arctic Blast: 1


I couldn't believe my luck when this rare fell on the ground in front of me. The resists and FCR were added through D-Stoning, but +2 Druid Skills and +3 Tornado just made my jaw drop straight off the bat. The extra to max resists is a small help too.
The amulet is there for one simple reason - big +skills. An extra +5 to my main skills helps tremendously, with the resistances and mana/mana regen just gravy.
Graciously donated by Zi, this is an excellent armor for this character. Big +4 to all skills, nice resists, amazing defense, and even a vitality bonus makes this second only to a good Insight.
I found this thing at the early parts of Normal, and it's still going strong. Just can't beat that amazing Life and Mana bonus, but I could do well to switch out to something like a Heart of the Oak or other good runeword soon.
This was where my Elite Unique Stone from Anya went to. This is a great shield now, with incredible mods for a caster. FCR, big +Mana boost, +41% Maximum Mana, absorbs, and big resists made this my endgame shield for sure.
Since I started out as a Fire Druid, I tried hard to get these gloves. Even now, with my character having switched away from fire, they're still nice for the FCR and +25% to Mana.
Ring 1:
A big craft here. Major +skills, and Vitality and Mana bonuses. Just nice all around.
Ring 2:
Another nice craft. More +skills, oskill Decrepify, which is an amazing help, and more Vitality.
What can I say. Tasselhoff's is just a good belt. Fade charges, more MF/GF, and two sockets for whatever I see fit.
Could be better, could be worse. I don't really like most of the unique belts, and haven't found Tasselhoff's yet, so I tried my hand at crafting. These came out okay, but I'll eventually replace them once I make something better.

Charms: Inventory nearly full of +Life/Mana charms, Yello Jello Large Charm, Lothar's Will Grand Charm.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Coming soon...


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