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*EndlessWinter - Cold Sorceress [#je85b360]
*Link - Holy Shock Paladin [#je85b360]


**Character Intro and Overview [#lf774a0b]


One of my favourite chars is a Cold Sorceress. Primary I am using Ice Nova, because I like the playing style with Teleport, Curse and Nova. Before I made this char I have seen the Halls of Daishi's FreezingSorc and BananaSlurpee's One. Both made a quite strong Cold Sorceress, Daishi a bit better cause of playing online + he doesnt use a marpeled 400% cold dmg weapon like banana. So I checked Daishi's Equipment and found several things where you can get more + skills. I dont like LOD items like Nightwing's or Monarch. They are good, but there are much better things on ES. So I dont wanted to get these things, but I have to say that they have a specific style. The second thing is, that I didnt use Icestorm Shard Unique Jewels, but they are definitly better than Allskillers at this charakter. So my "direct" damage would be much higher with Icestorm Jewels.
This is my Holy Shock Paladin in Druids Elemental Form using the Spell Maul. His damage consists of Lightning and Physical damage. Non-lightning-immunes fall down very fast. The Immunes I kill some hits in seconds. 

In my equipment I only use +1 to All Skill Jewels, because I like the high Lower Resist Curse, Fade, Battle Orders, Shout...
My Lower Resist(lvl 63) Curse is at the maximum -90%.

**Stats and Attributes [#kc96de71]
Primary I use an Act2 Combat Merc with Conviction Aura, but I wanted to try also an Act3 Cold Sorcerer Merc with Protection from Cold Aura to see how much damage I can get.
First you can see my normal Stats and below that ones with the Act3 PfC Merc.
Primary I use an Act2 Combat Merc with Conviction Aura helping to cut the immunity.


Base Attributes
430 Nearly all into Energy

**Skills [#t9c85cea]
I could not get my Cold Mastery to Lvl 100, but Synergies are more important is my opinion.
Holy Shock and Synergies maxed. Some points into usefull passives.


**Equipment [#xe1b50c5]
Every Item is forged with +1 to All Skills. D-Stoning mostly + % Max Life, + Life, Faster Cast Rate or some resists. The weapon is d-stoned with +% Cold skill damage.
10 Odd Charms with +1 to Cold Skills and socketed with +1 to All Skill Jewel.
All Unique Charms (except yellow jellow) are forged and socketed with +1 to All Skills Jewels.
Every Item is forged with +1 to All Skills. D-Stoning mostly + % Max Life, + Life or some resists. The weapon is d-stoned with +% Lightning skill damage.

Armor and Helmet:
Unique Archmage Robe, Magic Circlet with +2 Sorc Skills +2 Cold Skills and Medi Aura(Act 3 Alkor). I tried to get one with an Oak like Firesnake/Rychveldir BurningSorc, but I had no luck.
Kanjii Runeword Gold Scarab, LOD Diadem Griffons Eye

Weapon and Shield:
Winter - Everybody's choice here, rerolled an epic rare bone shield with an oak, max resists and 3 sockets. Before this one I used a magic ceremonial shield with an oak and 3 sockets.
Etherial Rare Seraphic Scepter(because of this weapon i made this character), Unique Royal Shield

Rumour Stuff:

Rings and Amulet:
I rerolled Killashandra's Rings very often to get this overwhelming output. Lvl 75 sorceress amulet cause of the nice +max resists and +20 to all attributes.
LOD Amulet Seraphs Hymn, Lvl75 Paladin Ring, Zodiac Band

Master of Thunder

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#o8b64cd2]
Act2 Hell Combat Merc with Conviction
Harlequin Crest Shako
Tasselhoff Set
6 socket magic Impaler with +8 to allskills
rare boots with CtC Shock armor when struck
Mara's Kaleidoscope
2x One ring

**Comments [#l8373812]
- 3k life is low yes, but i use aerial guard, fade and energy shield(10k mana), so i wont die -- [[Bronko]] &new{05-26-2013 (Sun) 08:59:09};
- 3k Life is a bit low for hell, Wyverns will blow u up :) But the damage is incredible -- [[Surge]] &new{05-25-2013 (Sat) 21:26:28};

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