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*Lucky - Necrobarb [#w2c8dfe9]


**Character Intro and Overview [#z0684d6f]

In Progress... have to replace info from template page, please be patient

Cownibert is the Paladin of my 7 softcore chars. He is the first complete char after my zon, mainly because FoH Paladins get along well with uniques and runewords which are easier to acquire than top rares
Lucky is the Barbarian of my 7 softcore chars. He is basically a Throwbarb, but he uses Necromancer summons for a nearly perfect defense.  

To do list:
-complete forgings
-get a good 3 socket sceptre and dstone it
-find a nice ring to replace one of the RoAs
-Socket unique grand charms
-Acquire Something Wicked
-Acquire 2 socket Pierce or Fanatism gloves and turn into belt or boots
-Acquire 2 socket summon Skeleton boots or belt
-Socket jewelry

**Stats and Attributes [#e39f5225]

All Energy
All Dexterity

**Skills [#be5715c6]

-Fist of Heavens: Max
-Protection from Evil: Max
-Holy Bolt: Max
-Blessed Hammer: Max
-Holy Shield: 0 (Staffmod from Rock of Aadeyen)
-Summon Anointed Bear: 0 (Oskill from rare gloves)
***Hardpoints [#c7bf1c08]

-Double Throw: Max
-Battle Commands: 18
-Phantom Hatchets, Throwing Mastery: 1
-Ancient skills, Natural Resistance:1
-remaining points in Double Throw synergies

**Oskills [#fe2fb609]
-Battle Orders: +8
-Summon Anointed Bear: +3 
-Fade: 45 Charges of lvl 15 Fade
***Staffmods [#m92ffa1d]
-Find Treasure

***Oskills [#fe2fb609]
-Summon Skeleton
-Summon Revive
-Skeleton Mastery

**Equipment [#j60edc32]
The equipment isnt completely forged yet, and most pieces are not dstoned either. 
Forged all skills if possible 

-"White" RW elite sceptre
-LoD Herald of Zakarum
-Incredible rare circlet 
***Main [#b5e73814]

-Tasslehoffs complete  
-Rare gloves with Summon Anointed Bear
-2x Rock of Aadeyen
-DualMax Ahab Spear, Wa forged
-Almost DualMax Ahab Spear, Wa forged
-LoD Arreats Face
-"Sorrow" Runeword body armor
-Magic oskill Fanatism gloves, He forged, socketed 2 He
-Circle of the Ancients (to be replaced with oskill Pierce belt)
-Rare oskill Summon Skeleton boots
-Zodiac Band
-Madawacs Ring
-Beads of the Guardian

**Inventory [#nd9f4811]
-All cheap unique charms
-Combat skills grand charms 
***Inventory [#nd9f4811]
-All unique charms except Something Wicked
-"Captive" RW grand charm 

**Weapon switch: [#neeccdc4]
***Weapon switch: [#neeccdc4]

nothing so far
-2x Skeleton Arm

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#l9839e13]

Act5 Offensive Barbarian
His job is to cast Ancients Call and Battle Commands and to carry Meditation aura 
Act2 Might Mercenary
carrying the usual Aura items

-Insight RW armor

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