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*Lucky - Necrobarb [#w2c8dfe9]


**Character Intro and Overview [#z0684d6f]

In Progress... have to replace info from template page, please be patient

Lucky is the Barbarian of my 7 softcore chars. He is basically a Throwbarb, but he uses Necromancer summons for a nearly perfect defense.  

To do list:
***To do list: [#i698b77a]

-Reach lvl 95 (currently 94)
-Acquire Something Wicked
-Acquire 2 socket Pierce or Fanatism gloves and turn into belt

**Stats and Attributes [#e39f5225]

All Dexterity

**Skills [#be5715c6]

***Hardpoints [#c7bf1c08]

-Double Throw: Max
-Battle Commands: 18
-Phantom Hatchets, Throwing Mastery: 1
-Ancient skills, Natural Resistance:1
-remaining points in Double Throw synergies

***Staffmods [#m92ffa1d]
-Find Treasure

***Oskills [#fe2fb609]
-Summon Skeleton
-Summon Revive
-Skeleton Mastery

**Equipment [#j60edc32]
Forged all skills if possible 

***Main [#b5e73814]

-DualMax Ahab Spear
-Almost DualMax Ahab Spear
-LoD Arreats Face
-"Sorrow" Runeword Shinobi Cloak
-Magic oskill Fanatism gloves, He forged, socketed 2 He
-Rare oskill Pierce belt (transformed from gloves)
-Magic oskill Summon Skeleton boots
-2x Zodiac Band
-Smackdouns Painful Pride

***Inventory [#nd9f4811]
-All unique charms except Something Wicked
-"Captive" RW grand charm 

***Weapon switch: [#neeccdc4]

-2x Skeleton Arm

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#l9839e13]

Act2 Might Mercenary

Dragons Breath unique Dragon Spear
Rare Salvation on equip circlet
Hermes Gift

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