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*Lunarbreeze - Amazon [#n5a436d8]


**Character Intro and Overview [#f6fe6400]
Lunarbreeze is a kind of remake of my strafer amazon from a b.net ladder few seasons ago. Originally I thought of doing a Dance of Death -amazon but when things started to turn harder (late nm ~ early hell) I respecced into bow tree and haven't turned back.

Strafers are very powerful characters in the Eastern Sun so after some playing I learnt that she could make a really good gold finder. The idea of turning her into one grew in my mind for quite a while and after I had reached level 100, I gathered up some easy to get GF gear. She gets really vulnerable with that but that is allright.

She can be described being a glass cannon -type of character as she shoots a lot of arrows very quickly dealing lots of damage but if something reaches her and actually lands a hit, she is in trouble. However her speed, life leech, amount of cc and sturdy Valkyries make it sure that reaching her won't be easy.

She can do any area in the game in /p8 mode easily and most of the areas can be teleported around without too much risk. This gave me the idea of doing gold find in one of the hardest places in Eastern Sun: in the hellish depths of Naraku.

Running gold works this way. She teleports her way using the main combat gear to the entrance to The Dead End. There she creates a town portal, goes to town, swaps her GF equipment on and returns to the naraku. The Dead End contains only three type of monsters: Gold Scarabs, those annoying swarm things and Master Thieves. None of them are particularly dangerous so her low stats are not a problem. After the dead end is clear, she returns to the town with 3-5M gold.

**Stats and Attributes [#i628272e]
All hardpoints are put into Dexterity for more damage. Strength, vitality and energy are left to the base values.

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**Skills [#ca7885e8]

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**Equipment [#ga8ad7de]

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**Merc and Merc Equipment [#r526a05d]

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**Comments [#ua330b29]

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