Orochimaru - Hydra Summoner

Character Intro and Overview

Still template page, in progress

To do list:

  • Get Legolas Quiver
  • Maple weapon for fire skill damage

Stats and Attributes

  • clvl 95
  • all stat points in Energy
  • 4k life, 5k mana, 150k damage, 26k Exploding Arrow damage



  • Enchant: Max
  • Fanatic Swing: Max
  • Meteor Shower: Max
  • Fire Armor: Max
  • Fire Mastery: all remaining points
  • Soul Shiver: 1


  • Teleport
  • Energy Shield


  • Exploding Arrow
  • Conviction
  • Lower Resists
  • Pierce
  • Oak Sage
  • Battle Orders
  • Summon Revive
  • Summon Skeleton
  • Skeleton Mastery
  • Valkyrie
  • Shadow Master


Items are forged +1 all skills and socketed with +1 sorc skill jewels or sorc skill forged unique jewels if possible.

  • Rare Ancient Bow with Fanatism on equip, Pierce oskill, -40% req
  • Kenjis Quiver (needs to be replaced with Legolas)
  • "ArchDimeron" GW in Titanias Crown, dstoned +Life
  • "Eternal Reign" RW in Archmage Robe with +3 Enchant +2 Teleport, dstoned +life
  • Magic Exploding Arrow oskill gloves
  • Magic Summon Skeleton oskill belt
  • Magic Oak Sage oskill boots, socketed Smiif Stone and Laras Jewel
  • Rare Ring
  • Killshandras Ring
  • Mistress Leather Collar


  • All unique charms, socketed +1 all skills jewels if possible, forged sorc skills.
  • "Captive" RW odd charm, Energy Shield staffmod
  • Fire skills grand charms

Weapon switch:

  • Magic oskill BO Javelin
  • Rare +1 skills shield

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act3 fire Sorceror
His job is to carry around Aurora gear and to provide Protection from Fire Aura to boost the summons enchant damage.

  • "Grand Leon" RW Jewelled Edge
  • Stonewall unique shield
  • "Fox" Runeword armor
  • Hermes Gift unique boots
  • Beads of the Guardian unique ammy
  • 2x Zodiac Band unique ring


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