*Orochimaru - Hydra Summoner [#y705d1f4]


**Character Intro and Overview [#fc1af326]

Orochimaru is a Necromancer that uses Hydra as source of spell damage while having powerful summons at the same time. 

Hydra may not be the best damage spell that necros have, but it is in the summoning skill tree (boosted by +summons gear) and its synergies (Fire Golem and Summon Vampire) are very helpful boosting the "real" summons. 

On top of that, Hydra does elemental damage which is more easily boosted (masteries, dstoning, Conviction aura) than magic or poison damage.

***To do list: [#g0323e8a]
-reach lvl 95
-get tier 2 unique charms
-complete forgings and dstonings

**Stats and Attributes [#n7f2ae9a]
-clvl 92
-all stat points in Energy
-5k life, 4k mana, 23k Hydra damage
**Skills [#u17844a1]

***Hardpoints [#o504aee5]
-Hydra: Max
-Fire Golem: Max
-Summon Vampire: Max
-Blood Golem: Max
-Clay Golem: 14
-All other summoning skills: 1

***Staffmods [#ra2d3abf]
-Corpse Explosion
-Lower Resists

***Oskills [#t75534c2]
-Fire Mastery
-Oak Sage
-Battle Orders

**Equipment [#g8e726b5]
Items are forged +1 all skills and socketed with +1 necro skill jewels or necro skill forged unique jewels if possible.  

-Essence of Trang-Oul unique Callous Wand
-Draculas Wit unique shrunken head
-Rare Circlet with +2 necro skills and Salvation on equip
-"Eternal Reign" RW Archmage Robe
-unique Battle Gauntlets
-Rumor of Pain unique Sharkskin Belt
-Magic oskill Oak Sage Rogue Boots
-Rare ring with +4 summon skills
-Craft ring with +4 summon skills
-Cursed Donut

***Inventory [#ya6b2b21]
-Some unique charms, socketed +1 all skills jewels if possible, forged necro skills.
-"Wealth" RW odd charm, Energy Shield staffmod
-Summoning skills grand charms

***Weapon switch: [#ca440625]

-Magic oskill BO Javelin
-Rare +1 skills shield

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#j785ba77]

Act 2 Might Mercenary
His job is to carry around Aurora gear and to provide Might and synergized Annihilation Aura to boost the summons damage.  

-"Burn" RW ethereal Whale Hunter
-"Dread" RW shield
-"Fox" Runeword ethereal Sylvan Chain
-Hermes Gift unique Gladiator Boots
-Greiz Legion unique Royal Guards
-"Navel" RW Giant Wrap
-Beads of the Guardian unique ammy, Annihilation forged

**Comment [#m7ae4424]

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