Porked - Lightning Strike / Fendzon

Character Intro and Overview

This is the second character that I have decided to bring up to the Fame listing that hasn't gone through Naraku yet, but the odds were in her favor when she had beaten Baal two times. She is also one of my favored characters when it comes to bashing d-clone :)

Stats and Attributes


8603 - 32K damage

Lightning Strike

1 - 8402 without prep from merc's Resist Lightning.

Damage breakdown

128-1404 damage
464 attack rating, +281% bonus to AR
100% open wounds
66% crushing blow
22% deadly strike
Freeze target +3
15-26 Fire damage
49-209 Cold damage
17-279 Lightning damage, +25% to Lightning Skill damage
1011-1267 Poison damage (I think around 10 seconds?)

Defense breakdown

14591 defense
2571 life
529 mana
53% damage reduction (only 50% is counted)


Base stats:

  • Strength: 195
  • Dexterity: 150
  • Vitality: 175
  • Energy: base

Stats as per LCS:

  • Strength: 338
  • Dexterity: 227
  • Vitality: 190
  • Energy: 51


Fend is her main skill, along with Lightning Strike. Uses the Waves amulet because of the chance to cast Amplify Damage, which makes her somewhat of an Amplifier. Her mercenary's Resist Lightning aura boosts her LS damage further, around 12-13K damage is achieved this way.

She also has two Valkryes (25 Dodge, 20 Valkrye), 20 LS, 30 Fend. She has 12 base points in Fire Strike which boosts the damage of Fend and LS.


Aanna's set.
Gloves are d-stoned 20% life and meldings of amethysts for IAS and +AR, resists forged. Also socketed with an Ideal Craft jewel with resists forged.
Boots are forged +1 amazon skills, with a Spark jewel which is resists forged.
Armor is forged +1 skills, with an Icestorm Shard jewel forged +1 amazon skills.
Weapon is a transmuted Lance -> Rock Buster, Tsu forged for speed and socketed with a Ni rune for the +20% crushing blow.

Crafted Amazon ring with +2 skills, forged 16% life.
Waves ring, forged with +1 skills.
Waves amulet, forged +1 skills, socketed with a Nexus Star jewel with +1 amazon skills.
Belt is a Goldark's Strap, forged +1 skills with a Fu rune and Eboshi's jewel, forged +1 amazon skills.
Helm is an LoD Vampiregaze (Grim Helm), d-stoned 24% life and forged +1 amazon skills; has two jewels, one of them a rare jewel with +1 javelin/spear skills, and another Eboshi's jewel forged +1 amazon skills. :)

Perfect Cell, Lothar's Will and Yello Jello all forged +1 amazon skills (whew).
One passive/magic skiller.

Harmony runeword (Wa Se I) in the veteran's odd charm set to +1 Lightning Strike.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Mercenary is an Act 3 Lightning mercenary from day one (Normal) using the Nighhtmare Merc set along with a +1 amulet and a Rumour of Pain belt.

There wasn't much choice in using other mercenaries mainly because if my LS doesn't kill the enemies, his Chain Lightning will. :P

Discuss below.


  • A might merc would make your fend do alot more damage... -- Undead_Shadow? 11-16-2010 (Tue) 16:36:25
  • This was one of my first character to reach hell. I used jab instead. Untwinked I was doing 27k damage (no amp) with lightning strike as the pack killer... Have you considered jab (I don't know endgame jab is but certainly for bosses it did the job). -- Undead_Shadow? 11-16-2010 (Tue) 16:35:17

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