*Smaqd - Creeping Doom Druid [#x12a42d0]


**Character Intro and Overview [#b33ca4d2]
Smaqd ("smacked") was actually my second attempt at a creeping doom druid. This guy actually uses three different skills, Creeping Doom being his primary means of damage. It was also my second caster-type Druid (first after the restart) to beat Hell, but not the Domain as of yet. Sure, if I tweaked him out quite a bit more I could make it down Naraku a few levels, but am not sure about Domain area.

**Stats and Attributes [#o436e627]
Level: 89

Strength: Added as little as possible. 65.
Dexterity: Should've been base. 30.
Vitality: Base (20).
Energy: Everything else.

 Life before buffs: 1892
 Life after buffs (before merc's Battle Command): 6392

 Mana before buff: 1901
 Mana after buff: 3328

**Skills [#madcbe42]

Creeping Doom: 20
Tornado: 25
Acid Rain: 20
Arctic Blast: 30
Sandstorm: last to max, I have a couple points in it.
If there were still some points to go, I'd use earth spikes.

Cow Balloon: 5 (for two Oak Sages.)
Oak Sage: 1

Battle Orders: 7 (On weapon switch.)

**Equipment [#jcf314a1]
-Helm: Currently a Radiance (Hi Ka Ru) faceguard, will be upgrading to Lunar Charm (Tiara).
-Gloves: Runefusion (Battle Gauntlets). Socketed with a Knowledgeable Jewel. Forged +1 all skills. I have two Ruby meldings on these gloves.
-Boots: Currently filler, "Trip" (Ta Hi) boots before I get the Lunar Charm, then I might throw in a pair of Druid-craft boots if I get enough resistances.
-Belt: Harness of the Gods (Plated Belt), socketed with a +16 All Res-forged Nexus Star. Forged +1 all skills.
-Armor: "Zenith" (Te N Chi Yo U) chain shirt. D-stoned +% to Life. To be honest, Insight (Mi Nu Ku Chi Ka Ra) will be better for you because of the Meditation on equip and +5 skills. But I don't have a Nu rune yet.
-Weapon: Starter's Shaman wand. +1 druid, +2 Elemental, 2 sockets. I used chipped frozen souls for a +6% magic skill damage boost. I d-stoned +% magic skill damage on this and forged +1 all skills.
-Shield: Rare shield with +9% DR, some MDR and resists, but I added sockets and put in two perfect diamonds for more +resists and such. I also forged +1 all skills.
-Ring1: Tab-rolled druid ring with +3 to Elemental skills. Forged +1 all skills.
-Ring2: Zodiac Band, forged +1 all skills.
-Amulet: Beads of the Guardian, socketed with a rare +1 Druid skills jewel (forged FCR) and forged +1 all skills.

Unforged Lothar's Will. +1 Druid-forged Perfect Cell and Yello Jello. "Harmony" (Wa Se I) veteran's charm for +30% life, +18% mana/FCR/FHR/DR.

I didn't have many gem resources to skull-meld extra +% DR on equipment. Though it would be nice.

**Merc and Merc Equipment [#qe063b55]
Act 5 Offensive Barb mercenary for the Ancients' Call skill whenever possible. Until he activates this on a magic immune, or if AC doesn't strip it, CD to stun and Tornado to wipe it out.

He is wearing the Barbarian N set. If I had the resources I'd upgrade it to the H set. I have a lifesteal ring and lifesteal amulet, along with a +1 all skills ring with 50% poison length reduction. I also gave him a Ya-forged Hands of the Assassin (Demonhide Gloves) socketed with a Ya rune for even more life steal.

**Play style? [#k489e7bb]
Acid Rain does poison damage as well. I try to keep it active when I'm on the field. Creeping Doom works wonders if you're close to the target. A wide variety of monsters aren't magic immune in Nightmare, and most aren't in Hell except for Acts 2, 4 and 5. You might run into Wailing Beasts in Act 1 Hell which are magic immune.

I didn't get an item with + to Teleport, even though this skill can help you get out of trouble. If used improperly, it can get you INTO trouble.

**Author thoughts [#b96cdaff]
There are plenty of gaps in this build that I want to fill up, but I actually got him to pass Hell quite decently. So I am currently using him to farm Worldstone Keep/Throne and Act 5 bosses to collect loot and green/gold/purple runes. I have a lot of fun with this build.

**Comments [#v59ca1a7]
Comments are welcome!

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