Character Intro and Overview

Stats and Attributes

As you can see here, i basically put all of my Attributes into Vitality for the life. I didnt put a single point into strength, 190 is from all of my charms + my 2 rings (zodiac gives 30-40 attributes). :).



If you plan on building a werewolf, then your making the right decision, the werewolf build is sufficent and you dont need Life Tap to stay alive, the werewolf build has a skill called Feral Rage, basically a life tap in essence, with one point and my +22 all skills and BC(Battle Command) it ups it to level 24. With level 24 im stealing up to 100% Life per hit. Thats alot :/. All you have to have is nice AR(Attack Rating) to be able to charge Feral Rage, it lasts a decent 40 seconds. So you must be quick to re-charge feral rage for your Life Leech. I havent died while in Werewolf form yet. And i have done 2 Nihlathak Runs NM(Nightmare) on players 16. Soon to be moving onto hell mode.

As you can see i maxxed Shape Shift Mastery, Werewolf Form, and Fury thus far. Moving onto maxxing Oak Sage for the nice life boost. Feral Rage will stay at One, along with Cyclone Armor which gives Elemental Absorb. Enjoy :).


If you've looked at my elemental build, this build is basically the same as the other only with 3 changes to the equipment.


Merc and Merc Equipment


  • I wonder what boots/gloves you're wearing? I don't know about the gloves, but with your damage and rate of attack I'd say try Mighty gloves. -- Peterpan? 07-21-2007 (Sat) 04:23:15
  • Knockback in "change" might be a pain with Fury. You could cube a Ka rune with itself to make a blank Ka that has no knockback, then make the runeword with it so the Change has no KB. I see you added some D-stoning already though. If you redo the runeword to get rid of KB, you will lose the D-stoning if its not on the base item. Still might be worth it though. -- Blinn? 06-09-2007 (Sat) 03:06:58

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