Wiz_Kid - Barbarian : SuperVita Tri-Wizard Barb (mainly TS/Nova)

Character Intro and Overview

I created this barb just to see if it works, I was majorly impressed once I got all my gear. Tstorm hits at least 2-3 times per second and does 29.5k-30.5k dmg each time, it's like a super-fast FoH that you don't have to aim. Nova does about 26k and with lots of fcr it is very nice also. Basically you can use the same gear as an shockadin, but the weapons are different.

He also has Uber Life, just for kicks, I loaded him with charms, he's only level 87 so he still can get well over 25k life.


Stats and Attributes

All vit, no pts in str, dex, or energy. Obviously not a char you can start your first ES with, but very fun none the less, i get almost all my str from my barb's passive skill.



What I tend to do is just run smack into mobs, I keep warcry on left click (1 pt entered) so when i get there i stun them all, then I cast ancients call (1 pt entered) and just nova away! I've noticed though that sometimes even though it says the duration is over 3 min, it goes away rather fast so i usually just alternate.

I maxed BO, TS, Nova, and enough Battle Command to get me +5 all skills.



2x Thundergod's Anger (Unique Raging Knuckles) dstoned with light skill, forged with +1 all, socketed with +1 all skills + 1 combat mastery

Reason I chose this was not only the +1 light mastery, but the obvious +18 (+21 after dstone/forge) to TS (yes even though it's oskill barbs still get +18), but each pt in ts = 8% light dmg for nova), eventually when I get +3 more all skill jewels I will probably switch to a tele weapon and still be able to have lvl100 tstorm and probably more light skill dmg)

2x One Rings dstoned with max life, forged with +1 all, with +1 all +1 combat mastery. Potentially thinking of using a constriction ring (Ring X, yes they do exist I have coupon to prove it!).

1x Spellcaster's Aide dstoned with max life, forged with +1 all, with +1 all +1 combat mastery, will probably not change to Mara's cause I loose 60% fcr and all that life and mana come in helpful.

Zeus's Belt and Gloves - dstoned with max life (not quite to 88, but that's what i plan on doing) (gloves are exact same).

Boots - i'm still working on these, I really like oak sage though I get lvl48 with the boots and the resists aren't bad, i've been looking for better and will dstone these with max life probably also, or maybe fcr to reach the 200% breakpoint)

Helm - !LoD! Griffin's dstoned with max life, forged with +1 all, and 2 +1 all skills + 1 combat mastery jewels. A must have uber helm.

Armor - Insight armor, obviously used for the mediation aura, and the +5 all skills. I never have to worry about running out of mana. I've dstoned max life on the armor, and tinkering with scalps to increase mana regen.

  1. all skill items are extremely important, they help boost lightning mastery and thus help you kill faster!

Weapon Switch - I like oskills! I choose 2 secret of the ooze, just to boost bo a lil bit more, plus i get poision nova! amazing how fast it kills, plus poision explosion does a whopping 50k psn dmg, it's fun, just go in cast AC and poof. Another funny option I sometimes uses is 2 scepter's of the Sorcerer-Kings (move my skill jewel and maples over to the weaps)! It's fun also, you get some pwn'age orb/bliz/meteor out of it! Not nearly as great as tstorm/nova, but i makes you a true three element char, plus you get to tele.

Psshhht....please, who needs sorcs! Barbs don't!


My charms are mainly +Warcries (12!) ( I just can't help loving the insane amount of Life I have), I have a few combat mastery charms, as well as two clever of the angels gc's(+.75 life mana/clvl) a normal clever, and a rare gc with at gives +80 life.

All unique charms are forged with +16% max life.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Haven't really needed a merc, if i was going to have one I'd probably consider switching to eternal reign for the additional +skill and more resists. I'd then g