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*Hans' Mosh Pit [#c1c1cd9c]

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**My Profile [#pef886a3]
-I have been playing D2 since it came out and the expansion pack since it was released. I have been playing various mods since 2003 and never went back to vanilla D2. My favorite mods are ES and Zy-EL.
-I am a current ES Tourney Administrator and host a few of the tourneys.
-I also beta test for Zy-El.

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**My Diary [#b57ffa1d]

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//The fifth day. Rakanishu dropped a full Arcanna Set. Oh my! This mod really drives me crazy!

//The fourth day. Blood Raven dropped a full Death Set. It was a tough decision, but I changed my mind and restarted with an Assassin.

//The third day. Bishibosh dropped a full Berserker Set. It was a tough decision, but I changed my mind and restarted with a Barbarian.

//The second day. Corpsefire dropped a full Arctic Set. It was a tough decision, but I changed my mind and restarted with an Amazon.

//The first day. This is my first play of ES. My character is a Necromancer.

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- I have been too busy and forget to post here. Likely will add my progress here in the ES tourneys when the forums go down in a few days. -- [[Hans]] &new{08-01-2009 (Sat) 21:43:12};
-  Wah! No entries yet! =p -- [[Stingray]] &new{07-31-2009 (Fri) 19:47:56};
- It is a feature of PlugY and it only works on Windows/Linux(wine). There is a button on the bottom right hand corner of your stash that will toggle the shared stash. -- [[Hans]] &new{09-14-2008 (Sun) 20:32:02};
- Could someone please tell me how to use the stash share option. Sorry, for being such a noob, I really wanna use it though! thx  -- [[Mesafalcon88]] &new{09-13-2008 (Sat) 15:15:40};
- remember to equip a cracked skull helm and a cracked cranium basher... ill keep an eye out for them and post screenies ;) -- [[goeido]] &new{07-21-2008 (Mon) 20:58:59};
- Cracked_Cranium would be a Barb or Assassin. -- [[Hans]] &new{07-21-2008 (Mon) 15:23:46};
- With a page name like this, you just have to make a character named Cracked_Cranium :P Nice to see a page for you. -- [[Dapaba]] &new{07-21-2008 (Mon) 11:14:05};
- hi hans -- [[ultimategrayfox]] &new{07-21-2008 (Mon) 04:31:07};

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