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This page is the translation of JP_ItemKyouka.

*Item Enhancement Guide [#x5ce810c]
**Making Sockets [#d61a6e39]
***Max Socket Number Limitation by ilvl [#c8d2a8b4]
-The ilvl of the target item also limits the max socket number of an item, as well as the max socket number in the database base item page.
-MaxSock1 is the max socket number when "ilvl < 25". MaxSock25 is the max socket number when "25 <= ilvl < 40". MaxSock40 is the max socket number when "40 <= ilvl". 

|Body Armor|3|4|6|
|Paladin Shields|3|4|4|

***Larzuk's Quest Reward [#q6610142]
-''White (Normal/Superior/Low Quality) Weapons and Armor:'' Larzuk makes the maximum number of sockets allowed on the base item, as long as the item level is equal to or higher than 40. As a rule of thumb, the items dropped in Nightmare Act 3 and later can have the maximum sockets.
-''Magic Weapons and Armor:'' Larzuk makes one or two sockets randomly. Because you can make up to 3 sockets on a magic item by a cube recipe in ES, it's a bad idea to ask Larzuk to make sockets on magic items.
-''Other Weapons and Armor (Rare, Crafted, Set and Unique):'' Larzuk always makes one socket. Because you can make up to 2 sockets on rare weapons, helms, body armor and shields by a cube recipe in ES, it's a bad idea to ask Larzuk to make sockets on these rare items.
-The socketing recipes cost higher for upper items, so it's most efficient to ask Larzuk to make sockets on Elite items, if possible. But you don't have to stick to this principle too much, because the difference of the costs can be insignificant in end games, and Larzuk's reward has some restrictions as stated above.

***Socketing Recipes [#fc8fe032]
-''Magic Weapons and Armor:'' The recipe makes up to 3 sockets. Of course the socket number is capped at the maximum socket number of the base item.
-''Rare Weapons, Helms, Body Armor and Shields:'' The recipe makes up to 2 sockets.
-''Rare Gloves, Belts and Boots:'' The recipe makes only 1 socket.
-''Crafted/Set/Unique Weapons and Armor:'' The recipe makes only 1 socket.
-''White Weapons and Armor:'' The recipe can make any number of sockets.
-Non Secret recipes rerolls the white items, which means all Ethereality, Superiority and Low Quality are removed. Staffmods are also removed/rerolled. Don't use the non-secret recipe to socket that +3 Frozen Orb / +3 Blizzard / +3 Cold Mastery staff you just found.
-Secret recipe 16 and 17 make sockets without removing these properties. Of course it's better to use non secret recipes for Low Quality items. Superiority is always welcome because the repair cost of Superior items is very low in ES.
-You can make a Socket Donut from a Unique Dagger, if the gold is more precious than the time (ie. "if you are poor"). You can gamble a Unique Dagger cheaply with a level 1 character.
-The socketing cost is generally cheaper, so it's one of the most frequently used enhancements even in early and mid games.

***Socketing Amulets, Rings and Charms [#q4f27c29]
-Secret Recipe 12, 13, 41-48 can make a socket on these items. Charms generally get bigger if they have a sockets.
-Unique Amulets and Rings of LoD (cubed from Ancient Coupons) are spawned with a socket.
-Legacy (LoD) Crafted Amulets and Rings are spawned with a socket.

***Socketing Arrow and Bolt Quivers [#y2a742d0]
-Only Normal (White) quivers and Magic quivers can have a socket.
-You can activate all Gemwords and some Runewords on Normal quivers.

**Forging [#g31f5de2]
-Forging adds skill bonus or some other good bonus without any penalty. But one item can have only one Forging mod at once.
-Please imagine an invisible socket besides the conventional sockets, and you can put a bonus there.
-Forging can be removed later, to apply another Forging. Most of the Forging materials are refunded at that time.


||Mag/Rar/Set/Uni&br;Equipment|Crafted&br;Equipment|Unique&br;Charm|Unique&br; Jewel|Mag/Rar&br;Jewel|h
|Skill Forging|Yes|-|Yes|Yes|-|
|All Skill Forging|Yes|-|-|-|-|
|Stat Forging|Yes|Yes|Yes|Yes|-|
|Rune Forging|Yes|Yes|-|-|-|
|Tab Forging|-|Yes|-|-|Yes|
|2/3 Rune Forging|-|-|-|-|Yes|
|Aura Forging|>|>|>|>|Mag/Rar/Set/Uni Amulets|
CENTER:(Equipment means Weapons, Armor, Amulets and Rings.)
CENTER:(Normal Items, M/R Charms and all Quivers cannot be Forged.)&br;

***Skill Forging [#h6918ea1]
-Adds +1 To Class Skill Levels. (+1 To Amazon Skill Levels, etc.)
-The skill levels are very important, especially for casters, but also for melee characters. Other enhancements like D-Stoning can't add a Skill bonus, so why do you use the precious Forging room for other bonuses?
-All Skill Forging (Secret Recipe 40) adds +1 To All Skill Levels. This is very expensive, but can boost oskills and mercenary's skills.
***Stat Forging [#ye84f3d8]
-Adds some bonus like Max Life and Enhanced Damage, four times as much as a D-Stoning.
-Skill Forging is generally prefered, but Stat Forgings are also used if there is some reason. For example, the damage of Multiple Shot doesn't increase with the skill level, so Multiple Shot Zons will prefer Enhanced Damage to Skill Bonus. Or a character may need more Life than more skill levels, and have no room for D-Stoning Life.
-Also, Stat Forging is often used for mercenary's equipment, because Skill Forging is useless for mercenaries and All Skill Forging is very expensive.
***Rune Forging [#k2348490]
-Adds the properties of the runes to the item.
-As stated in Stat Forging, Skill Forging is generally prefered. But Rune Forging with low runes is cheap and useful for early games. (ex. Instead of making a socket and putting a Ka (=Nef) rune, you can apply Ka Forging, which is cheap and handy.)
-Some properties like Cannot Be Frozen and Ignore Target's Defense can only be added by Rune Forging.
-If you have an ultimate ethereal item and like to add Indestructible to it, "Wo (=Zod) Rune Forging + Skill Forged Unique Jewel" is better than "Skill Forging + Wo Rune". Wo Rune Forging costs 2 Wo Runes, but is worth considering because getting 2 Wo runes ISN'T impossible in ES.
***Aura Forging [#z32997f9]
-Adds "Aura when equipped" to an amulet.
-Of course very strong, but it requires an Aura Stone cubed from the highest unique class amulets.
***Tab Forging [#rfcc9494]
-Adds Skill Tab Bonus to a magic or rare jewel.
-Why can't you apply Skill Forging to magic and rare jewels which seem weaker than Unique ones? It's because rare jewels can have a Skill Bonus, and magic jewels can have an All Skill Bonus as a prefix. If you can apply Skill Forging to magic and rare jewels, you can have +2 skill bonus on a jewel, which is too strong.
***2/3 Rune Forging [#h26dc496]
-Adds 2/3 of the properties of the runes to a magic or a rare jewel.
-You can select which properties are applied, weapon mods or helm mods.
-Some properties like Knockback and Cannot Be Frozen can't be divided and fully work.
-2/3 Rune Forging is cheap and handy. If you're planning to socket a Ka (=Nef) rune to a bow, why don't you apply 2/3 Ka Forging to the best jewel you have at that time&#63;

**D-Stoning / Gem Melding [#efc55f53]
-To cube a Dragon Stone (D-Stone) or one of its alternatives with an item to enhance the item.
-Gem melding is a kind of D-Stoning, with different materials and different effects.
-%%%You can apply D-Stoning as many times as you wish, but it adds a level rquirement penaly.%%%
-You can apply D-Stoning to any equipment (Weapons, Armor, Amulets and Rings). You can't apply D-Stoning to Charms, Jewels and Quivers.
-You can add a key or a stamina pot to the recipe to select the added mod.
-You can't remove D-Stonings from the items. But if the item is rerolled, applied D-Stonings are also canceled.
-Each mod has its cap. (ex. 900% for Enhanced Damage, please see the next next section.) The mods added beyond the cap are ignored, and only the level requirement increases.
-Secret Recipe 50 can remove the level requirement penalty by 1, but is rarely used because it's very expensive.
-Lower level items aren't always weaker in ES, because lower level items can be applied D-Stoning more times. Before you apply base upgrade (normal -> exc. or exc. -> elite), you have to consider which is better, Defense from the upgrade or the room for D-Stoning. Base upgrade of Weapons and Body Armor are generally worth considering. But base upgrade of small pieces like gloves and belts increases less Defense, and is less attractive in ES.
-The level requirement penalty is added to the requirement of the item itself or the socketables, whichever is the highest. For example, if you need to socket a req level 60 jewel, it makes no difference whether the level requirement of the item is 1 or 60. If you like to utilize the low level requirement (20) of Achilles set, you need to insert a socketable with req level 20 or less. Generally, it's effective to insert low req level socketables into low req level items, and high req level socketables into high req level items.
-Gem Melding can be more effective than D-Stoning in many cases. D-Stoning strength will give you +4, Gem Melding an Perfect Amethyst into a helmet will give you +4 to strength and Damage Reduced By 1. If you need both Life and Mana leech, Gem Melding Perfect Skulls will give you +1 to Max Damage in addition to the same total amount of leech. Gem Melding Perfect Obsidians into the weapon will give you more +Enhanced Damage and Deadly Strike than D-Stoning both. Still, you may prefer to D-Stone +Enhanced Damage on the weapon and Deadly Strike on another item. Check the mods on Chipped Gems and compare them to the mods D-Stoning grants. The Helmet and Boots are especially good for Gem Melding as you can't Gem Meld the other items which use the Helmet Gem Type (Rings/Ammulet).

**Tinkering [#cfc3a482]
-To cube a monster's organ with an item to enhance the item.
-Unlike D-Stoning, Tinkering doesn't add any level requirement penalty. Instead, the Tinkering point is determined when an item is generated, and if you use up the Tinkering point you can't apply Tinkering any more.
-Tinkering point varies betwen 15 and 25, and most Tinkering recipes consume 1 point, but some recipes consume more points.
-You can't buy monster's organs, so you'd better stock the organs as possible. But you don't have to scrimp too much, because you can't do Tinkering infinitely, and you'll get more organs than you need for the end game gears.

*Level Requirement Penalty [#iac47cc4]

-Following recipes give level requirement penalty as listed. 

|Recipes|CENTER:Level Requirement|h
|Crafted item with 1 random mod|+13*|
|Crafted item with 2 random mods|+16*|
|Crafted item with 3 random mods|+19*|
|Crafted item with 4 random mods|+22*|
|Base upgrading from Normal to Exceptional|+5|
|Base upgrading from Exceptional to Elite|+7|
|D-stoning Weapons|+2|
|D-stoning Helms/Torso/Shields|+3|
|D-stoning Gloves/Belts/Boots|+4|
|D-stoning Jewelry|+4|
|Secret Recipe 50 (for weapons)|-1|
|Secret Recipe 50 (for others)|-2|
|>|CENTER:*Not displayed as the penalty and can't be removed by Secret Recipe 50.|
*D-stoning/Gem Melding Caps [#bf7e4bac]
These are caps of the mods on an item. If you go over these caps, only the level requirement is added for nothing. You can only go over capped amount on an item if you socket it with Gem/Jewel/Rune that has that mod. For example, you can go over 900% damage on a weapon if you socket it with Wa rune. By the way, the caps are per item, so each socketable can have 900% Enhanced Damage in theory.

Also, any mod on the item itself counts towards the cap. For example, dwarven circlets have % Extra Gold From Monsters inherently, but it's still not possible to go over the cap by that amount. The only exception is set bonus.
|Item Property|Capped at|CENTER:Notes|h
|Enhanced Damage|900%|On Weapons: Multiplies the base damage.&br;On Armor: Treated like Str/Dex bonus.|
|Enhanced Defense|~|On Weapons: Treated like the Def bonus from Shout.&br;On Armor: Multiplies the base defense.|
|Minimum Damage|+100|Damage is added to the weapon total damage.|
|Maximum Damage|+50 2h Weapon, Gloves/+200 1h Weapon|~|
|Attack Rating|+2000||
|Defense|+3000 Helm, Boots/+2800 Armor/Shield/Belt||
|Damage to Undead/Demons|+500%||
|Bonus to Attack Rating|~||
|Fire/Lightning/Cold/Poison Skill Damage|400%||
|Damage Reduced by %|200%|capped at 50% on character, but 130% needed to negate Amplify Damage|
|Increased Attack Speed|120%|[[ES Attack Speed Calculator:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/d2asc_1.php]]|
|Faster Cast Rate|~|[[FCR breakpoints:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Tables#t0fc9663]]|
|Faster Hit Recovery|~|[[FHR breakpoints:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Tables#e8b11c6c]]|
|Faster Run/Walk|~||
|Faster Block Rate|~|[[FBR breakpoints:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Tables#u7215a66]]|
|Piercing Attack|100%|The effect is possibly capped at 95%|
|Chance of Open Wounds|~||
|Deadly Strike|~||
|Crushing Blow|~||
|Slows Target by %|~|The effect i