*Changes in ES 3.00 R2H [#x5d4d5d0]
-PlugYの拡張ステータス表示を修正し、"+XX% 冷気/稲妻/毒物スキルダメージ"が正常に表示されるようにしました。
-「ん」ルーンのルーン・フォージングと2/3ルーンフォージングが、古い「ん」ルーンの武器modを付けていたのを修正しました。(敵の防御値にダメージ -> 敵の防御値を低下)
-前置詞"Heavy"が、R2Gでアナウンスしたとおりに変わっていなかったのを修正(必要レベル+10%, +20%, +30%)。
-Set Base Change recipes don't accept set pieces with no Tinkering point. This restriction isn't applied to pre-R2G set pieces.
-Quadrupled the gold limit in the inventory. (Octupled from the LoD limit.)
-Prohibited Throne monsters' FE, Multiple Shot and Stone Skin correctly.
-Fixed other NO-FE monsters.
-Update the string table in MPQ. (MPQ version R2G lacks R2G strings.)
-(jp) Fix the update problem.

***Cube Recipes [#k403b5bd]
-Added set piece conversion recipes.
--Messerschmidt's Reaver (Battle Axe <-> Scythe)
--Blood Baron (Great Sword <-> Balanced Axe)
--Krakerag's Point (Tulwar <-> Twin Axe)
--Krakerag's Slay (Tusk Sword <-> Cleaver)
--Darkshade's Skewer (Jagged Star <-> Francisca)
--Darkshade's Evisceration (Knout <-> Hurlbat)
--Sarevok's Master (Death Blade -> Slayer Axe -> Titan's Maul -> Death Blade) 

***Base Item Changes [#aca34179]
-Increased all exceptional weapon's average base damage.
(2 for 1H melee, 1H throw(throw/melee) and bow, 3 for xbow, 4 for 2H melee)
-Increased all elite weapon's average base damage.
(4 for 1H melee, 5 for bow, 7 for xbow, 9 for 2H melee)
-Changed the damage ratio of elite Javelins and Throwing Weapons to 1H Melee Weapons. (Throw -> 90% of 1H Melee, Melee -> 67% of 1H Melee)
-Changed the replenish speed of Javelins and Throwing Weapons other than set item to 1 per 3 seconds. Set Javelin and Throwing Weapons replenishes 1 per 1 second.

***Set Item Changes [#g2c2f4da]
-A bug of D2 was found that any individual skill bonuses (both oskills and non-oskills) on a set item "pulse" every 20 ~ 80 seconds, and the summons granted by the skill bonuses are destroyed. This doesn't occur with any non-set items.
This is a different bug from the oskill disappearing, which destroys the summons much less frequently. The oskill Blood Golem on Band of Death set ring is destroyed very often, not because of being an oskill, but because of being a skill bonus on a set item.
To avoid this bug, some set items are changed as follows.
--Band of Death set ring
---+3 To Blood Golem -> Level 24 Blood Golem [25 Charges]
---Level 20 Revive [30 Charges] -> Level 20 Revive [50 Charges]
--Lim-Dul's Oath set sepulchar boots
---+6 To Raise Sleteton (Necro Only) -> +1 To Summoning Skills (Necro Only)
---+6 To Raise Vampire (Necro Only) -> +5 To Skeleton Mastery (Necro Only)
---+6 To Bone Golem (Necro Only) -> +5 To Golem Mastery (Necro Only)
-The Staff of the Magius (Raistlin set weapon)
--Petrified Staff -> Rune Staff
(Conflicted with Shepherd's set weapon, and the qlvl (74) is too high for a level 55 set.)

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