ES 3.00 R6Cでの変更点

Bug Fixes

  • Replaced the wrong dll with the correct one so that the 'Too Many Items' error fix works.
  • Fixed Veteran's Odd Charm's Bonus Skill switching to work.
  • Fixed the bug that some defense skills don't give defense bonus to 2H Melee Passive correctly.
  • Fixed the bug that Hell's Gate doesn't give Physical Damage synergy to Poison Nova.
  • Fixed the bug that the synergy from Hell's Gate to Frozen Spear, Bone Spirit, Bone Wall and Poison Nova is not listed in the skill descriptions.
  • Fixed the bug that Volcanic Creeper and Arctic Creeper wrongly list themselves, instead of Poison Creeper, as the synergy.
  • Fixed the bug that Shiver Armor shows Fire Armor's graphics.
  • Fixed the req level of Tiger Strike, Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder, Blades of Ice and Phoenix Strike.
  • Fixed the prerequisite of Phoenix Strike.
  • Updated the string of "of Chilling Armor" suffix to "of Shiver Armor".
  • Fixed the Crystal properties that were completely messed up.
  • Fixed the bug that monsters wrongly drop the 2H only versions of 2H swords.
    • Those swords can be fixed by applying and removing Rogin Oil.
  • Fixed an exploitable loophole of a certain item enhancement recipe.
  • (jp) Fixed the garbled color tags in the strings.

System Changes

  • PlugY's stat interface shows the chance to Dodge, Avoid and Evade.

Item Changes

  • Gems add slightly pale colors to the socketed items. (Gemword Holy no longer makes the armor glaring white.)
  • Reduced the level and req level of Bohemian Stone Unique Jewel by 5. (55/50 -> 50/45)

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