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*Jakebow's Diary [#r356fa7d]

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**To-Do List [#t9184ddd]
-Reorganize Stash for characters.
-Remember to update table for tournaments.
-Add entries on this thing.

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*** April, 23, 2008. [#r23447bd]
This is my upcoming stats for the "A Very Random" Tournament. Seemed to be a good place to store all my information so I can use it when it starts. ;) In other news; I had lost all of my Eastern Sun files due to a computer crash. Seems like i'll have to start from scratch. Again. This time; perhaps I can try something new. Perhaps a Thunder Barbarian. ;) (Zeus anyone?)


Magic Throw
Ghost Decoy

Barbarian (Defense)


gloves - magic
boots - set
torso - unique
weapon - set
amulet - unique

Merc equipment:
gloves - unique
belt - runeword
boots - runeword
ring 2 - rare
helm - runeword

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