*New Item Images - Dacus [#t915a295]
**New Item Images [#eddea7d0]
First I would like to thank Tsuru and others for creating in my opinion the best mod for Diablo 2. It revived my interest in this wonderful game, so I decided to contribute something and made images of several new items in ES. I'm sorry for saying so if anyone is offended, but many of them looked little off considering overall great quality of mod.

***Changes [#b1649ed0]
-Obsidian gems look too similar to diamonds. I often mixed them up in stash.

-I took liberty of making new blemished gems so they look more consistent with vanilla ones.

-Better body parts of Griswold, Radament, Treehead and Hephasto.

-New gem can.

-Other items, from left: can opener, rerolling orb, randomize stone, socket donut and green version of it, soul and green version of it.

-Arm weapon(forgot name). My impression of it was that it looked like someones severed arm in stash. My version looks more like a weapon.

This is how it looks like in game:

***Download [#m77e4e97]

**New Item Images V2 [#l0cd8cbd]
New version bring new R5 items(Crystal Can, Adventurer's Pack) as well as retouch Gem Can and Steak. Changes of previous version are still there except of Gem Can.

***Changes [#g59b8550]
- Slightly smaller Gem Can than in previous version.
- Crystal Can in same style.
- Adventurer's Pack and Steak.

***Download [#je54e0ac]

***Small Update [#o4135e3a]
I forgot to make green Steak so here it is(copy it to es300r\data\global\items):

***New Steak Update [#nb2d364d]
Here is more steak-like new Steak. I think I like it better, Easytough convinced me ;):

**New Item Images V3 [#o644630f]
New version with some tweaks and new sword images. I hope you will like it.

***Changes [#l73a53c4]
-I got rid of Battering Ram. It wasn't very popular after all :P.
-Old tweaked items.
|Gem Cans|&ref(./ex1v3.gif);|
|Crystal Cans|&ref(./ex2v3.gif);|
|Obsidian Gems|&ref(./ex3v3.gif);|
|Bleached Gems|&ref(./ex4v3.gif);|
|Body Parts|&ref(./ex5v3.gif);|
|Other Items|&ref(./ex6v3.gif);|
-Sword images.
|Titan's Dagger|&ref(./inv9cl.gif);|Okrist|&ref(./inv9fc.gif);|Arcane Sword|&ref(./inv9ls.gif);|Rapier|&ref(./inv9sb.gif);|Desert Sword|&ref(./inv9sm.gif);|Gladiator Blade|&ref(./inv9ss.gif);|Crystal Boots|&ref(./invdbt.gif);|

In game look:

***Download [#tb82341c]

**Rusty Cans Images [#p0094de6]
Fot those of you who would rather like less shiny cans, here it is.

|Gem Cans|&ref(./ex1v3a.gif);|
|Crystal Cans|&ref(./ex2v3a.gif);|
|Can Opener|&ref(./invopener.gif);|

***Download [#rd797489]

Feel free to use it in this or any other mod. I'm open to suggestions and comments but remember that I'm by no means proffesional artist :).

Thanks - Dacus

*New Item Images - Easytough [#bed66adc]

Dacus, I took the liberty and edited your Steak a little. Here's my version. I haven't finished with it yet, I think all the white pixels should be changed to something darker. I'll try to use heart and brain colors, the current colors are just too bright.  I'll work on it some later (Easytough):
&ref(./My Steak.jpg);

Ok, I'm done with the steak. I tried to give it more Blizzard-like colors. Here's how it looks in game:
I don't know how to make a green version of it. Some kind of 'green color only' filter?

Tsuru, when I dropped the steak on the ground it looked green like spleen. Could you change it for heart or brain animation? Also, I wonder if we could edit the multistocker: remove the green color (which I don't like, sorry) and add some kind of a marker like a small white star in upper right corner?

Dacus, I'm going to work on 'skull on gem can' soon. If you've already done it please let me know. Easytough

I worked on 'skull on gem can' too. Here's how it looks in game:

I've changed the multistocker green color to the regular colors, adding a small green star in the upper right corner. Do you guys think the star is large enough, or do you have any other ideas how to mark multistocker so it can be distinguished from items easily? 

Tsuru, I couldn't make coupons change color in multistocker. They all seem to address one file (invs-cpn1.dc6). (Easytough)

*Incorcoparetd Images in R5C [#ea42fa7d]

Thank you Dacus, I incorporated following images into R5C:

-All Obsidians and Blemished Gems
-Rerolling Orb
-Super Uniques bodyparts
-Desert Sword
-Arcane Sword
-Titan's Dagger (modified and used as the image of Claymore)
-Crystal Boots

The new gem cans had looked good on this webpage. But regrettably I found they look like molded or inlaid (i.e. too stereoscopic) in the game. I mean, I like them look like printed on the label, and after all the simple mono tone icon looked more visible and better for me.

For the same reason I chose the old graphics for several items. The new donut looked a bit strange shape in the game, so I updated my donut (removed the dithering).


Your Gladiator Blade looked fine but had a color palette problem as you say. But I admit the old Gladiator Blade has too narrow blade, so I made the blade wide. 

For Okrist and Rapier, I think the old graphics are better, because they are curved blades (in the field screen). I think the Okrist, Rapier and Titan's Dagger have enough quality. Those graphics are Perfect Cell's work. I have changed some of his work when there is some reason (confusing, inconsistent, etc.). But I don't like to do so without a good reason.

I rather liked to change the graphics of Claymore which has a flat point and looks like a spatula, and your Titan's Dagger's graphics is too good to give up, so I used it as Claymore's graphics. :) I recolored it so that only the blade is affected by the color palette, and slightly tilted like other non-elite sword graphics.


To Easytough

 Tsuru, when I dropped the steak on the ground it looked green like spleen. Could you change
 it for heart or brain animation? Also, I wonder if we could edit the multistocker: remove
 the green color and add some kind of a marker like a small white star in upper right corner?

Steaks used to use exacly the same image as spleens in the original ES 3.00. The previous steak is a spleen recolored by me. ;) (Have you noticed?) It makes sense to change the field graphics of a steak to something red.

Adding something outside of the image won't be good. It hovers in the air when you grab that item, which is very strange. One reason why the multistocker was changed to green is, it's visible in the messed up stash. Another reason is, D2 palette contains a decent number of greens. If I change the multistocker to purple or blue, it will lose the tone and become more blocky. Red, yellow and brown also have many tones in D2 palette, but they are very common color and less visible in the stash.

*Comments [#ha9eaf6b]
- Yeah, a green Fake Note wouldn't be very consistent. Actually, I don't think any 'Fake Note' is consistent, because they didn't have paper currency in those times :) .  As for the 'eastern flavour', there's a lot of things international in the mod. I am sure Perfect Cell made maple leaf the most desirable item because he is from Canada. I live in the States but I am from Russia originally, and I can remember off the top of my head the gemword 'Russia' and 'Rasputin's Chestplate' unique armor. I'm sure many other players from different countries can find something in the mod that belongs to their culture.  Green Fake Note is still too cheesy, you are right. :) -- [[Easytough]] &new{07-08-2007 (Sun) 20:27:35};
- I'm glad you like it Metro. Thank you :). Easytough... Fake note green? It's "Eastern Sun" not "Western Sun" dammit! ;) Although it could be little better. I'll try to think something up. -- [[Dacus]] &new{07-08-2007 (Sun) 07:37:56};
- Thanks, Metro. I enjoyed making new graphics, even though none of my images were added ;) . 
Tsuru: the floating star doesn't look very strange to me, I even had a crazy idea that it would be nice to have such stars added to all items to distinguish easily between normal, excep and elite versions (1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars), but I agree a green stocker is much more visible in stash. I am usually very organized with items and losing multistocker has never been a problem though. Also, do you think it would be possible to have several images for can opener, one for each gem grade? This way it would be easy to tell what grade gem is going be extracted without having to hover mouse on the key all the time or count how many times you rerolled it. My original idea was to suggest changing Dacus' opener so that its handle signifies the grade. Let's say, if it's chipped - white all the way, flawed - the handle is 1/6 filled with some color, perfect gem - all handle and the metal top part are colored. Or adding some stars on handle would work too. 3 stars - normal grade, 6 stars - perfect, etc.  
Dacus: next project - how about revamping Fake Note image? Do you think making it green like a dollar would be politically correct? Or we could play with the image for coupons and come up with something currency looking . -- [[Easytough]] &new{07-08-2007 (Sun) 04:37:46};
- Dacus and Easytough...I just wanted to personally say thanks for the great new images that have been incorporated into R5. Nice job, guys! It's just one more thing that constantly keeps new patches fresh. -- [[Metro]] &new{07-07-2007 (Sat) 21:50:12};
- No problem, do what you want to do. Maybe we should separate our sections, it seems little confusing. What do you think? -- [[Dacus]] &new{07-07-2007 (Sat) 16:00:15};
- Dacus, I am sorry some of our work is overlapping. I hope you don't mind. Hey, collaborating is more fun. :) -- [[Easytough]] &ne