[[Is programming a must-have skill for a PC technician??]]

PC technicians are the tinkerers of the IT business, filling in as much with their hands as with their heads. As a PC specialist, you'll be in charge of troubleshooting, diagnosing, understanding and solving a variety of technical issues. PC specialists possess skilled knowledge, hands-on experience and various tools to fix and keep up PC equipment (hardware), software and network/Internet issues. A PC technician is otherwise called a computer technician or PC repair specialist.

The demand for computing power laid the path for creating more professional opportunities for people interested in computer programming. A computer programmer, or coder, is somebody who writes computer programming. The term computer programmer can allude to a specialist in one area of PC or to a generalist who composes code for some sort of software.

In like manner what a technician does is important, it's only different in nature from programming. Computer repair specialists need a profound understanding of the mechanics and programming systems of computers to recognize and fix issues.

In general PC support, experts connect with end-users to a much greater extent than their partners in systems administration, programming and different territories of IT. A few employers may require extra certifications in specific programming languages. So familiarize yourself with industry requirements. Indeed, if the discussion calls for it, professionals should know enough about how coding/programming works that they can troubleshoot for company sites or mobile applications in some instances. Not at all like software engineers, they regularly don't do software design and real programming starting from the ground up. Regardless of whether it's not your focus area, you ought to have sufficient skills as an expert to set up computer networks and troubleshoot for them.

Computer Service Technicians ensure that both the hardware and software equipment of an enterprise are well-secured so that they function uninterruptedly. It would be advisable for technicians to learn a programming language.

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[[Level 2 PC Technician Job Description:]]

Level 2 PC Technician configure, troubleshoot, and monitor the functioning of personal computers and server systems, undertake preemptive maintenance on telecommunication equipment, escalate issues which are unresolved, aid other teams in supporting different operating systems, besides Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN), and respond to phone calls, messages and e-mails relating to system issues or hardware problems.

Level 2 PC Technician: https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/level-2-pc-technician

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