**Passive and Magic Skills [#zff5941c]

***Decoy [#t05bcf58]
:Difference from the LoD version|
:Synergies|Valkurie: +5% of caster's life per hard point

|Percentage of caster's life|>|>|>|>|>|CENTER:55%|
|Resist all|CENTER:4%|>|>|>|>|CENTER:+4% (capped at 85 at slvl 22)|
|Duration (seconds)|CENTER:10|>|>|>|>|CENTER:+5|
|Mana Cost|CENTER:19|>|>|>|>|CENTER:+0.75 (reaches 0 at slvl 27)|

***Inner Sight [#md2d618b]
:Difference from the LoD version|Reduces enemy physical resistance and breaks physical immunities.
:Pros|Stacks together with Necromancer curses, may be used with amplify/decrepify to lower physical resists further, and more break physical immunes, with lifetap for better leeching, with Confuse for better crowd control, or any other curse you may wish to try.

:Cons|Quickly diminishing returns make large investments in Inner Sight of little value (though investing in its synergies is quite effective). Overwrites and is overwritten by Slow Missiles.
:Synergies|Slow Missiles gives both -1% enemy physical resistance and -1% enemy defense (up to -25%)
Critical Strike gives -1% enemy physical resistance (up to -30%)
Penetrate gives -1% enemy defense (up to -25%)

|Enemy defense reduction formula|>|>|>|>|>|CENTER:[(slvl * 5060)/(100*(slvl+6))] + 4|
|Enemy resistance reduction formula|>|>|>|>|>|CENTER:(slvl * 3850)/(100*(slvl+6)|
|Duration (seconds)|CENTER:32|>|>|>|>|CENTER:+4|
|Mana Cost|>|>|>|>|>|CENTER:5 mana|

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