**General Tips [#ia703d8c]
-''Repair/Recharge cost'' is very low in ES. You no longer have to worry about the recharge cost. Superior Runeworded items will never bankrupt you.
-''Other mercenaries'' than Act 2 mercenaries are also useful. All mercenaries have useful support skill(s) like an aura, warcires, etc.
-''Mercenaries hired in Hell'' has the same stats as the ones hired in Normal (Only the aura of the Act 2 mercenaries changes each difficulty). You can change your mercenary without losing their stats, so I recommend hiring each mercenary at least once to see how they work.
-''Weaken'', ''Iron Maiden'' and ''Decrepify'' reduce monster's physical resist by 60% while ''Amplify Damage'' reduces by 90%. Now Amplify Damage isn't the only melee curse to be considered.
-''Inner Sight'' also reduces monster's physical damage by 5-35% (more than 70% when fully synergized), and this works on top of another curse.
-''Damage Augmenter'' is a free bonus charm included in the starting items. A must for all physical attack builds, but useless for pure casters. You can make one by a cube recipe for your old characters.
 Wirt's Leg + Tome of Identify -> Damage Augmenter

**Getting Started [#of0f08ce]
Starting out in Eastern Sun for the first time, or playing [[untwinked>Glossary#untwinked]] can be quite a challenge. Here are a few tips that should make it easier:

***Tactics [#wac5d352]
-You start out with a very low chance to hit, so go after easy targets like Fallen until you gain a couple levels.
-(Edit) All monsters' life was roughly doubled in R5, and characters are given 500 fulminating potions instead, which would let you gain a few levels with ease. 

|Fallen|2|||Dark Spearwoman|3|Fast|
|Quillrat|2|||Gargantuan Beast|3|Stun|
|Zombie|2|Slow||Hungry Dead|3|Slow|
|Dark Hunter|3|Fast||Skeleton|3||

-Please note even the weakest monsters have a twice higher level than you, and this level difference make it very difficult to hit monsters. Attack Rating would be given the highest priority.
-Don't be afraid to flee back to town and start a new game if you get too many monsters coming after you at once.
-Every character class can benefit from a javelin/shield combo early on. This gives you the benefit of ranged combat (thrown), or melee combat with the additional defense of a shield. Also, cubing any javelin/throwing/quiver by itself, resets the quantity to 255. Useful to remember if you are out in the wilderness and you get the low quantity warning. [dawe1313]

***Equipments [#h3eef473]
-''Socketables'': Don't be afraid to stick the socketables you find into a weapon or peice of armor...you can take them out anytime you want by putting the socketed item in your Horadric Cube together with a key. Nothing is destroyed, you get your gems, jewels, or runes back, as well as the item they were in.
-''Gemwords/Runewords'': Everyone can benefit from [[gemwords:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3gemw_n.htm]] early on. If you fill all the sockets in a white item with the same type and quality of gem, you'll get a CtC skill as well as the listed bonuses. Many useful low level [[runewords:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3runew_n.htm]] are also available.
-''Buying Gems'': Wish you had more gems of a certain type? You can buy more from Akara, or make a pgem using [[Secret Recipie #14:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#sec]].
-''Socket Weapons/Armor'': Following list shows the maximum socket numbers of the items available in normal Act 1. Because socketables are so powerful and flexible, it's a good idea to stock one or two of maximum socket items when you find them at the shop, for you and your hireling. Please also note hirelings can equip gloves, belt and boots in ES.

|CENTER:|CENTER:Max Sockets||CENTER:|CENTER:Max Sockets|h
|Melee Weapons|2-3||Bows/Crossbows|3|
|Body Armor|3||Belts|2|

-''3 Socket Helms'': If you need more sockets, the [[3 socket Mask, etc.:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#nor]] from Decipherers may be worth cubing. These are the only 3 socket helms available early on.
-''Sash/Light Belt Upgrade'': Any Sashes and Light Belts can be [[upgraded to a Belt:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#bas]] by cubing with a Stamina Pot.
-''Gambling'': Gambling is much better in ES than in vanilla, you have a 5% chance each of getting a set or unique item. That means you have a 1:20 chance of finding each...about 1 in 10 items you gamble will be either a unique or a set item. You can check out the [[set:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3set_n.htm]] or unique [[weapons:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3uweap_n.htm]]/[[armor:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3uarmo_n.htm]], and get one that looks nice.
-''Set Item Conversion'': Some Set Items can be [[converted:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#set]] into a piece of another set or another base item by cubing with a Thawing Pot.
-''Starter's Weapons'': Need a good weapon for getting started? With a flawless gem, a decipherer, and a magic jewel you can make a very good magic weapon, with 1-2 sockets, +1-3 to one of your skill trees, and either 100% enhanced damage with 15-20% IAS (for ranged/melee weapons), or +1 to class skills, +20-40 mana, and +4-6 mana per kill (for caster weapons) using the [[Starter's Weapon:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#mag]] recipies. You can also get a prefix and a suffix, if you get a good one, that recipie can produce an excellent item.
-''Skill Tab Rings/Amulets'': You can also boost your skill levels by crafting +to skill-tab rings/amulets, e.g. +3 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only). With three decipherers, a normal gem (of a specific type), and a class-only ring/amulet, you can create a piece of jewelry which gives +1-3 to a skill tab. Like the Starter's Weapon recipie, it can also get a prefix and a suffix...and since it uses class-only jewelry, there's also a chance you could get +1-3 to your favorite skill. The exact recipies can be found on the ES database, in the [[ring/amulet:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#rin]] section. Scroll down until you see "Skill Tab Re-roll".

***Getting Gold [#i13a7f06]
-If you're looking for something to pick up to make lots of gold at the shop early on, it's javelins and throwing daggers you should keep your eye out for, since they're worth more in ES. Wands/Orbs are much less expensive in ES than in vanilla, so if you play Necromancer or Sorceress, look through Akara's inventory of items for sale...you might find something nice that you can afford.

-%%%SELL 2 D-STONES FOR 121,500 GOLD%%%. Here's how; 1) Get 2 DStones 2) Get Secret Scroll#14 3) Make PGem 4) Use Gem Can to Downgrade to 9 Flawless 5) Sell for 13,500 gold each. [logger120]

-Remember you can convert a spare Ancient Scroll into a D-Stone, so a Scroll is worth 60,750 gold.[logger120] 

***Other Important Items [#se91db86]
-Make sure to identify all the Ancient Scrolls you find by cubing them with Ancient Decipherers...low numbered Ancient Scrolls are easy to find in Act 1, and several of the [[Secret Recipies:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#sec]] they contain will allow you to make things that are very valuable early on:
--Ancient Scroll #4 allows you to make normal (but not exceptional/elite) unique items
--Ancient Scroll #5 allows you to make normal set items
--Ancient Scroll #14 can turn two [[Dragon Stones>Glossary#dragon_stone]] into a perfect gem (which you can split into lower level req gems using the [[Gem Can>Glossary#gem_can]], or use for crafting recipies)

-If you get more than one of the same scroll, you can either try to get a scroll you don't have, by trasmuting two extra scrolls into a new scroll (two scrolls in the range 1-25 give outputs in the range 1-30, scrolls from 26-50 give outputs in the range 20-50), or you can turn your extra scroll into a [[D-Stone>Glossary#dragon_stone]], by trasmuting it with a key.

-Wish you had more decipherers for all those nice crafting recipies, or to identify your Ancient Scrolls? You can split a D-Stone into 8 decipherers using the [[multi-stocker>Glossary#multi-stocker]], which can be useful early on. You can also get decipherers by transmuting organs in your cube: it takes six hearts or souls, or two of any other organ to make an Ancient Decipherer. You may prefer to save most organs for [[tinkering:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3cube_n.htm#tin]], but if you aren't interested in the tinkering mod given by a certain organ, turn your extras into decipherers. Unwanted unique/set items (armor/weapons) can also be turned into decipherer points by cubing with a Multi Stocker.
//Removed information about Steaks, but added info about organs: since steaks are only available after beating Baal (or when you can handle Ghost Cows, which isn't much earlier), it doesn't seem appropriate in a guide for beginners entering the Blood Moor for the first time...but they should figure it out from what's listed here. ;)

-Wish you had more Dragon Stones? Once you make it to Act II, you can pick up as many as you need by doing [[HoD runs>Glossary#hod_runs]].

**Preparation for Hell difficulty [#kf525da9]
You may remember playing in Hell got much harder in LoD 1.10 than in 1.09. You may feel the same thing in ES, because of the greater resist penalty and all monsters hitting hard. This is because all items are highly enhanceable in ES, and it's supposed that most players have some decent equipment.

But for the first time play, players are often misled by the fact that Normal and Nightmare are rather easy in ES, and enter Hell without any preparation to face a hard time.

In the long history of ES, many recipes have been added by the requests/suggestions, and ES cube recipes will look very complicated for beginners. In this section, it will be explained how to prepare for Hell, mainly how to enhance your equipments.

***Treasure Hunting and Leveling [#bf06a068]
-If it's not the first character to enter Hell (and has some decent equipments), you may need no specific preparation. But for the first time play I strongly recommend to do treasure hunting and leveling in Nightmare, say in Cow Level, Lost Farm, Marsh of Pain and WSK.
-You may not believe monsters drop any good items in Nightmare, and like to play in Hell soon. But you can get the best resist charms and skiller charms in Nightmare, and you will collect cubing materials more efficiently because you can play in a higher players setting there.
-Those special areas in Nightmare aren't a bad place to level, either. You don't need to level consciously. While repeating treasure hunting, your character's level will hit 70 soon. The character level makes a lot of difference in