Improve Graphic Performance With A Glide Wrapper

What A Glide Wrapper Does?

  • Diablo II is optimized for Voodoo series video cards, which were popular among 3D gamers when it was released. Glide is the 3D graphics API for Voodoo cards, and D2 runs much faster in Glide mode than in other modes (Direct Draw/3D.) If you don't have a Voodoo, you can't select Glide mode.
  • In short, a Glide wrapper lets other video cards than Voodoo work in Glide mode, to improve the graphic performance.

Which Glide Wrapper Do You Recommend?

General Tips

  • Repair/Recharge cost is very low in ES. You no longer have to worry about the recharge cost. Superior Runeworded items will never bankrupt you.
  • Other mercenaries than Act 2 mercenaries are also useful. All mercenaries have useful support skill(s) like an aura, warcries, etc.
  • Mercenaries hired in Hell has the same stats as the ones hired in Normal (Only the aura of the Act 2 mercenaries changes each difficulty). You can change your mercenary without losing their stats, so I recommend hiring each mercenary at least once to see how they work.
  • Weaken, Iron Maiden and Decrepify reduce monster's physical resist by 60% while Amplify Damage reduces by 90%. Now Amplify Damage isn't the only melee curse to be considered.
  • Inner Sight also reduces monster's physical damage by 5-35% (more than 70% when fully synergized), and this works on top of another curse.
  • Damage Augmenter is a free bonus charm included in the starting items. A must for all physical attack builds, but useless for pure casters. You can make one by a cube recipe for your old characters.
    Wirt's Leg + Tome of Identify -> Damage Augmenter

Getting Started

Starting out in Eastern Sun for the first time, or playing untwinked can be quite a challenge. Here are a few tips that should make it easier:


  • You start out with a very low chance to hit, so go after easy targets like Fallen until you gain a couple levels.
  • (Edit) All monsters' life was roughly doubled in R5, and characters are given 500 fulminating potions instead, which would let you gain a few levels with ease.
Fallen2Dark Spearwoman3Fast
Quillrat2Gargantuan Beast3Stun
Zombie2SlowHungry Dead3Slow
Dark Hunter3FastSkeleton3
  • Please note even the weakest monsters have a twice higher level than you, and this level difference make it very difficult to hit monsters. Attack Rating would be given the highest priority.
  • Don't be afraid to flee back to town and start a new game if you get too many monsters coming after you at once.
  • Every character class can benefit from a javelin/shield combo early on. This gives you the benefit of ranged combat (thrown), or melee combat with the additional defense of a shield. Also, cubing any javelin/throwing/quiver by itself, resets the quantity to 255. Useful to remember if you are out in the wilderness and you get the low quantity warning. [dawe1313]


  • Socketables: Don't be afraid to stick the socketables you find into a weapon or piece of can take them out anytime you want by putting the socketed item in your Horadric Cube together with a key. Nothing is destroyed, you get your gems, jewels, or runes back, as well as the item they were in.
  • Gemwords/Runewords: Everyone can benefit from gemwords early on. If you fill all the sockets in a white item with the same type and quality of gem, you'll get a CtC skill as well as the listed bonuses. Many useful low level runewords are also available.
  • Buying Gems: Wish you had more gems of a certain type? You can buy more from Akara, or make a pgem using Secret Recipie #14.
  • Socket Weapons/Armor: Following list shows the maximum socket numbers of the items available in normal Act 1. Because socketables are so powerful and flexible, it's a good idea to stock one or two of maximum socket items when you find them at the shop, for you and your hireling. Please also note hirelings can equip gloves, belt and boots in ES.
Max SocketsMax Sockets
Melee Weapons2-3Bows/Crossbows3
Body Armor3Belts2
  • 3 Socket Helms: If you need more sockets, the 3 socket Mask, etc. from Decipherers may be worth cubing. These are the only 3 socket helms available early on.
  • Sash/Light Belt Upgrade: Any Sashes and Light Belts can be upgraded to a Belt by cubing with a Stamina Pot.
  • Gambling: Gambling is much better in ES than in vanilla, you have a 5% chance each of getting a set or unique item. That means you have a 1:20 chance of finding each...about 1 in 10 items you gamble will be either a unique or a set item. You can check out the set or unique weapons/armor, and get one that looks nice.
  • Set Item Conversion: Some Set Items can be converted into a piece of another set or another base item by cubing with a Thawing Pot.
  • Starter's Weapons: Need a good weapon for getting started? With a flawless gem, a decipherer, and a magic jewel you can make a very good magic weapon, with 1-2 sockets, +1-3 to one of your skill trees, and either 100% enhanced damage with 15-20% IAS (for ranged/melee weapons), or +1 to class skills, +20-40 mana, and +4-6 mana per kill (for caster weapons) using the Starter's Weapon recipies. You can also get a prefix and a suffix, if you get a good one, that recipie can produce an excellent item.
  • Skill Tab Rings/Amulets: You can also boost your skill levels by crafting +to skill-tab rings/amulets, e.g. +3 to Lightning Skills (Sorceress Only). With three decipherers, a normal gem (of a specific type), and a class-only ring/amulet, you can create a piece of jewelry which gives +1-3 to a skill tab. Like the Starter's Weapon recipie, it can also get a prefix and a suffix...and since it uses class-only jewelry, there's also a chance you could get +1-3 to your favorite skill. The exact recipies can be found on the ES database, in the ring/amulet section. Scroll down until you see "Skill Tab Re-roll".

Getting Gold

  • If you're looking for something to pick up to make lots of gold at the shop early on, it's javelins and throwing daggers you should keep your eye out for, since they're worth more in ES. Wands/Orbs are much less expensive in ES than in vanilla, so if you play Necromancer or Sorceress, look through Akara's inventory of items for might find something nice that you can afford.
  • SELL 2 D-STONES FOR 121,500 GOLD. Here's how; 1) Get 2 DStones 2) Get Secret Scroll#14 3) Make PGem 4) Use Gem Can to Downgrade to 9 Flawless 5) Sell for 13,500 gold each. [logger120]
  • Remember you can convert a spare Ancient Scroll into a D-Stone, so a Scroll is worth 60,750 gold.[logger120]

Other Important Items

  • Make sure to identify all the Ancient Scrolls you find by cubing them with Ancient Decipherers...low numbered Ancient Scrolls are easy to find in Act 1, and several of the Secret Recipies they contain will allow you to make things that are very valuable early on:
    • Ancient Scroll #4 allows you to make normal (but not exceptional/elite) unique items
    • Ancient Scroll #5 allows you to make normal set items
    • Ancient Scroll #14 can turn two Dragon Stones into a perfect gem (which you can split into lower level req gems using the Gem Can, or use for crafting recipies)
  • If you get more than one of the same scroll, you can either try to get a scroll you don't have, by trasmuting two extra scrolls into a new scroll (two scrolls in the range 1-25 give outputs in the range 1-30, scrolls from 26-50 give outputs in the range 20-50), or you can turn your extra scroll into a D-Stone, by transmuting it with a key.
  • Wish you had more decipherers for all those nice crafting recipies, or to identify your Ancient Scrolls? You can split a D-Stone into 8 decipherers using the multi-stocker, which can be useful early on. You can also get decipherers by transmuting organs in your cube: it takes six hearts or souls, or two of any other organ to make an Ancient Decipherer. You may prefer to save most organs for tinkering, but if you aren't interested in the tinkering mod given by a certain organ, turn your extras into decipherers. Unwanted unique/set items (armor/weapons) can also be turned into decipherer points by cubing with a Multi Stocker.
  • Wish you had more Dragon Stones? Once you make it to Act II, you can pick up as many as you need by doing HoD runs.

Preparation for Hell difficulty

You may remember playing in Hell got much harder in LoD 1.10 than in 1.09. You may feel the same thing in ES, because of the greater resist penalty and all monsters hitting hard. This is because all items are highly enhanceable in ES, and it's supposed that most players have some decent equipment.

But for the first time play, players are often misled by the fact that Normal and Nightmare are rather easy in ES, and enter Hell without any preparation to face a hard time.

In the long history of ES, many recipes have been added by the requests/suggestions, and ES cube recipes will look very complicated for beginners. In this section, it will be explained how to prepare for Hell, mainly how to enhance your equipments.

Treasure Hunting and Leveling

  • If it's not the first character to enter Hell (and has some decent equipments), you may need no specific preparation. But for the first time play I strongly recommend to do treasure hunting and leveling in Nightmare, say in Cow Level, Lost Farm, Marsh of Pain and WSK.
  • You may not believe monsters drop any good items in Nightmare, and like to play in Hell soon. But you can get the best resist charms and skiller charms in Nightmare, and you will collect cubing materials more efficiently because you can play in a higher players setting there.
  • Those special areas in Nightmare aren't a bad place to level, either. You don't need to level consciously. While repeating treasure hunting, your character's level will hit 70 soon. The character level makes a lot of difference in hell because the chance to hit depends on the difference of character level and monster level.

The Items to Watch for

  • Dragon Stones (=8 Decipherers): Cow King drops 8 D-Stones at the first kill. Organs and unwanted sets/uniques can be cubed into Decipherers. (Change in RD series. Anya now gives Dstones upon rescue)
  • Gems: Gem Can is useful to collect gems.
  • Runes: NM Cows drop up to "No" runes (the lowest gold rune). For runewords and base upgrade recipes.
  • Charms: Resistance charms will help a lot in Hell where you suffer a heavy resistance penalty. Even junk charms are worth Keeping for rerolling.
  • Ancient Scrolls: You may like to get Scroll #27 to reroll rare charms before you enter Hell. When you finish Nightmare, your character's level will be enough high to reroll a rare charm, because you can get most useful mods on rare charms around clvl 60, and the highest mods aren't available on rares anyway.


  • The lack of resistance can be lethal. It's preferable that all resistances are at least 75% in Hell. But it's also true that resistances tend to be redundant later, by getting better items and rescuing Anya in Hell.
  • Charms: Charms are the most flexible way to gain resistances. Before entering Hell, getting a couple of resist charms in NM will greatly help.
  • Gems and Jewels Another flexible way. Gems are easy to get and have nice resistances, but please note that you must put them in the shield or belt for the resistance. If your character uses a two handed weapon, the belt is the only and precious slot.
  • Forging: Forgings are now "removable", too. One forging grants 16% All Resistance. But you may like to spend forgings for the skill bonus or max life.
  • D-Stoning: While all resist charms are very difficult to get, it's quite handy to D-stone all resists which only requires a D-Stone for 4% all resists. On the other hand, it may not a good idea to D-Stone resists, because D-Stoning can't be removed and resists tend to be redundant later. If you need to D-Stone resists anyway, D-Stone the cheapest item, because you only have to give up that cheap item when you don't need resists in future.


  • It would be safe for casters to have 3000-4000 life in Hell, for melee characters, 5000-6000.
  • You can do with less life once you get godly equipment (killing power, defense, damage reduction, elemental absorbs, etc.). You may like to replace some life enhancement with other offensive enhancements later.
  • Example (Level 70 melee Amazon)
    • Vitality: 280
    • Base Life: 1087
    • Life from equipments: 150
    • Life from charms: 150
    • Life: 1387
    • Forging (6 times): Max Life 16 * 6 = +96%
      (Gloves, Belt, Boots, Ring, Unique Charms *2)
    • D-Stoning (30 times): Max Life 4 * 30 = +120%
      (10 times each for gloves, belt and boots)
    • Level 15 Battle Orders from Act 5 Defense Barbarian: Max Life +80%
    • Total Max Life%: 296%
    • Total Life: 1387*396%=5492
      (Required D-Stones:54, Required P-Gems:6)

Oskill Battle Orders, etc.

  • Call To Arms (LoD Runeword): A favorite runeword. Baal himself can drop an Ohm decal in Nightmare, but Cows can't.
  • Lifecleaver (unique ancient axe): this can be very good until you can get Call to Arms (sure, if you want BO in secondary weapon). You can gamble in nightmare at level 58 for better chance
  • of Skillmaster (Suffix): Rings, amulets, helms, body armor and spears can have the suffix of level 1-12 Battle Orders. The affix level is 56. Spears include javelins, which are 1 handed (can be equipped with a skiller shield) and good for the second weapon. Don't overlook any rare javelins! Oskill Oak Sage is fragile, but easier to get and better than nothing. Please note that Vigor has Max Life% bonus, too.
  • Defensive Barbarian: If you don't have any oskill BO, and your character often dies in Hell, I strongly recommend hiring a Defensive Barbarian mercenary. They are much tougher than desert mercenaries, and their BO and Shout make the character and themselves even tougher. It's not too late to consider other mercenaries after you find an oskill BO.

Max Life%

  • A very strong effect which 1.08 Shako had. Abolished in the current version of LoD, but easy to get in ES. Why don't you utilize it a lot?
  • Forging: One forging grants 16% Max Life. As stated in "Resists" section, skill forging is also attractive, but life would be more important when your character often dies in Hell. Also, the cost of Stat forging is about half of skill forging. If you have a limited number of Anvil Stones, 32% more life would work better than +1 to skill levels.
  • D-Stoning: Well, you can't remove D-Stoning. But unlike resists, more life is always better. So there is less chance to regret D-Stoning Max Life% later. Item Enhancement page introduces fully life D-Stoned Achilles' set, which can be the final gear for most melee builds and mercenaries.

Life Leech

  • If you often die in closed combats, the life leech may not be enough. With godly weapons, less leech will suffice, but with moderate weapons, you will need more leech than you need in LoD.
  • D-Stoning: D-Stoning rings and amulets is the almost only way to add life leech. Low unique/rare jewelry like Ring of Vengeance or dual leech rares is a good base of D-Stoning Life Leech. Fully D-Stoned RoV can have 40% Life Leech or more, for example. D-Stoned cheap jewelry can be more effective than high level unique jewelry, depending on your setup.

Cannot Be Frozen

  • If you have no CBF on equipments, find a Fu rune or better in NM Cow and downgrade it to Fu.
  • If you can prepare 2 Fu runes, forge it onto some equipment to get CBF.

Damage Reduction%

  • Of course more DR% is better. But tons of DR% isn't indispensable as long as you have enough life.

Curses / Auras

  • At least one of oskill Lower Resist or Conviction would be a must for casters. Both are available on mid level runewords/gemwords. Hireling a Conviction Mercenary or Offensive Barbarian would also be ok. It's ideal to have both.
  • Physical attackers and Druid summoners will need one of physical resistance reduction curses (Amplify Damage, Decrepify, Weaken or Iron Maiden). CtC curses would be ok for physical attackers, but Druid summoners will need an oskill curse unless they use a special item like a Strafe oskill bow. If you can't find any good oskill curses, I recommend making a Unique Great Axe, which has an oskill Amplify Damage. Fully synergized Inner Sight can also reduce enemy's physical resistance fairly well. A curse and Inner Sight stack one another, so it's ideal to have both.

Finding Specific items

Runes and Ancient Decals

Monsters drop Ancient Decals in the same way as they drop Runes. The reward of Hellforge Quest isn't a monster drop and never drops Ancient Decals. But all other monsters can drop both Runes and Ancient Decals. In following sentences, the word "Runes" includes "Ancient Decals"
Runes aren't magic items, so Magic Find doesn't increase or reduce the chance of their drop.
More players in the game increases all drops including runes. As an exception, Countess' special rune drop isn't affected by the number of players.
Of course more monsters drop more runes, so crowded areas like Cow Level and Lost Farm are good place to find runes.
Belhifeits and Cyclopes drop runes instead of their organ (roughly 1/60 chance), in addition to the ordinary rune drop.

  • Hellforge Quest
DifficultyAvailable RunesAvailable Decals
NormalE Ko Ra O Ho Me Ru Ta To Wa Hanone
NightmareTa To Wa Ha Na Ni Se Fu Ma Hi Monone
HellFu Ma Hi Mo No Te Ro So Mu Ne Renone

(updated based on R2)

  • Countess
DifficultyAvailable RunesAvailable Decals
NormalI to AEl to Thul
NightmareI to WaEl to Lem
HellI to ReEl to Ber

Ancient Scrolls

Ancient Scrolls aren't magic items and Magic Find doesn't work, either. Only more players can increase the chance of their drop.
Izual drops an Ancient Scroll instead of his organ (roughly 1/60 chance), and he can drop up to 5 items. More players slightly increases his drop. He is the only exception and there are no other special monsters or areas for finding Ancient Scrolls. (Izual's Ghost added in R4B has a slightly better chance to drop Ancient Scrolls, too.)
You can cube a low level Ancient Scroll from a Cookbook, and you can cube a Cookbook from DragonStones, so collecting Dragon Stones is another way to enrich your bookshelf.

AreaScroll DropAreaScroll DropAreaScroll Drop
Normal Act 11~9Nightmare Act 11~24Hell Act 11~39
Normal Act 21~12Nightmare Act 21~27Hell Act 21~42
Normal Act 31~15Nightmare Act 31~30Hell Act 31~45
Normal Act 41~18Nightmare Act 41~33Hell Act 41~48
Normal Act 51~21Nightmare Act 51~36Hell Act 51~50
*This table is of the average monsters. Tougher monsters may drop better.

In R3F, following recipes were added.

  • Unique Stone (nor) + Ancient Scroll + Rune (#1~#10) -> Ancient Scroll (#1~#10)
  • Unique Stone (exc) + Ancient Scroll + Rune (#11~#20) -> Ancient Scroll (#11~#20)
  • Unique Stone (eli) + Ancient Scroll + Rune (#21~#30) -> Ancient Scroll (#21~#30)

Organs and Other Cubing Materials

Special DropsMonsters
HeartsFallens, Bigheads, Corrupted Rogues (Melee), Scarabs, Gargoyles (not including Gargoyle Traps), Swamp Dweller, Sand Maggots, Vile Mothers, Siege Beasts, Baal's Minions, Succubi, Stygian Furies, Blood Lords, Putrid Defilers, Black Knights, Overlords
SoulsSkeletons, Zombies, Wraithes, Goatmen, Lesser Mummy, Greater Mummy, Hiddens, Undead Fetishes, Skeleton Mages, Rot Walkers
EyesClay Golems, Blood Golems, Bone Golems, Fire Golems, Zakarum Priests, Storm Casters
BrainsSand Leapers, Fetishes, Imps
FangsOrcish Soldiers, Giant Spiders, Carvers
QuillsQuill Rats, Quill Bears, Thorned Hulks, Death Maulers
SpleensZealots, Corpse Spitter, Overseers
TailsFoul Crows, Panther Women (Melee and Ranged)
JawbonesCorrupted Rogues (Ranged), Skeleton Archers
ScalpsBrutes, Ghoul Lords, Blunderbores, Doom Knights, Sinister Knights
HornPit Lords, Horned Demons
FlagsFallen Shamans, Fetish Shamans
SteaksHell Bovines, Ghost Bovines
CookbookStygian Furies (very rare)
Socket DonutsHairdressers (not including other Panther Women)
CouponsSand Raiders
Ancient DecipherersAncient Barbarians


Crystals are new items that are used to cube Uber Organs and Kanji Runes. They are found in Ores which serve as a container for them. Crystals are extracted by cubing the ore with itself. An empty ore has no further use.

The crystals contained in an ore are randomly determined, just like mods on a rare item. An ore may contain only one crystal, or even no crystal at all. All monsters have a very slim chance to drop an ore. This chance is doubled in Nightmare and tripled in Hell. These ores may contain 0-6 chipped crystals (0-1 crystal of each kind), but 2 crystals on average.

Listed below are some particular bosses that have an extra chance to drop a higher quality or a 'boss' ore.

There is no difference in appearance between normal ores and boss ores, but the latter tends to contain more crystals.

Boss ores have a high chance to contain a kind of crystal related to that boss (0-4).
Boss ores have a mid chance to contain 3 kinds of crystals loosely related to that boss (0-1).
Boss ores have a low chance to contain other 9 kinds of crystals (0-1).

In theory a boss ore can contain 15 crystals at best, but 3 or 4 on average.

CrystalChippedNormalMainly Dropped byArea
Frozen Soulb_oval_s.gifb_oval_l.gifNihlathakNihlathak's Domain
FatalstormNihlathak's Domain
Factory DirectorMoonshine Distillery
Factory DirectorFake Note Factory
Dark PlanterPoppy Farm
Shadow Quartzviolet_s.gifviolet_l.gifBaalWordstone Chamber
Baal's BodydoubleWordstone Chamber
Lister the TormentorThrone of Destruction
Lister the RevengerNihlathak's Domain
Bleeding Stonered_s.gifred_l.gifDiabloChaos Sanctuary
DiabloThrone of Destruction
Diablo CloneRandom Area
King LeoricChaos Sanctuary
Black JadeChaos Sanctuary
LachdananChaos Sanctuary
Burning Sulphurtopa_s.giftopa_l.gifMephistoDurance of Hate Level 3
MephistoThrone of Destruction
Knuckle BallerBill Roper Memorial Ballpark
Named CouncilsDurance of Hate Level 3
Dark Azuriteblue_s.gifblue_l.gifDurielDuriel's Lair
DurielThrone of Destruction
DurielMarsh of Pain
Bitter Peridotgreens.gifgreenl.gifAndarielCatacomb Level 4
AndarielThrone of Destruction
AndarielAndariel's Dressing Room
Pulsing Opalopa_s.gifopa_l.gifReporbBill Roper Memorial Ballpark
Hephasto the ArmororRiver of Flame
Dark CloneHarpie's Nest Level 2
Enigmatic Cinnabarmaga_s.gifmaga_l.gifMagmajugglerNihlathak's Domain
SummonerArcane Sanctuary
Dark MagicianDark Magicians Chamber Level 2
Tomb Jadeg_tear_s.gifg_tear_l.gifReziarfgGFraizer Dome
RadamentAct 2 Sewer Level 2
Sorrow SummonerHarpie's Nest Level 1 & 2
Chaos SummonerDark Magician's Chamber Level 1
Solid Mercurywhite_s.gifwhite_l.gifMetalsparkNihlathak's Domain
Dark ClerkFake Note Factory
Dark ClerkPoppy Farm
Storm Amberorange_s.giforange_l.gifTreant KingNaraku Level 1
Treehead WoodfistDark Wood
Dark CrasherBlood Raven's Workshop Level 1
Tainted Tourmalinetour_s.giftour_l.gifNikartanaNihlathak's Domain
Battlemaid SarinaBookstore Sarina Level 2
Sarina's MaidenBookstore Sarina Level 2
Blood RavenThe Graveyard
Blood RavenBlood Raven's Workshop Level 2

Crystals can be stored in Crystal Can which can be bought at Gheed:

Crystal Can + 1-6 Chipped Crystals -> Adds 1-6 Crystal Points
Crystal Can + 1-6 Crystals -> Adds 100-600 Crystal Points
Crystal Can + Can Opener (Chipped) -> Extracts a Chipped Crystal (needs 1 point)
Crystal Can + Can Opener (Normal) -> Extracts a Crystal (needs 100 point)

Uber Organs

Uber Organs are only used in tinkering recipes:

Uber OrgansRecipe
Griswold's HandCrystal Can (output: Solid Mercury) + Key -> Griswold's Hand (-10 Solid Mercury pts)
Treehead Woodfist's ArmCrystal Can (output: Storm Amber) + Key -> Treehead Woodfist's Arm (-10 Storm Amber pts)
Radament's HeadCrystal Can (output: Tomb Jade) + Key -> Radament's Head (-10 Tomb Jade pts)
Hephasto's HandCrystal Can (output: Pulsing Opal) + Key -> Hephasto's Hand (-10 Pulsing Opal pts)

Kanji Runes

  • 2 Wo Runes -> Null Rune
  • Null Rune + Scroll of Town Portal -> Wo Rune
  • Can be stored in Rune Stocker (H).
  • Null Rune + 2-4 Crystals -> Kanji Rune
  • Crystal Can + Kanji Rune -> Crystal Can + Null Rune (Crystals are stored in Crystal Can)
  • Kanji Runes can't be upgraded or downgraded.
Rune NameImageBonusRecipe
Moonk1.gif+1 To Assassin Skill LevelsNull Rune + 2 Frozen Souls
Firek2.gif+12% To Fire Skill DamageNull Rune + 2 Bleeding Stones
Waterk3.gif+12% To Cold Skill DamageNull Rune + 2 Dark Azurites
Woodk4.gif+1 To Amazon Skill LevelsNull Rune + 2 Tomb Jades
Metalk5.gif+1 To Barbarian Skill LevelsNull Rune + 2 Solid Mercuries
Earthk6.gif+12% To Poison Skill DamageNull Rune + 2 Bitter Peridots
Sunk7.gif+1 To Paladin Skill LevelsNull Rune + 2 Enigmatic Cinnabars
Thunderk8.gif+12% To Lightning Skill DamageNull Rune + 2 Burning Surphurs
Windk9.gif+1 To Sorceress Skill LevelsNull Rune + 2 Tainted Tourmarines
Dragonk10.gif+65% Enhanced DamageNull Rune + 2 Storm Ambers
Lifek11.gif+1 To Druid Skill LevelsNull Rune + 2 Pulsing Opals
Deathk12.gif+1 To Necromancer Skill LevelsNull Rune + 2 Shadow Quartz
Heavenk13.gif+1 To All Skill LevelsNull Rune + Bleeding Stone
+ Dark Azurite + Bitter Peridot
+ Tainted Tourmarine
Godk14.gif+2% To Experience GainedNull Rune + Frozen Soul
+ Enigmatic Cinnabar + Pulsing Opal
+ Shadow Quartz


  • Since the Gambling of D2 has a hard-coded clvl dependant formula and is difficult to tweak, the Gambling had been changed many times in ES. In the latest version, most gambling problems have been fixed by introducing Gambling Chits.
  • The difficulty doesn't matter for gambling any longer.

Unique/Set/Rare Chance

  • The chance of getting a unique item is increased from 0.05% to 5%.
  • The chance of getting a set item is increased from 0.1% to 5%.
  • The chance of getting a rare item is increased from 10% to 30%.

ilvl (item level)

  • The ilvl of gambled item randomly varies between your clvl -5 and your clvl +4.
  • The ilvl must be equal to or higher than the qlvl of the base item.
    • If the ilvl is less than the qlvl of a specific item, that item simply doesn't appear on the window. For example, if you see a pair of Gauntlets (qlvl = 29) on the window, it means its ilvl is 29 or higher.
  • The ilvl must be equal to or higher than the level of the set/unique item.
    • If the ilvl isn't enough for a specific set piece, that item turns into a magic item.
    • If the ilvl isn't enough for a specific unique, that item turns into a rare item.

Exceptional/Elite Chance

  • The parameter for exceptional is increased from 0.9% to 1.5%.
  • The parameter for elite is increased from 0.33% to 2.5%.
min Exceptional chance = ((clvl - 5) - qlvl of the exceptional item) * 1.5% + 1%
max Exceptional chance = ((clvl + 4) - qlvl of the exceptional item) * 1.5% + 1%

min Elite chance = ((clvl - 5) - qlvl of the elite item) * 2.5% + 1%
max Elite chance = ((clvl + 4) - qlvl of the elite item) * 2.5% + 1%

Where (clvl - 5) or (clvl + 4) is the actual ilvl of the gambled item. 
  • This formula is quoted from the Arreat Summit (ie. may be wrong).
  • It seems Exceptional is checked first, and then Elite is, because 100% chance of Exceptional results no Elite at all.
  • Much improved from the LoD chance, but please note the high level elites are still very difficult to gamble. Please consider buying gambling chits for those items.

Gambling Chits

  • Anya and Larzuk sell Gambling Chits as an alternative of gamblimg.
  • Gambling Chits are cubed into an item, and the result is random just like gambling.
  • The price of each Gambling Chit is fixed. (Roughly equal to the gambling cost when you finish that difficulty.)
    • This fixed price is very helpful when you need a normal piece but have only very high level characters. (Gambling an Achilles set piece with a level 90 character is a waste of gold, for example.)
    • Please check the gambling cost, too. If the gambling cost is cheaper, gambling can be better.
  • Gambling Chits has the same chance for Unique/Set/Rare as gambling.
  • Normal Gambling Chits have no chance for upper items. (ilvl = 45)
  • Nightmare Gambling Chits have 50% chance for exceptionals. (ilvl = 65)
  • Hell Gambling Chits have 33% chance for exceptionals and 33% for elites. (ilvl = 85)
    • These fixed chance are very helpful to get high level elites which are very difficult to gamble.
  • Anya and Larzuk always sell all kind of Gambling Chits.
    • This feature is convenient when you can't use Gamble Filter.
    • You can reset Anya's window by entering the red portal.
    • You can reset Larzuk's window by visiting an WP. (Ancient's Way is usually safe.)

Gamble Filter

  • Gamble Filter is a Windows utility to filter the items on the gamble screen. Mac users can't use this utility. Gambling Chits may be helpful in such cases, because you can buy at least 1 chit per visit.
  • You can run Gamble Filter without exiting ES. (You can use Alt+Tab to switch applications.) But you have to make a new game after you edit the items on the gamble screen.

Extra Gold Equipments

This section is a partial transration of Monju's Character Build Delusion (jp).


Ra Rune [r20] (Req Lvl=28) for Any
 50% Extra Gold From Monsters
Perf. Topaz for Helms / Boots / Cloaks 
 24% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
 24% Extra Gold From Monsters
Jewel of Avarice
 10-40% Extra Gold From Monsters
Lady Eboshi's Greed (Unique Jewel)
 5-8% Life Stolen Per Hit
 +5-8 Mana After Each Kill
 25% Extra Gold From Monsters
 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item


Grand Charm of Greed Lvl 70
 22-30% Extra Gold From Monsters
Grand Charm of of the Collector Lvl 85
 (0.375/clvl) 0-37% Extra Gold From Monsters
Large Charm of Greed Lvl 73
 15-20% Extra Gold From Monsters
Large Charm of of the Collector Lvl 85
 (0.25/clvl) 0-25% Extra Gold From Monsters
Small Charm of Greed Lvl 76
 8-10% Extra Gold From Monsters
Small Charm of of the Collector Lvl 85
 (0.125/clvl) 0-12% Extra Gold From Monsters

D-Stoning/Gem Melding

Any Ring/AmuletThe Same Item10% Extra Gold From Monsters
Req Lvl +4
(Cap = 400%)
Forging Hammer
Stamina Portion
Any HelmThe Same Item4% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
4% Extra Gold From Monsters
Req Lvl +4
Perfect Topaz
3 Ancient Decipherers
Any BootsThe Same Item4% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item
4% Extra Gold From Monsters
Req Lvl +4
Perfect Topaz
3 Ancient Decipherers


Magic/Rare/Set/Unique WeaponThe Same Item66% Extra Gold From Monsters
5 Player's EarAncient Scroll #9
10 Hearts
Ancient Scroll #9

Oskill Items

WeaponAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Gold Digger1000000012501250+5-8 To Find Treasure
Chu-Ko-Nu1-2000000100010000+1 To Luck of the Ancients
Gluttony RW Fu To Ku Na Ru0000000040001500+1 To Find Treasure
WeaponAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Elzix's Treasure0000000100010000+1-3 To Luck of the Ancients
+1-3 To Find Treasure


WeaponsAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Gold Digger1000000012501250+5-8 To Find Treasure
Chu-Ko-Nu1-2000000100010000+1 To Luck of the Ancients
Gluttony RW Fu To Ku Na Ru0000000040001500+1 To Find Treasure
Master Key RW Te N Chi004000010001002000Suitable for Trap Sins
ShieldAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Elzix's Treasure0000000100010000+1-3 To Luck of the Ancients
+1-3 To Find Treasure
Lady Eboshi's Greed x 40000000100010000Not bad Extra Gold. Jewels are Forgeable.
Ra Rune x 400000002000000So-what?
Wirt's Skull0000000100-2000100-20000(Necromancer Only)
HelmsAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Heart of Jewels200000050-150050-15000Suitable for casters
Royalty Rune Word A E KA1000002/3200010000Decent Extra Gold
Princess Rune Word A ME RI A200000015007500Slightly weak
Thief Rune Word NU SU TSU TO000000004000008-12% Mana Stolen Per Hit
8-12% Life Stolen Per Hit
The end game gear for melee characters.
Body ArmorAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Piotyr's Plate0000000012501250Lacks willpower
Fortune Rune Word KO U U N000000015015050750FCR 20%
Wealth Rune Word TO MI00000001751751001000Standard
Insight Rune Word MI NU KU CHI KA RA500000050020000Grants good fire power to casters
GlovesAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Goldark's Strap0000000100200002requires secret recipe
Leather of Luck000000050-100050-10000Suitable for starters
Wealth Rune Word TO MI000000012512575750Stardard
BootsAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Goldark's Strap0000000100200002requires secret recipe
Vindalay's Sole000000030-600000Rarely used even in early games
Ra Rune x 200000001000000So-what?
Autocylus Set Boots00000000050/10000Good starting gear, use with Belt
BeltsAll SkillsClass SkillsGoldMF+Socket#Remarks
Goldark's Strap0000000100200002An excellent belt with 2 sockets
Laertes' Treasure1000000100200501001+1 To All Skills (Sweet!)
Wealth Rune Word TO MI000000012512575750Standard
Autocylus Set Belt0000000100/200025/5000Good starting gear, use with Boots

Breaking Immunities

  • To negate 1% monster's resistance beyond 100%, you need 5% lower resistance effect from the skills.
  • The lower resistance effect from items can't negate the resistance beyond 100%, but it works once other skills break the immunity.
Amplify DamageCurse-80
Iron MaidenCurse-60
Inner SightAma Spell-(0-35)
Lower ResistCurse-(30-90)-(30-90)-(30-90)**
Pierce Poison & BonesCurse-(30-150)-(30-150)
Pierce Poison & Bones
Ancient's CallWarcry
  • Lower Resist can reduce Magic and Poison Resist by the synergy from Pierce Poison & Bones.
  • Unique bosses are spawned with random mods, some of them give extra resistances and make them invulnerable immune.
Boss modResDmResFiResCoResLiResMa
Stone Skin+80
Fire Enchanted+75
Cold Enchanted+75
Lightning Enchanted+75
Magic Resistant+40+40+40
Spectral Hit+20+20+20
Mana Burn+75

Caps for Resist, DR%, etc.

Damage Reduced by XX%
(Physical Resist)
Damage Reduced by XXnone2
F/C/L/P Resist75%3
Magic Resist75%4
F/C/L Absorb%40%5
F/C/L Absorbnone
Magic Reduced by XXnone6
  1. More DR% than 50% still has a meaning when cursed. (Amplify Damage increases damage by 80%, So 130% DR grants 50% DR when Amp'ed.)
  2. DR is less effective than DR%, and most players tend to neglect DR, but dozens of DR is actually very helpful. Normal (non-boss) monsters usually deal less than 200 damage in Hell Act 5 (ex. Enslaved in Bloody Foothills deals 136-182 melee damage). So even 20 DR reduces a fair amount of such "daily" damage. Also, DR works beside DR% which has the cap, and it reduces some spell damages like Diablo Lightning.
  3. The cap can be raised up to 95% by +Max Resist equipment. Hirelings are penalized by the difficulty, but monions aren't.
  4. The cap can be raised up to 95% by +Max Resist equipment. No penalty by the difficulty exists, which is why you can live without any Magic Resist.
  5. Absorb and Absorb% heals first.
    (ex) When a monster deals 100 Fire Damage and you have 40% Fire Absorb, first your life is healed by 40 (100 x 40%), and then you take 60 Fire Damage (100 - 100 x 40%).
    • X% Absorb negates 2 x X% Elemental Damage at best. (When the character is injured.)
    • X% Absorb negates X% Elemental damage at worst. (When the character is fully healed.)
  6. While X Absorb negates 2 x X Elemental Damage at best, MDR always negates only X Elemental damage (Roughly speaking 1/2 effect). But it reduces all four elemental damages and magic (bone, holy) damage. Dozens of MDR is helpful as well as dozens of DR.

Moved from the readme (Need to be rearranged)

Character Backup

  • Your characters and shared stash are saved in "Diablo II\es300r\save". You are recommended to backup this folder from time to time.

PlugY Usage

  • The button with an X on the skill panel resets the skill points.
  • Alt + click on the stat button to unassign the stat points by 1.
  • Pressing Shift increases the handled amount of the stat points to 5.
    You can share gold between characters via Take Gold and Put Gold buttons besides
    the gold window in the stash.
  • The shared stash and multiple personal stashes are self-explanatory.
  • A huge shared stash makes ES take a longer time to be launched, and can cause a join failure in TCP/IP games. Please keep the shared stash tiny as possible, say less than 100 pages, and use the personal stash and mule characters instead.

Map Regeneration Setting

  • To disable the map regeneration in single play, please use 'ES 3.00 R preference' shortcut in the Start menu, instead of editing PlugY.ini directly.

Hosting/Joining TCP/IP Games

  • You can find the players to play with in this thread.
  • All players must use the same version of ES, so please check the latest patch before you host or join a TCP/IP game. (The version of LoD doesn't matter.)
  • Please DON'T ACCESS THE SHARED STASH IN TCP/IP GAMES as possible. If you forget to switch back to the normal stash and quit the game, (or if D2 crashes during you access the shared stash), the normal stash is destroyed. People do forget, so please make it a rule never to access the shared stash in TCP/IP games.

TCP/IP Hosting with a Router

  • If you host with a router, you need to open TCP/UDP port 4000, 6112-6119. D2 can't display the correct external IP address when you use a router.
    ( is the internal IP address and can't be used for multiplay.)
    You can see your external IP address at

Gamble Filter

  • Gamble Filter lets you limit the items shown in the gamble screen. Check the
    items you like to gamble, press "Set Filter" button and restart the game. You
    can switch to Gamble Filter by Alt+Tab without exiting D2, but you need to
    restart the game to make it take effect. This feature is for single and TCP/IP
    play only. Please make sure to reset the filter before you host a TCP/IP game.

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