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*Install [#l473fa81]

//**Can't Find ES Folder [#u3baec02]
//:Questiion|I cannot install the new patch from a fresh install of D2, I get "Can't find ES folder."
//:Answer|Please follow the instruction of the first pop-up reminder, which says "If this is the first time install, please click CANCEL in the next screen."

//**Can't play ES game
//:Questiion|I cannot play ES game :-s. I have done all steps in install guide, then i click on ES shorcut in desktop, it made a backup... but after that, it did'nt run anything :|

*Compatibility [#sa406bfb]

why would i recieve a "file initialization error" after clicking the desktop icon for ES?
**Can I use pre R6 characters in R6? [#i731c260]
:Question|Can I use the characters created in the older versions than R6?
:Answer|Yes, you can. R6 can load the old characters. The old characters have less skill points and different stat points, but you can update those stats by Nameless' D2S Utility. [[CharacterUtility]]

:|Please also make sure to ''update your Damage Augmenter charm''. If your character is a pure caster and have no Damage Augmenter, please get one from a dummy character, or by cubing Wirt's Leg and a Tome of Identify.

:|''Even pure casters need Damage Augmenter in R6'' to receive the spell damage bonus from Energy, and to make Kill/Death Counter work.

:|Please remove Carry One Check from all ''Unique Charms'' by cubing. Or your life is reduced to zero.

:|Please untokenize all ''Jewels'' by cubing. Or you can't equip jeweled items because the req level of tokenized Jewels is 120.

**How can I update pre R6 characters? [#cb53c646]
My utility won't load my pre R6 characters for conversion, has anybody else had this problem?
**I can't load my Necromancer after the character update. [#z16fbfb7]
:Question|How can I update pre R6 characters?
:Question|I can't load my Necromancer after the character update.
:Answer|You can update old characters by the utility installed in the Start Menu. 

:|''Caution'': When you convert a Necromancer, please make sure to unsummon any Metal Golem first, or the converted characer cannot be loaded in R6.

:|The Mac version utility is currently under development and will be available soon.

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