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***R6 Strings [#h2043fb7]
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dmgaugdesc	Re-equip to update Stat Bonus\n+1% to Summon Damage per 2 base Ene\n+1% to Mag/Wind Damage per 6 base Ene\n+1% to F/C/L/P Damage per 4 base Ene\n+1 to Max Damage per 2-4 base Str/Dex\n+1% to Total Attack Damage per Level
skillld117	enhances your shield with divine power
Skillname445	2H Melee Passive
Skillname446	General Passive
Skillname452	Werebear
Skillsd452	transform into a werebear
StrSkill267	Chance To Dodge: 
StrSkill268	+0.67 yard per 4 Base Points
StrSkill269	+1% Chance to Dodge per Base Point
StrSkill270	\yellow;(General Passive Bonus)\n5% Faster Hit Recovery per Base Point\grey;
StrSkill271	\yellow;(General Passive Bonus)\n+5% Attack Rating per Base Point\n+2% Pierce per Base Point\grey;
StrSkill272	+5% Max Life per Base Point
Runeword961	Master of Fire
Runeword962	Master of Water
Runeword963	Master of Thunder
Runeword964	Angel
6gv	Perfect Amethyst (6 Pack)
6gy	Perfect Topaz (6 Pack)
6gb	Perfect Saphire (6 Pack)
6gg	Perfect Emerald (6 Pack)
6gr	Perfect Ruby (6 Pack)
6gw	Perfect Diamond (6 Pack)
6sk	Perfect Skull (6 Pack)
6gk	Perfect Obsidian (6 Pack)
6packdesc	Can not be Inserted into Socketed Items\nCube with Gem Can to Store
xl0	\blue;Flawed Frozen Soul
xl1	\dgrey;Flawed Shadow Quartz
xl2	\red;Flawed Bleeding Stone
xl3	\yellow;Flawed Burning Sulphur
xl4	\blue;Flawed Dark Azurite
xl5	\dgreen;Flawed Bitter Peridot
xl6	\tan;Flawed Pulsing Opal
xl7	\red;Flawed Enigmatic Cinnabar
xl8	\green;Flawed Tomb Jade
xl9	\white;Flawed Solid Mercury
xlx	\orange;Flawed Storm Amber
xly	\purple;Flawed Tainted Tourmaline
Adjudging	Adjudging
Intensifying	Intensifying
Pasvplev	To Skill Level per Level
ModitemdamSummsk	to Summon Melee Damage
strUI15	Ghost
ESkillDecoy	Ghosts: 
Walking Decoy	Ghost Decoy
MudGolem	Mud Golem
FleshGolem	Flesh Golem
damage bonus 2	Spell Damage Boost
damage bonus 3	Summon Damage Boost
Runeword965	Work of God
Runeword966	Gold Scarab
Runeword967	Creature
Runeword968	Shinigami
Runeword969	Moonlight
Runeword970	Sunlight
Runeword971	Tourbillion
Skillld222cb	the chance of crushing blow\nsummon ravens that have
skillld13	when attacking, standing or moving\na melee attack or a missile attack\npassive - you have a chance to dodge
skillname18	Sway
skillld18	by swaying back from emeny's attack\npassive - improves your defense
skillname29	Petrify
skillld29	to hinder approaching or fleeing\nslows target's run/walk speed
skillname127	Close Combat Mastery
skillsd127	passive - improves melee fighting skill
skillld127	passive - improves melee fighting skill
skillan127	C C Mastery
skillname128	Thunder Strike
skillsd128	adds lightning damage
skillld128	adds lightning damage to melee attacks
skillan128	Thunder Strike
skillname129	Thunder Wave
skillsd129	creates a moving wall of thunder
skillld129	that damages your enemies\ncreates a moving wall of thunder
skillan129	Thunder Wave
skillname134	Plasma Rain
skillsd134	summons a massive electric storm
skillld134	to destroy your enemies\nsummons a massive electric storm
skillan134	Plasma Rain
skillname136	Ghost Decoy
skillsd136	summons a ghost decoy
skillld136	that draws fire from enemies for you\nsummon a dead barbarian's spirit
skillan136	Ghost Decoy
Skillname232	Volcanic Creeper
Skillsd232	summon fire spellcaster vine
Skillld232	a fire spell to burn your enemies\nsummon a vine that casts
Skillan232	Vol Creep
Skillname242	Arctic Creeper
Skillsd242	summon cold spellcaster vine
Skillld242	a cold spell to chill your enemies\nsummon a vine that casts
Skillan242	Arc Creep
skillname60	Shiver Armor
skillsd60	freezes and damages attackers
skillld60	freezes and damages enemies that hit you\nincreases your defense rating
skillan60	Shiver Armor
skillname116	Hypno Blast
skillan116	Hypno Blast
Skillld274	stun a group of enemies\nusing the power of your mind
skillld9	a chance of deadly strike\npassive - your attacks have
skillname45	Snow Spirit
skillsd45	releases a snow spirit
skillld45	tracks and freezes its target\nreleases a spirit of snow that
skillan45	Snow Spirit
StrSkill273	immune to physical when attacking
StrSkill274	lose 8% of current life per attack
StrSkill275	Fire Absorb: 
StrSkill276	Cold Absorb: 
StrSkill277	Lightning Absorb: 
StrSkill278	Base Strength: 
StrSkill279	Base Dexterity: 
StrSkill280	Base Vitality: 
StrSkill281	Base Energy: 
StrSkill282	\yellow;(General Passive Bonus)\nDamage Reduced by 1% per Base Point\grey;
StrSkill283	\yellow;(2H Melee Passive Bonus)\nDefense Bonus 20% +14% per Level\grey;
StrSkill284	\yellow;(2H Melee Passive Bonus)\nDefense Bonus 20% +7% per Level\grey;
StrSkill285	Chance of Deadly Strike: 
StrSkill286	+1 Missile per 15 Base Points
StrSkill287	Were Bear Level: 
cm8	Noob's Odd Charm
cm8desc	Cube to switch skill bonus
cm9	Veteran's Odd Charm
Skillname263	Commander Mastery
Skillsd263	passive - improves summoned minions' ability
Skillld263	gives special bonus to shadows\npassive - improves summoned minions' ability
Skillan263	Commander Mastery
Skillname266	Dragon Blade
Skillsd266	 attacks with two rapid slashes
Skillld266	(This skill isn't a finishing move)\n2h weapons, knives and knuckles only\nattacks with two rapid slashes
Skillan266	Dragon Blade
StrDexplev	Str/Dex per Level
StrSkill288	+1 to Summon Skills per 3 Base Points
StrSkill289	Summon Melee Damage: 
StrSkill290	Summon Skills: 
ESkillValk	Valkyries: 
ESkillShadow	Shadows: 
ModStr3kSum	to Summons' Skills
StrSkill291	+1 Missile per 7 Base Points
StrSkill292	+0.67 yard per 6 Base Points
Skillname262	Lava Sentry
Skillsd262	a trap that emits lava
Skillld262	at enemies that pass near\na trap that emits boiling lava
Skillan262	Lava Sentry
StrSkill293	+1 Trap per 10 Base Points

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