• The added line is THIS COLOR.
  • The deleted line is THIS COLOR.
-Assuming your skill level in R5x is 100 and that in R6 is 85.
-The skill damage is basically increased by "29+" column (the damage per level after slvl 29).
-You lose (old_damage_per_level * 15)
-You gain ((new_damage_per_level - old_damage_per_level) * (85 - 28))

|Skill|old_damage_per_level(29+)|new_damage_per_level(29+New)|Diff.|Lost Damage|Gained Damage|h
|Fire Armor|+12|+15|+3|12*15=180|3*57=171|
|Fire Bolt|+24|+36|+12|24*15=360|12*57=684|
|Flame Wave|+11|+14|+3|11*15=165|3*57=171|
|Fire Ball|+20|+24|+4|20*15=300|4*57=228|
|Fanatic Swing|+8|+10|+2|8*15=120|2*57=114|
|Meteor Shower|+18|+23|+5|18*15=270|5*57=285|

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