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  • In this page we discusss following articles.
    • Rebalancing existing Runewords
    • Suggesting (and criticizing) new Runewords
  • How to make a Runeword
    • Determine the base item (ex. Body Armor, Melee Weapons).
    • Determine the socket number and runes.
      (Translation section will help if you search a Japanese word)
    • List up the mods from the runes.
    • Determine 1-7 bonus mods. All Resist is one mod, for example.

LoD Runewords

Ancient's Pledge (example)

Ral + Ort + Tal
3 Socket Shields

+50% Enhanced Defense
Cold Resist +43% -> 200%
Fire Resist +48% -> 200%
Lightning Resist +48% -> 200%
Poison Resist +48% -> 200%
10% Damage Goes To Mana
+7 To All Skill Levels (new) 

  • A+A 30% mana regen +5% lightning damage +1 lightning +2 static field -- Valor? 04-26-2010 (Mon) 20:29:18
  • A+A+A 3 soc armor +50% mana regen +10% lightning damage +1 chain lightning +1 lightning +3 static field -- Energizer? 04-26-2010 (Mon) 20:27:06
  • anxqXnULIQftO -- lrluhwtnr? 05-04-2009 (Mon) 21:53:30
  • zCaKLdkns -- tqkoqvbnqdi? 04-07-2009 (Tue) 23:53:28
  • ZTurAYOFbT -- irxbqypz? 03-27-2009 (Fri) 10:53:54
  • yeah, right...-.-.... but consider "+xxx to all resistances" is capped at +150 ;) -- diablo888? 09-26-2007 (Wed) 21:04:14

ES Runewords


6 socket weapons
Nu Fu Ko Ith Fal Cham -ES Ko rune used

(3/clvl)+3-300% enhanced max damage
(2/clvl)+2-200 max damage
(4/clvl)+4-400 to attack rating
5% chance to cast lvl40 fissure on striking
-40-60% enemy fire resistance
+1 to static field
+1 to defiance
+10 to all attributes
freezes target +4
+25 to strength
+9 to max damage
increase max life -15%


6 socket weapons
Wo Zod Ma Lem Ra Tal

(2.5/clvl)+2-250% enhanced max damage
(1.5/clvl)+1-150 max damage
(3/clvl)+3-300 to attack rating
+1 to aura of divinity
+5 to holy shock
+10 to holy freeze
+15 to holy fire
+20 to prayer
+30 to holy bolt
(1/clvl)+1-100 to life
125% extra gold from monsters
+75 poison damage over 5 sec
increase max life 10%


Wo Zod Ma Lem Ra Tal
6 socket weapons

(2.5/clvl) +2-250% Enhanced Max Damage
(1.5/clvl) +1-150 To Max Damage
+20 To Prayer
25% Chance to Cast Level 30 Holy Bolt on Striking
4% Chance to Cast Level 8 Ancient's Call
+20-25% To Magic Skill Damage 
+2 To All Skill Levels
(1/clvl) +1-100 Life
75% Extra Gold From Monsters
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
+75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds
  • All Skill Bonus would make this RW also attactive for Magic Damage casters.
  • Making this for 4 socket weapons would be an idea, so that Berserker Fury Barbs can use it.


3 Socket Body Armor
I Fu U

+2 to All Skill Levels
+50 to Life
Increase Maximum Life +10%
Increase Maximum Mana +10%
+3 to Defiance
Cold Resist +40%
Fire Resist +40%
+30 Defense (I Rune)
Cannot be Frozen (Fu Rune)
7% Increased Chance of Blocking (U Rune)
  • Thinking mid-level melee armor here, potentially. Could probably use a bit of tweaking, but a rough idea is there.


3 Socket Helms/Shields
Hi Ka Ri

+1-2 to All Skill Levels
+150-200% Damage to Undead
+150-200 to Attack Rating Against Undead
Increase Maximum Life +25-30%
Hit Blinds Target +5
Lightning Absorb +20%
+30 to Energy
(1/clvl) +1-100 to Mana (Hi Rune)
+45 Defense vs. Missile (Ka Rune)
Lightning Resist +35% (Ri Rune)
  • Idea for a nice all-around helm here. Damage to Undead fits with the theme, as does the Lightning Resist, Absorb, and Hit Blinds Target.

Dark Angel

6 Socket Weapons
Ya Mi No Te N Shi

+2 to All Skill Levels
+215-275% Enhanced Damage
+5-10 to Hell's Gate
+1 to Pierce Flesh and Bone
-50-75 to Life
+50-75 to Mana
Magic Damage Taken Reduced by 30
7% Life Stolen Per Hit (Ya Rune)
Adds 4-20 Cold Damage (Mi Rune)
(0.375/clvl) +0-37 To Dexterity (No Rune)
(0.375/clvl) +0-37 To Vitality (Te Rune)
-25% Target Defense (N Rune)
+3 to Mana After Each Kill (Shi Rune)
  • Sort of a theme weapon here. Hell's Gate and Pierce F&B oskills keep with the theme of darkness, and the Life Steal and -Target Defense just add to the evil, on top of the nice damage and +skills.

  • i was wondering if u could make a runeword with a decent lvl oskill prayer that was in a shield or gloves... this would alow you to make use of insight and arthurs (cleansing and meditation) healing properties without being a pally -- KeZiA? 04-03-2009 (Fri) 05:35:26
  • ed can be dstoned on reformation, as can ias, magic skill dmg, dmg to demons/undead etc. The un-dstonable max/max bonus still makes it at least a competitior for all but the highest of the high dualmax eth rares. As crazy as it sounds, in my experience it's far easier to find 2 Wo and a Zod decal than it is to roll a perfect eth dualmax. That Light rw is quite nice, and i'd love to make a Reformation/DarkAngel dual-wield barb -some nice possibilities there hehe -- Parabola? 10-01-2007 (Mon) 18:08:45
  • Imo Reformation is underpowered to its cost, any d-max rare wep will outrank it easily. No IAS and no ED. Any alternative to DECEPTION armor for warriors? But i like DIGNITY as mid-range armor for casters. -- WWer barbie? 10-01-2007 (Mon) 13:54:49
  • Excellent idea Blinn. Additionally, the idea of "mixed" es/lod runewords as mentioned over at the forums sounds good, but ultimately i don't see how it could fit in to the es rw naming scheme. Unless some of the lod runes are found in japanese, like ko. -- Parabola? 10-01-2007 (Mon) 00:08:49
  • would it be a good idea to have a list on this page of only runeword names? Then someone can make the translation to Japanese and assign the runes accordingly. Then other players could look at that list and suggest complete runewords accordingly. -- Blinn? 09-29-2007 (Sat) 22:43:21
  • ....would prefer to keep it as 6socket, but if 4s is a better idea then i guess it could lose the tal and ma, keeping the goldfind. Not sure. Also, i changed the rune order in Schism to more accurately reflect the idea of "schism" -- Parabola? 09-29-2007 (Sat) 10:09:05
  • Thanks for the tip tsuru, cleaned it up a bit :) I like the revised reformation a lot, the magic dmg additions are a great idea. My only issue with it now is that i feel it needs a new name to reflect the combination of religion and magic themes. I suggest RAPTURE or SUPERNATURAL. Ascension would have been nice, but that name is already being used in es :p -- Parabola? 09-29-2007 (Sat) 10:02:56
  • Texts would be better than an image. You can copy and paste the texts from the database, RW page. Inserting three asterisks before the RW name makes a headline, and Inserting a space before a line gives that line a blue background. -- tsuru? 09-28-2007 (Fri) 14:31:29
  • Yes, the bonus mods have the cap, but it's 7. Slow will work fine with CtC Fissure imo. :) I suggest specializing REFORMATION for Magic Damage. Players would like to see the new mod +X% to Magic Skill Damage on a Runeword. CtC Pierce Bone & Poison or CtC Ancients Call would be nice, too. -- tsuru? 09-28-2007 (Fri) 14:03:47
  • Fair enough. Like i said, just posted a couple to get the discussion going. Was gonna put conversion in there somewhere, but went with some of the other many "holy" skills. -- Parabola? 09-28-2007 (Fri) 11:22:44
  • AFAIK a runeword can only add 6 mods in addition to the ones from the runes, so I think these RWs are not possible like this. Any such "religios" themed RW should have Conversion as oskill or CtC. And maybe Attract as well. -- Nameless? 09-28-2007 (Fri) 05:55:29
  • Yeah i'm not too keen on static field on schism anymore, should replace with another skill with a "divisive" type theme. Confuse maybe lol. Went a bit nuts on the reformation oskills just cos i wanted a heavily religious-themed runeword hehe. Pick your holy aura and run with it, opens up a few more strange builds also. 6 oskills is a lot, but i had the scepter of the sorcerer kings in mind as some sort of precedent. Obviously masteries are a little different from auras, but what the hell :) -- Parabola? 09-27-2007 (Thu) 17:35:14
  • schism isn't too overpowered. i think the 2 oskills are a bit much and the CtC Fissure might be better as CtC Enchant. Reformation is way to oskill crazy. 6 oskill on 1 item is way too much. Besides those aren't even good oskills for a eth melee weapon. I would try an oskill attack or ed% aura -- logger120? 09-27-2007 (Thu) 09:18:56
  • Obviously, schism is non-ethereal and can be used by fire casters too, and reformation is ethereal, but i tried to take a bit off the total max damage. Straight enhanced damage can be dstoned if desired. Not 100% happy with the stacked indestructible mod, but i wanted both wo and zod in there together. It's not like it's a triple-stacked ITD (cough*last wish*cough) -- Parabola? 09-26-2007 (Wed) 13:11:20
  • Been in the sandbox trying to figure out what's going on here, if this edit is a bit messy i'm sorry, it's my first wiki edit attempt. Just to get the ball rolling on the discussion page here, i offer these two runewords -comprised of a mixture of LoD and ES runes, designed to be end-game melee weapons which are somewhat comparable to the uberdamage rare weapons. Goal was to make weapons which offer an alternative to rares, but aren't so strong as to become automatic must-have choices for all melee chars. I've got no idea if i've hit the mark with these (probably a bit overpowered) -- Parabola? 09-26-2007 (Wed) 13:01:22

ES Kanji Runewords

  • The stats of Kanji Runes are going to be improved. Please post Kanji runeword suggestions after the stats are fixed.

God's Garb

6 Socket Body Armor.
God God Ka Mi God God

Lvl 50 Protection from Evil Aura When Equipped
+6 to All Skill Levels
+1-6 Aura of Divinity
+1-6 Redemption
+1-6 Salvation
+1 Natural Resistance
Cannot be Frozen
+50 To All Attributes
Increase Max Life 600%
200% Faster Cast Rate
600% Faster Hit Recovery
60% Faster Run Walk
Attacker Takes Damage of 9999 
Damage Reduced by 99%
  • Defense must drop to 0 when armor is equipped.*
  • Level requirement must be level 99 when runeword is made.*
  • Character Shines like LoD Full Sets.
  • Really wanted to push this armor as THE STRONGEST but keep it limited.
  • the "runeword," such as it is, doesn't keep to ES standards at all; furthermore, having an LOL BEST ARMER EVAR!!1 defeats the purpose of D-Stoning, and ultimately, using any other body armor. so no, i hope the developers don't seriously consider this "word" for inclusion. -- steve? 05-03-2012 (Thu) 07:25:48

Right Hand of God

2 Socket Gloves
God Heaven

 Work in Progress
99% CtC Lvl 62 Fist of the Heavens on Striking
(1.50/clvl) +1.50-150 To Max Damage
+3 to All Skill Levels
+4-10 Prayer
350-400% Enhanced Defense
Ignores Target's Defens
1-100% Crushing Blow
+420% Damage To Demons
+420% Damage To Undead
+42 Life after Kill
+42 Mana after Kill

  • overpowered item that doesn't meet style standards -- steve? 05-03-2012 (Thu) 07:26:57

Left Eye of the Devil

4 Socket Helmet
Death A Ku Death

Work in Progress
66% CTC Level 13 Terror when Struck
66% CTC Level 13 Conversion on Striking
99% Reanimate As: Skeleton
1% Reanimate As: King Leoric
  • Main idea behind this item will be mischief and terror.
  • I think this one is really great,not overpowered... -- Lucifer666? 05-04-2012 (Fri) 20:09:15
  • overpowered item that doesn't meet style standards -- steve? 05-03-2012 (Thu) 07:27:39

Dragoon's Lance

5 Socket Spears
Dragon Ka I N Dragon

 Work in Progress
+235% Enhanced Damage
Damage +240-600 (varies) 
(1.5/clvl) +1-150% Enhanced Max Damage
40% Increase Attack Speed
+16-20 Dragon Talon
+16-20 Dragon Flight
+20 Leap Attack (Barbarian Only)
+20 Leap Attack
(Barbarians gain +20 To Leap Attack)
(Other classes gain +40 To Leap Attack)
60-120% Deadly Strike
80% Bonus To Attack Rating
+1 To All Skills (Dragon Rune)
+50% Enhanced Damage
Knockback (Ka Rune)
15% Enhanced Damage (I Rune)
-25% Target Defense (N rune)
+1 To All Skills (Dragon Rune)
+50% Enhanced Damage
  • Just wanted something stressing the use of Leap Attack.
  • dragoon is another word for a mounted lancer. Fits with the lance, but doesn't fit with the 'Leap Attack' idea. There's a lot of enhanced damage here; together with the AR, AS and DS bonuses this feels a bit OP. -- chuck? 05-23-2012 (Wed) 10:25:28
  • hey look, an OP item which references Final Fantasy, and isn't even a word. -- steve? 05-03-2012 (Thu) 07:29:11

Translation Section

  • ES Runewords are basically real Japanese words. You don't have to strictly stick to this principle, though. "Fuchi" (for RW Edge) means an edge in Japanese, while "Ameria" (for RW Princess) is the name of an anime character who is a Princess. Wikipedia is a good place to find some good naming resources from fantasy games, fantasy stories, movies, anime and manga.
  • Easy English words are also popular in Japanese. Knives are usually called "Naifu" rather than "Tanto" in daily life. Samrai helms are called "Kabuto" but modern combat helms and baseball helms are called "Herumetto".
    • The word L is replaced with an R in Japanese.
    • All Japanese letters contains a vowel. A consonant + U is usually (but not always) used for a single consonant. (ex. Knife -> Na I Fu)
  • If you need a translation to Japanese you can write the word here, and some guy will give it a translation or two.

  • For Schism, I went with 'to divide; break up' and got 'bunretsu' (Fu N Re Tsu). For Reformation, I went with 'change; reform; revolution; upheaval' and got 'henkaku'. Basically, if you can't find the high rune syllables you want so much then you didn't really look hard enough. Eulogy --> 'betabome' (He Ta Ho Me), Intolerance --> 'henkyou' (He N Ki Yo U), Undertow --> 'teiryuu' (Te I Ri Yu U). -- Mmew? 08-25-2010 (Wed) 18:52:59
  • what -- lol? 04-03-2009 (Fri) 05:08:55
  • Found an online translator, seems that the Japanese translations of these words don't really suit my purpose (no purple runes lol). Might try a few mixed LoD/ES runewords based on a numerical scheme (rune #). Schism/Reformation seem to lend themselves to a combination of LoD/ES....... "Easy english words are also popular in Japanese"-when translating Intolerance, i got "fukan'you" -seems the most popular English word has made it into Japanese :p -- Parabola? 09-26-2007 (Wed) 06:57:42
  • Interested in Japanese translations of the following words - Schism, Reformation, Eulogy, Intolerance, Undertow, Vicarious. Got some (imo) interesting ideas for each, but completely lost without knowing Japanese words for them. Or even other Japanese words which adhere somewhat to the theme/spirit of each word would be good :) -- Parabola? 09-26-2007 (Wed) 06:32:30

ES Runeword Workshop

Hello! I am Steve.

Opening a project to community input is guaranteed to spawn ugly things like Runewords that look like bad fanfiction, powergamers that want the developers to add a godlike weapon that turns Diablo 2 into Farmville, and of course, items which reference a user's favorite anime or video game. The desire to help out and contribute to the project is definitely encouraged! However, there are a few key things you should think about when designing content:

  • 1. Does my creation have the same theme as other elements in ES?
  • If your Runeword idea is just framing your favorite Japanese word with kanji runes, you should post your idea on deviantArt and see how many other 12-year-olds think you're clever. The Runewords should be (primarily) katakana words or phrases, and very few liberties should be taken when adjusting pronunciations to fit the runes available in ES; for example, Shi Yo Ri Yu Ke N (Ascend) is a pretty badly mangled transcription of "shoryuken," an obvious reference to Street Fighter. If your Runeword is any more corrupt than that, i.e. Se Fu Ro Su (Sephiroth), please, please think before you post it.
  • Also, we know, He N Ta I is possible with the current runes, and whereas Morphing - Hell Rocker sounds like a totally sweet idea for a frenzy barb, I don't think the developers will go for it. Sorry.
  • 2. Would my idea add anything new to the game?
  • There are a lot of Runewords for weapons and body armor; so many that, honestly, the selection we have now is probably fine. There is enough variety that characters at any level can find at least three good body armor runewords for their build, and probably four good ones for a one-handed weapon. Shield options are a little more sparse, but there are definitely not enough runewords for gloves, boots, and belts. High-level characters are basically limited to Ne Tsu (Hot) alone, and considering non-white equipment can be forged with +1 All Skills, and that set items and uniques and even some seriously epic rares can outperform Ne Tsu easily, Runewords just aren't a very attractive endgame option for those three equipment slots, especially since there are Secret Recipes that can convert set/unique belts, gloves, and boots into either of the other item types.
  • The problem, then, is primarily that belts, gloves, and boots can have 2 sockets at most, greatly limiting their Runeword "vocabulary." Also, runewords for those slots can't be too powerful, because they can potentially be stacked up to three times. These factors make designing Runewords for these items very difficult - so it's only natural that most players gravitate toward weapons, body armor, and helmets, if for no other reason because they simply have more slots.
  • So when designing a Runeword, think about what Runewords already exist for that item slot, and what they do. Coming up with yet another weapon Runeword is neat, but a good glove Runeword would be even better.
  • 3. I am making a reference to something. Is it actually that funny? Is the subject too obscure, or irrelevant to Japanese culture?
  • A game with classy references to stuff like Nausicaa will immediately lose all intellectual appeal if it gets clogged with too many references to everything under the sun. If you're making a Runeword that references something, you should ask yourself whether or not it's out of place among classic anime and vintage MTG card references. For example, Wa Ra Su (Braveheart) would be a reference to the legendary Scottish badass William Wallace, and would be totally sweet on 3 socket swords, or better yet, as a charm Runeword that lets you Morph into a Barbarian... but it has nothing to do with Japan, and a lot of people thought the movie was bogus, so the only way that Runeword would make it into the game is if tsuru was a huge Mel Gibson/Scottish history fan.
  • Another bad idea is Hi Ro Shi Ma, for reasons that I hope are obvious. Another bad idea is Ma Ko To Shi Shi O, because it's too specific, we already have Shi Shi O (Lion), and there are enough Kenshin references already. Kenshin is on the right track, though, so think about anime from before the year 2000 that was really important to the history of Japanese animation. If you're thinking of Go Nagai, and you realize that there aren't any references to his work in Eastern Sun, you're almost ready to submit an excellent Runeword candidate.
  • But don't just go looking for references - like I said, too many references is a bad thing. Instead, think of Japanese words that can be assembled using ES runes. If your idea would require adding another rune, abandon it; a new rune shouldn't be added just to accommodate a single word, and in fact it won't be, because each new rune added would involve writing at least half a dozen new Runewords to go with it, and each of those words would have to be tested for balance, etc.
  • If you don't know any Japanese words, then making Runewords is not for you.
  • 4. Did I just create something for a specific character build? Am I so desperate for Magic Resistance that I made a 2 socket belt Runeword just for that?
  • Some items were obviously designed to be useful for a specific build, but no item should be so ideal that it becomes mandatory. An example of an item which is too good to pass up is that belt Runeword I just described: Magic Resistance is really hard to get, and most character classes would have to sacrifice a lot of valuable equipment slots just to get it to 100% or better, which still isn't enough to ignore magic damage in Hell mode. Even the most devastatingly powerful fire sorc, with a complete suite of tab-forged gear, rare rings with a total of +4 to her fire skills, and every -% Enemy Fire Resistance item in the game, will suffer if she teleports into a volley of Harpie shots... and rightly so. Don't make an item just to solve a specific problem with a build; forcing players to make strategic decisions is an integral part of the game.
  • Constriction Band is a good example of an item that solves a problem while causing several of its own, and if your amazing power-item is any more forgiving or gentle, it probably shouldn't be in the game.

Examples of Good Runewords

"Okay Steve," someone will inevitably say, "so I've read all the stuff you wrote, and now I want to see what you think a good Runeword is."

Foremost, I am of the personal opinion that game mechanics are best left to the developers, since they obviously have a lot of experience with that. I've seen a lot of people who make Runewords and throw together tables clogged with uber stats and Naruto references, and it makes me vomit a little. Instead, I think it's a lot smarter to present "seeds," little abstractions or concepts for an element that I think would be neat to see in the game. This serves two important purposes: One, it lets the developers decide the exact mathematical mechanics of the item themselves, because they're the best at it; two, it allows the community to discuss the idea and build upon it collaboratively.

So if you were hoping I'd lay down some rules about how much Enhanced Damage is too much, you will be disappointed. That said, here are some ideas I think are pretty solid:

  • Su Sa No Wo or Su Sa No O (Grasscutter), 4 socket swords or katanas
  • Susanowo is a prominent deity in the Shinto creation myth, and is attributed with the capricious fury of natural atmospheric phenomena, specifically storms and the tide; the Runeword's name is the romanized name of his sword.
  • Runeword options for swords are plentiful, but there are only two which work specifically in katanas: Na Te Shi Ko (Feminine), a more conservative option for assassins who need the faster cast rate and +4 to Assassin Skill Levels, and I Nu Ya Shi Ya (Demon), for melee assassins with a high attack speed to get the most out of the 14% Life Steal, the bonus fire damage, and all that Enhanced Damage. Both are good options, if you don't mind losing access to the shield slot in the latter case, but most assassins with access to purple runes who want to swing around a two-handed weapon would probably be more interested in the huge 6 socket runewords like Soul Stealer or Change, especially if they have enough Skill IAS to counteract the slower WSM.
  • The goal of the Susawono Runeword would be, if used with Wo and limited to katanas only, to present a more attractive option for assassins who make extensive use of Iaigiri. The item would add bonus lightning damage comparable to the fire damage added by Inuyasha, a percentile bonus to Attack Rating on top of the flat bonus from Su, and to make it viable, a modest IAS boost and some competitive Enhanced Damage. Also, it would be too weak without a token +2 or +3 to Assassin Skill Levels.
  • An alternative, though, which I think would be a lot more interesting, would be to make the Runeword available to all sword class weapons, nerfing the weapon's intrinsic stats and removing any + to Assassin Skill Levels mod, and instead giving it +1 to Iaigiri as an Oskill and adding 4 to 6 to Iaigiri as an Assassin Only mod. This would open up Iaigiri to other classes, something previously available only to assassins. Swapping Wo with O would alter the item's power while remaining a valid katakana transcription. Like all other items which give a lot of +Oskill points from a foreign class, this weapon alone should not be so powerful or ideal that it can turn a pro Jabazon into a pro Iaigiri sin; at best, it should just allow other classes to use Iaigiri with mild to moderate effectiveness, but noticeably increase an Iaigiri sin's effectiveness while remaining competitive with other high-tier Runewords.
  • (more to follow)

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