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*Runeword Discussion [#va961831]

**Introduction [#w49f882a]
[[LoD Runewords:http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/runewords.shtml]]
[[ES Runewords:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3runew_n.htm]]
[[ES Runes:http://homepage3.nifty.com/miyoshino/es/es3gem_n.htm#run1]]
-In this page we discusss following articles.
--Rebalancing existing Runewords
--Suggesting (and criticizing) new Runewords
-How to make a Runeword
--Determine the base item (ex. Body Armor, Melee Weapons).
--Determine the socket number and runes.
(Translation section will help if you search a Japanese word)
--List up the mods from the runes. 
--Determine 1-7 bonus mods. All Resist is one mod, for example.

**LoD Runewords [#w36ba681]
***Ancient's Pledge (example) [#ta83ac3f]
Ral + Ort + Tal 
3 Socket Shields
 +50% Enhanced Defense
 Cold Resist +43% -> 200%
 Fire Resist +48% -> 200%
 Lightning Resist +48% -> 200%
 Poison Resist +48% -> 200%
 10% Damage Goes To Mana
 +7 To All Skill Levels (new) 

- yeah, right...-.-.... but consider "+xxx to all resistances" is capped at +150 ;) -- [[diablo888]] &new{09-26-2007 (Wed) 21:04:14};

**ES Runewords [#ha8311b7]
- Yeah i'm not too keen on static field on schism anymore, should replace with another skill with a "divisive" type theme. Confuse maybe lol. Went a bit nuts on the reformation oskills just cos i wanted a heavily religious-themed runeword hehe. Pick your holy aura and run with it, opens up a few more strange builds also. 6 oskills is a lot, but i had the scepter of the sorcerer kings in mind as some sort of precedent. Obviously masteries are a little different from auras, but what the hell :) -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-27-2007 (Thu) 17:35:14};
- schism isn't too overpowered. i think the 2 oskills are a bit much and the CtC Fissure might be better as CtC Enchant. Reformation is way to oskill crazy. 6 oskill on 1 item is way too much. Besides those aren't even good oskills for a eth melee weapon. I would try an oskill attack or ed% aura -- [[logger120]] &new{09-27-2007 (Thu) 09:18:56};
- Obviously, schism is non-ethereal and can be used by fire casters too, and reformation is ethereal, but i tried to take a bit off the total max damage. Straight enhanced damage can be dstoned if desired. Not 100% happy with the stacked indestructible mod, but i wanted both wo and zod in there together. It's not like it's a triple-stacked ITD (cough*last wish*cough) -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-26-2007 (Wed) 13:11:20};
- Been in the sandbox trying to figure out what's going on here, if this edit is a bit messy i'm sorry, it's my first wiki edit attempt. Just to get the ball rolling on the discussion page here, i offer these two runewords -comprised of a mixture of LoD and ES runes, designed to be end-game melee weapons which are somewhat comparable to the uberdamage rare weapons. Goal was to make weapons which offer an alternative to rares, but aren't so strong as to become automatic must-have choices for all melee chars. I've got no idea if i've hit the mark with these (probably a bit overpowered) -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-26-2007 (Wed) 13:01:22};

**ES Kanji Runewords [#de146f9a]
-The stats of Kanji Runes are going to be improved. Please post Kanji runeword suggestions after the stats are fixed.


**Translation Section [#g190243c]
-ES Runewords are basically real Japanese words. You don't have to strictly stick to this principle, though. "Fuchi" (for RW Edge) means an edge in Japanese, while "Ameria" (for RW Princess) is the name of an anime character who is a Princess. Wikipedia is a good place to find some good naming resources from fantasy games, fantasy stories, movies, anime and manga.
-Easy English words are also popular in Japanese. Knives are usually called "Naifu" rather than "Tanto" in daily life. Samrai helms are called "Kabuto" but modern combat helms and baseball helms are called "Herumetto".
--The word L is replaced with an R in Japanese.
--All Japanese letters contains a vowel. A consonant + U is usually (but not always) used for a single consonant. (ex. Knife -> Na I Fu)
-If you need a translation to Japanese you can write the word here, and some guy will give it a translation or two.

- Found an online translator, seems that the Japanese translations of these words don't really suit my purpose (no purple runes lol). Might try a few mixed LoD/ES runewords based on a numerical scheme (rune #). Schism/Reformation seem to lend themselves to a combination of LoD/ES....... "Easy english words are also popular in Japanese"-when translating Intolerance, i got "fukan'you" -seems the most popular English word has made it into Japanese :p -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-26-2007 (Wed) 06:57:42};
- Interested in Japanese translations of the following words - Schism, Reformation, Eulogy, Intolerance, Undertow, Vicarious. Got some (imo) interesting ideas for each, but completely lost without knowing Japanese words for them. Or even other Japanese words which adhere somewhat to the theme/spirit of each word would be good :) -- [[Parabola]] &new{09-26-2007 (Wed) 06:32:30};

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