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Greetings I was intorduced to Eastern Sun Mod by my brother I find it sometimes confusing sense I had to look at the map guide to see where would Nihlathak would be but I find Eastern Sun ALOT more fun then Median XL(brother laz mess up all the pally skills) cause it switched it up and made things alot more intresting like bob roper(whatever is his name)but yeah.  I exspecial love the new rune's and kunji runes and set items.  I find one thing hard is that when I went to kill Nihlathak he was a $#^&@ to get to sense there was alot of minion sets and hard ass new monster minion sets like the electrision 
-_- but I always love a challange. but I pay great respect to whom ever made this mod and making baal able to summon hard versions to the last 4 boss of act 1,2,3, and 4 ^_^ you make playing diablo 2 LOD hellofalot more fun then Median XL

and sorry for making this 1st diary really long 0.0
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***01-26-2009 [#df580dc4]
finaly killed Nihlathak xD and i'm going to have fun xD

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