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''Note'': Too wide images can make the page width wider than the screen on low-res PC (ex. XGA or lower), which makes the texts

**Bastige [#nf864a80]
[[Excommunicated - Paladin>Hall_Excommunicated]] : Fanatic Zeal/Vengeance

**Blinn [#nf864a80]
[[Connie - Assassin>Hall_Connie]] : Elemental Martial Arts
[[KoalaCookie - Amazon>Hall_KoalaCookie]] : Gold Finder Strafer
[[DemonsDeath - Assassin>Hall_DemonsDeath]] : Samurai
[[PandaCookie - Assassin>Hall_PandaCookie]] : Shuriken
[[Ayumi - Assassin>Hall_Ayumi]] : Tiger strike and Dragon Tail
[[Ibuki - Assassin>Hall_Ibuki]] : Samurai R6D

**boobers [#nf864a80]
[[Boobers - Sorceress>Hall_Boobers]] : Blizz Orb

**Dave [#nf864a80]
[[Bambi - Amazon>Hall_Bambi]] : Domain Strafer

**Daishi_GD [#l0bcb0e8]
[[Daishi_GD - Barbarian>Hall_Daishi_GD]] : Whirlwind/Tank
[[Aku - Druid>Hall_Aku]] : Charged Claw Werewolf
[[Hentai_GD - Assassin>Hall_Hentai_GD]] : Samurai
[[FreezingSorc - Sorceress>Hall_FreezingSorc]] : Cold Sorceress
[[Dynast - Paladin>Hall_Dynast]] : Static Field Zealot

**DemonTheSecond [#nf864a80]
[[UG_WindZorZForU - Druid>Hall_DemonTheSecond]] : Elemental
[[UG_WindZorZForU - Druid>Hall_WindZorZMelee]] : ShapeShift --> Werewolf

**Easytough [#rf53b740]
[[Omen - Necromancer>Hall_Omen]] : Gold Find Golemancer

**Frome [#nf864a80]
[[Wiz_Kid - Barbarian>Hall_Wiz_Kid]] : SuperVita Wizard Barb (TS/Nova)

**Goeido [#v6e9799e]
[[Ama - Goldfind Zon>Hall_Ama]] : Multishot
[[Blitzbear - Charged Claws Druid>Hall_Blitzbear]]
[[Lucky - Necrobarb>Hall_Lucky]] : Double Throw
[[Cownibert - Caster Paladin>Hall_Cownibert]] : Fist of Heavens
[[Matsukaze - Summoner Assassin>Hall_Matsukaze]] : Shadow Master/Shuriken
[[Soso - Exploding Arrow Enchantress>Hall_Soso]]
[[Orochimaru - Hydra Summoner>Hall_Orochimaru]]

**lager [#nf864a80]
[[ES_Dru - Druid>Hall_ES_Dru]] : Wind Druid

**MasterKazoom [#nf864a80]
[[Lemmesee - Paladin>Hall_Lemmesee]] : Zeal/Fana Paladin

**MetalShadow [#ue0af3b7]
[[MetalShadow - Necromancer>Hall_MetalShadow]] : Killer Scythe
[[Lorelai - Sorceress>Hall_Lorelai]] : Melee Enchantress

**Metropolis Man [#u2383118]
[[Sub_Zero - Druid>Hall_Sub_Zero]] : Winter Fury

**Moonie [#nf864a80]
[[Mellisan - Sorceress>Hall_Moonie]] : Lightning Sorceress

**Necrolis [#rf53b740]
[[Zinwrath - Paladin>Hall_Zinwrath]] : Holy Fire/Zeal 

**Nightfire [#ud246778]
[[Larazon - Druid>Hall_Larazon]] : Wind Druid
[[Temari - Assassin>Hall_Temari]] : Samurai
[[Kaorinite - Assassin>Hall_Kaorinite]] : Trapsin
[[Carrie - Assassin>Hall_Carrie]] : Samurai

**Oblivian [#nf864a80]
[[Wind Druid - Druid>Hall_Deathly Winds]] : Wind Druid

**Firesnake/Rychveldir [#nf864a80]
[[BurningSorc - Sorceress>Hall_BurningSorc]] : Immolation/Time Stop Sorceress
[[Feuria - Sorceress>Hall_Feuria]] : The Summoning Enchantress

**SajberHippien [#nf864a80]
[[Henry Handsmek - Paladin>Hall_HenryHandsmek]] : Sacrifice/Defensive Auras (Martyr)

**Viske [#nf864a80]
[[Treehugger - Druid>Hall_Treehugger]] : Experimental Creeping Doom Druid

**Xenthalon [#nf864a80]
[[Chill-Dude - Sorceress>Hall_Chill-Dude]] : Blizz FO

[[Jyggalag - Paladin>Hall_Jyggalag]] : Holy Shock Zealot

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