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**Concept [#mfeabd9f]
This is a concept for a Frenzy Barbarian that cuts through the inhabitants of Hell Difficulty like they were made of butter.
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What's most important for this Character?

For Killing:
- Lowering enemies' Physical Resistance
- Crushing Blow
- Deadly Strike
- High Damage Weapons
- Highly Increased Attack Speed
- High Chance to Hit
- (very little) Mana Leech & "Damage goes to Mana"
- "Cannot Be Frozen"

For Playing Comfort:
- Faster Run/Walk

For Surviving:
- Decent Physical Damage Reduction in % (to make up for being cursed with Amplify Damage, which very frequently happens in Hell)
- Resistances above 100% in Hell (because of curses)
- High Defense
- High Life Leech (Hell cuts Leech by 2/3)
- Life

For full damage, I put all Stat Points into Strength.
**Current Stats (without Merc's auras)[#q66486bc]
:Frenzy Damage|22k-53k
:Defense|86775 with Shout
:Max Life|4725 with BO
:Max Mana|306 with BO
:Resists|F:95 C:84 L:84 P:84

**Base Stats [#z8742ac4]
:Strength|All (525)
**Skills [#ee4e4a80]
:Shout, Battle Command, Battle Orders|1
:Strength/Vigor/Luck of the Ancients|1
:Iron Skin, Natural Resistance|1
:Double Swing|Max
:Close Combat Mastery|Max
:All prerequisites|1

Berserk is not really needed to kill enemies with physical immunities if you use gloves with Gemword "Mighty" (or Leroic's Plate, but its CTC is halved compared to Mighty and often I wished it would trigger more often, so I don't recommend it).
I don't recommend using Berserk as a Synergy for Frenzy. Depending on Berserk's hard point level, it converts 1-20% of Frenzy's Damage into Magical Damage. That means less life leech (you can't leech from magic damage) and sometimes less damage, for some enemies are immune to Magic. Finally, enemies cursed with Amplify Damage receive more damage from pure physical attacks.
**Equipments [#o18659d0]
:Weapon1|Rare Dark Sword
One-Hand Damage: 381-638
930% Enhanced Damage
D-stoned with Forging Hammers (+12% Enhanced Damage each)
Socketed with Perfect Obsidians (+65% Enhanced Damage, 6% Deadly Strike each)
Stat-forged with Anvil Stone + Chipped Amethyst (+48% Enhanced Damage)
:Weapon2|Ethereal Death Blade with Runeword "Obedience" (A Ya Na Mi Re I)
One-Hand Damage: 358-599
482% Enhanced Damage
D-stoned with Forging Hammers
:Helm|Dwarven Faceplate with Runeword "Thief" (Nu Su Tsu To)
D-stoned with Holy Symbols (+4% To All Resistances each)
:Armor|Ethereal Ceremonial Armor with Runeword "Eternal Reign" (Te N Ka Wo To Ru)
Defense: 3915
D-Stoned with Tyranium Ores (+4% Max Life each)
:Gloves|War Gauntlets with Gemword "Mighty" (2 Perfect Amethysts)
D-Stoned with Tyranium Ores
:Belt|Girdle of Giant Strength (Unique Titan Belt)
Gem-melded with Perfect Skulls (+%Physical Resistance, +Defense)
Socketed with a Perfect Skull
:Boots|Boots of the Valiant (Unique Battle Boots)
Gem-melded with Perfect Diamonds (Crushing Blow, -%Enemy Defense, +Defense)
Smaqdoun's Painful Pride (Unique Totemic Pebble)
D-stoned with Key + Spider's Silk (+Attack Rate)
:Ring1&2|Mawdac's Frenzy (Unique Barbarian Hoop)
D-stoned with Key + Spider's Silk (+Attack Rate)

Runeword "Exuberance" (A I Ka) in a Veteran's Odd Charm
**Hirelings [#p505a33a]
I recommend the Rogue, mainly because she stays out of trouble and casts Inner Sight, which not only decreases enemy defense but lowers their physical resistance as well.
:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Fire or Cold)
Fire Rogue has Strafe Attack, which is good for triggering CTC spells, for example our gemword of choice, "Mighty".
:Weapon|Runeword "Hound" I Nu (Level 9 Concentration Aura)
I chose the Rogue, mainly because she stays out of trouble and casts Inner Sight, which not only decreases enemy defense but lowers their physical resistance as well.
:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Cold)
:Weapon|Runeword "Admiration" Su U Ha I (Level 9 Might Aura)
Merc forged (+12% Pierce)
:Helm|Runeword "Peace" He I Wa
Merc forged (+12% Pierce)
:Armor|Runeword "Envy" U Ra Ya Mu (Level 15 Defiance Aura)
Merc forged (+12% Pierce)
:Gloves|Gemword "Mighty" (2 Perfect Amethysts)
:Belt|Timeloop (Unique War Belt)
:Amulet|Collar of the Minotaur (Level 1 Might Aura)
:Ring1|Ring of Vengeance (Unique Ring)
:Ring2|Zodiac Band (Unique Ring)
**Strategy & Tips [#mb14ab96]
You should get gloves with 2 sockets as soon as possible right after the game started and socket them with Amethysts. The resulting Gemword "Mighty" is very strong, for it gives a chance (10% with Perfect Gems) to cast Amplify Damage on Striking. That is, -80% Enemy's Physical Resistance and effectively more than doubling our damage in Hell, where the enemies have 50% Physical Resistance by default. The other, likewise very useful stats on a PGem Mighty are +360 Attack Rating and +48% Increased Attack Speed.
It has to be gloves with level requirements lower than 35, because that's the only way we can fully D-stone them from 35 (Level Requirement of a Perfect Gem) to 100. Just don't use Iron Guards/Military Guards. They have -5 FRW modifier. You can buy socketed normal gloves from vendors in Act 1-2 Normal Difficulty.

Try to reach ~100% Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike. Deadly Strike doubles your damage, whereas Crushing Blow hurts the victim by a certain percentage per hit (the amount decreases greatly with the number of Players) - great for boss monsters.
You could get missing Crushing Blow from Stat-forging your Amulet and Rings with Anvil Stone + Chipped Amethyst (+12% Crushing Blow ) or socketing your Helm and/or Boots with a perfect Diamond (+12% CB and additionally -15% Enemy Defense is useful if you lack Chance to Hit) and you can increase Deadly Strike from socketing Helm and/or Boots with a perfect Ruby (+12% DS). You can even socket your Noob's Odd Charm this way.

"Cannot be Frozen" is very important for this Character. Without it, you'll lose a lot of attack speed once you're frozen, which means you kill much slower and have a highly increased chance to die (due to lack of fast life leech). Use Fu Rune(s) and either socket, Rune-forge or 2/3-Rune-forge them into an item of your choice.

You can get all final Unique or Set Items listed above by buying gambling chits from Anya in Act 5 Hell (use Nightmare for the boots). That'll require a lot of gold though. Until you find nice rare weapons and if you have the Runes, make two Hellfire Swords with Runeword Gluttony (Fu To Ku Na Ru). That's more than 750% extra gold combined with decent damage if you D-stone the swords with Forging Hammers. In case you didn't know, don't forget to unsocket the Runeword every time before doing additional D-stoning, or the extra damage is lost after the next unsocketing. Only D-stone empty items.

The best way to get the best Barbarian Unique Amulet is gambling. If you play Singleplayer, use the Gambling Tool that came with Eastern Sun to make the Gambling Window show only Barbarian Character specific items. Get a lot of gold and buy Totemic Pebbles until it says "Smaqdoun's Painful Pride". If you gamble a unique Totemic Pebble, your chance is 10% that we hit the jackpot.

Runeword "Thief"'s Burst of Speed negates enemies' freeze. That means you'll have full attack speed while you're frozen. Some enemies are able to freeze you even if you are equipped with a "Cannot be Frozen" item. Burst of Speed takes care of this.

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