You Have Entered The Library of Unknown Magic


Sigh.... Why do you mortals always say that? I am Stingray the most powerful Vzjari ever to be created in this void of demons. More so than the famous " Summoner " who has corrupted our clan's name by toying with those foul creatures. In this library you will find stories of some of my closest friends, some of which no longer live with us. But heed my words, if something says FORBIDDEN listen to it! If you read those legendary "forbidden" tomes your eyes would disintegrate! Only Vzjari who are accepted by Heaven as good or Hell as evil may read these.

Stories of GimmeTheGold

This girl had a weird name, but it was fitting. Whenever she killed a demon they would drop a mountain of gold, of which she never told me the secrets. This sorceress is very close to me, and I've discussed about letting her into the clan with my leader. She is not wise enough, and her obvious kindness is often hidden by greed. Well that's what he said, but don't believe him.

GimmeTheGold's Encounter with Diablo

Stories of GimmeTheGold ( translated )


Merc and Merc Equipment


Hey guys, in this section I am done being a "Vzjari" and just want to shout out to you guys! Many of my characters have been deleted and I will say so in their story, due to my little bro deleting my D2 folder. I am just an ordinary PK'er who has found myself wanting to create stories as tributes to my Chars, without having an "actual" HoG for them. Comment as you wish, but at the time writing this there are no stories so I won't be mad if you don't post until I get some written.

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