*You Have Entered The Library of Unknown Magic [#h7b7e868]

** Contents [#g9c7254b]

**WTF DID I JUST CLICK ON?! [#u0f2ece8]
Sigh.... Why do you mortals always say that? I am Stingray the most powerful Vzjari ever to be created in this void of demons. More so than the famous " Summoner " who has corrupted our clan's name by toying with those foul creatures. I see all, I know all, in a way, I am all. I have recorded stories of great places in the world. I have recorded files of great people. In this dimension where I have hidden my library you will see every powerful hero in Sanctuary. You will see every Wonderful Paradise. You will see war torn lands. This is more than any one mortal can accomplish in a lifetime. In here, time does not pass. I am free to look at any time period and any person in any place. I do not age as you mortals do. This information has been made over thousands of years, you have more potential then anyone else ever created in this world. Thus I have brought you here, so you may learn about the great hero's and learn from the worlds mistakes and its flaws. In term, you are able to become the most powerful person in the universe. Read and learn, " Young One ".
*The Tribe of Heptedian [#df43bb9e]
Year 527, Age of the Dragon ( destruction )
A new tribe has emerged from the depths of the city Harg-Ul, the ancient city that only mortals born there may enter. This is the tribe of Heptedian, made of the Warriors of Heptad. These seven holy avengers are the prime example of power, born of pure righteousness from the heavens. Named for the Archangels in Heaven they unknowingly go forth to stop the destruction of Sanctuary. They advance forward hewing a path through the forces of evil, the friends are all enjoying every moment of fighting together. The young one Angel she is nicknamed, grew cautious every time I observed them. She knew I was watching, yet did not attack or warn the others. Trusting she was and I even talked to her face to face, but had I recorded that I would kill anyone who read it. This force of holiness is the true saviors of Sanctuary more so than the child who I have brought here. Should he learn from them he will grow incredibly strong. I wish them luck in there quest.

*Comments ( Warning, only for cool people! ) [#g4f94497]
Hehe, sorry for the over dramatic tales. I am the PK Pikachu ( as some of you will know ) and I had a strange urge one day to delete my ES folder ( This was after my bro deleted the D2 folder. Aka, this is technically the second time, only it was my doing on purpose. So hope that clears up any questions you'll have Metro! ) and create new characters to record here. I made some characters " related " and they will be combined and called a " Settlement " All the characters borrow from eachother, but I have joined some as a family or tribe as you say purely so I can make an awesome story out of it.


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