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*Unique Item Overhaul [#y8ea1b67]

Items that have New/Old comparisons are, for the most part, done; minor changes may be made if good, reasonable suggestions are put forth.


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**Unique Armor [#i44a8135]

***Unique Rings [#od9dc008]

-Fallen Star
 +20-30 Mana 
 +20-30 Health 
 +24-30% Magic Find
 +4-8 Reduced Magic Damage 
 +15-30 Resist All 
 -15 Resist Poison 
 30-90 Attacker Takes Lightning Damage 
 Monsters Slain Rest in Peace (50% chance)
|+10-20 To Mana|+15 To Mana|
|+10-20 To Life|+15 To Life|
|+15-30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items|20% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items|
|Magic Damage Taken Reduced By 4-8|Magic Damage Taken Reduced By 3|
|Resist All +15-20|Resist All +15|
|Resist Poison -15%|Resist Poison -15%|
|Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 30-90|Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 15-25|
|Monsters Slain Rest in Peace (50% chance)|(nil)|

-Dragon Eye
 +0-10 To All Stats
 6% CtC Lvl 12 Fire Ball On Attack
 6% CtC Lvl 12 Lightning On Striking
 6% CtC Lvl 12 Ice Nova When Struck
 -(0-10%) To Enemy Fire Resistance
 -(0-10%) To Enemy Lightning Resistance
 -(0-10%) To Enemy Cold Resistance
|+0-10 To All Stats|+20 To Mana|
|4% CtC Lvl 12 Fire Ball On Attack|5% CtC Lvl 10 Fire Ball On Attack|
|4% CtC Lvl 12 Lightning On Striking|5% CtC Lvl 10 Lightning On Striking|
|4% CtC Lvl 12 Ice Nova When Struck|5% CtC Lvl 10 Ice Nova When Struck|
|-(0-10%) To Enemy Fire Resistance|+5-15% Fire Skill Damage|
|-(0-10%) To Enemy Lightning Resistance|+5-15% Lightning Skill Damage|
|-(0-10%) To Enemy Cold Resistance|+5-15% Cold Skill Damage|
|(nil)|Replenish Life +6-8|