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**Concept [#l8e4eb76]
Karlos was a blind attempt at creating a barbarian similar to my classic D2 Concentrator barbarian with Find Item as a special.
He turned out pretty well, I think.
His main attack is Concentrate, but I liked to use Whirlwind for crowd control. I also maxed Battle Orders for the max life % for my merc as well as Karlos himself.
He relies on his A1 Rogue to curse enemies - I did not choose the frost rogue because I wanted more corpses to use Find Item on.

**Current Stats [#s22c2da2]
Stats buffed and with final gear:


:Concentrate Damage|26K~78K
:Whirlwind Damage|12K~36K
:Berserk Damage|27K~82K

:Defense|42530 (with Shout)
:Max Life|5648 (with BO)
:Max Mana|329 (with BO)
:Resists|all 75 (Hell difficulty)

**Base Stats [#b39e5b70]
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:Strength|Almost all my points till lvl 80 or something
:Dexterity|Base, I think

**Skills [#q78d621b]

:Battle Command|6 for +2 to all skills
:Battle Orders|MAX
:Find Item|1
:All passives and prereqs|1

**Equipments [#z39c0624]

:Weapon 1|Barbaric Devastator, Unique Slayer Axe 	
forged with Extra Damage and socketed with a 55%ED jewel, forged with IAS and %ED

:Weapon 2 and Shield|Secret Of The Ooze, Unique Sepulcher Wand with +3 all skills and Icon Of Sin, Unique Demon Shield with +1 all skills, both used for buffing.

:Torso, Helm and Ring 1|Full Hurja's Harmonic Rage Set, helm and ring forged with +1 all skills

:Gloves|Leather Of Luck upgraded and dstoned with resists, +1 all skills forged

:Boots|Boots Of The Valiant, exc unique Battle Boots, dstoned 2x with %maxlife

:Belts|Smiles Of Fortune, exc unique Demonhide Sash, almost perfect stats

:Ring 2|Madawcs Frenzy, unique Barbaric Hoop, forged with +1 barbarian skills

:Amulet|Rare Amulet with resists, life, +3 to combat masteries, +1 all skills and +3 to vigor and +1 to luck of the ancients.

:In Inventory|Lothar's Will, Deviant Cell +1 Barbarian skills forged, Yello Jello, Perfect Cell, one warcries and two Combat Masteries Skillers.

**Hirelings [#yb2865a2]

Act 1 Rogue (Fire)

Equipped with full Hell Rogue Set socketed with random rare Jewels, mostly with +%maxlife; 

Boots, Belt, Gloves and one Ring from the Wanderer's Waltz Set for +skills,IAS,maxlife,CBF and Vigor Aura; 

Ring 2 and Amulet from Waves Of Ascension for Decrepify and Amplify Damage cursing, Crushing Blow and IAS.

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