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**My Profile [#e912001b]

nothing to say for now ^^... but if you have some advice for my charater you're welcome!

**item i trade [#l660daee]

lots of perfect gems
bunch of items (most up to exceptional and some elite just ask)
all low decal (1-25 except 12 and 13) and some high decal (up to 49 ask)
bunch of magic/rare resist charms
various skiller charms (ask)
decal (up to jah)
runes (up to TE)
various rare/magic oskill item (few very good rare amazon amulet ask me and i send the description if you are interested)

**item i want [#xe4dd9ab]

12 magic/rare jewel with +40% GF (i pay more for good rare anyway)
1 metal rune (this is RARE, but i want make a try)
dragon stone - i'll exchange one perfect gem for two dragon stone (reverse of secret recipe 14)

**Active characters [#u0c325cd]

yakumo - lv 90 martial arts goldfinder

***note on charater [#a321f7fa]

yakumo is my first charater all focused on gold find. is born from a blinn's build, it was sounds great and i make a my own try, with some changes (almost all the equip)

***equipment [#k3589e78]
helm: runeword thief - simply the best goldfind helm, and other mods is nice

amulet: talisman of kisshoten - good find and some sin mods, i have got 39% GF and + martial arts for important mod, if i find one with 40% and +1 martial arts and + 1 shadow discipline i'll change. i have forged and sockets with ra runes

rings: two elemental rings - good goldfind +1 skills and +res and + 7% max res; very good, but i want try the secret recipe for 66% GF, is hard but maybe i can get something good;

belt, gloves and boots: goldark strap socketed and forged with ra runes - simply the best

armor: runeword wealth - second best GF armor in game, i want kanji rune gold scarab but is very hard to obtain; have +1 command mastery and +1 lightning sentry extra

weapons: two wiz'jaq's tarr invention - is the best choice, i must have two claws for martials arts and the two sockets make better of scratch of persia and have +skills and high str/dex bonus. forged with secret reciper for +99% GF and socket the first one with two +40 GF jewels forged with ra runes, for the second one i have socjets with two ra runes

secondary weapon: runeword gluttony - this is only for more gold and bonus with find treasure

secondary shield: elxix treasure - great bonus GF and good skill, the best choice. forged and socketed with ra runes

for 90% i have charms for resistance and some unique (yello jello, vlad trepe, perfect cell, lothars will, deviant cell), for the odd charm i have the wealth runeword (+1 fist of fire) and three grand charm two with + 1 shadows discipline + life bonusand and one + 1 martial arts + life bonus; for the rest i have focused in +life charms

mercenary - cold rogue

i pick a cold rogue for her freeze bonus is helpful as corpse destroyer, and arrows with pierce is ggod for CtC when strike

helm: sparkhawk spirit: i absolutily love this! trigger life tap very often and make yakumo and her shadows very sturdy. i have rerolled for 35% piercing attack, socketed with nexus star; with merc only applied she get 47% piercing

weapon: runeword akai - 6% more chance of life tap, but IAS and life leech is good, i have remove knockback effect and add RIP

armor: izeal vise socketed with two nexus star, very good for increase damage and in some situation, like breaking two immunities aganist diablo clone; apllied merc only conversion and i get more pierce(59% total) 

rings: two elemental ring with +7% max resist, with this all resistance of my merc are 95 and she is very tought

amulet: eye of beholder - +2 skill, tiny CtC ablity and +life is the best choice i think, forged with liv 4 annilation aura

belt: timeloop - IAS and 66% slow target is very good

gloves: blazehemp - huge life bonus and CtC flame wave are good

boots: blazehemp - huge life bonus and CtC flame wave are good

** skill & stat [#xdb82aa9]
stat - is pretty simple i go up to 115 strong/dex for use the claws and put all the rest to vit


shadow discipline
shadow warrior:25 (tot.37)
command mastery:30 (for three shadow tot 43)
meelee mastery:1 (tot 13)
weapon block:1 (tot 13)
burst of speed:1 (tot 18)
fade:1 (tot 19)
venom:1 (tot 17)
shade armor:1 (tot 13)

martial arts
dragon claw:1 (charge releaser tot 13)
fist of fire:25 (main attack skill tot 43)
claws of thunder:11 (secondary attack skill tot 23)
phoenix strike: 1 (good with double immunities and corpse destroyer with cold damage and damage when i switch weapon tot 13)

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**My Diary [#b15da2e6]

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***20/07/2008 [#y4c17db1]
yakumo has reached level 90 and she doing lot of hodr for get a large ammount of dstone, anyway she is not even half of she occured.

important news is the forging of eye of beholder with liv 4 annilation aura, i have spent a lot of gold but finally obtain it with sure two types of amazon unique amulet for trading, almost 100 devil food and some very good rare amazon amulet for trading.

i also traded one rare grand charm with +1 shadow discipline and +life bonus, and shadows are stronger and get aura equipment more often

i have rebalanced the skill, i have made a mistake, i was think max level of command mastery are 20 instead 30, i have maxed it so i can use 3 shadows, sure my elemantal attack done lower damagage but one more minion is better
***18/07/2008 [#j53d354b]
thanks to blinn and dabapa i trade lot of stuff useful for improve my merc:
-izeal vise armor: this one has surprise me with diablo clone, with his aura i can break two immunities and i can kill him, without it that is impossibile for yakumo
-two blazehemp converted in one boots and one gloves: with huge life bonus my merc can easily resist until she cast life tap and almost freeze diablo clone with slow target in timeloop, in these days i'll test if gemwords gloves with CtC lower resist can coexist with life tap
- three nexus star jewel: with this i can get max resist and obtain 48% more life. very cool!

I have done several Dstone runs and i can get much gold for gamble eye of beholder amulet and two good elemental jewel ring for my merc and i socket all her equipment and add RIP to her bow; her have going to far now, after i forge and d-stoning everything she'll be complete, only nasty things are obtain amulet for green aura and 3 sascheronya jewel

today i have try some special act 2 area with yakumo. well, is not too bad in terms of sturdy, shadows can stay alive with no problem but damage and immunity is a problem now; in dark magician chamber i have big trouble with cold immunes, i can't destroy the corpse and the they reborn forever.
in the old farm i slain the cows with some time, but if a bunch of cowboy is toghether is impossible to kill for me, because they healings themselve.
maybe tomorrow i trade the izeal armor and downgrade to players 8, i hope to obtain some progress

edit: comments work now! leave a message if you want

**Comment [#i0a5a534]
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- yes for barbs you're right... for a sin i think the final result is 350 tie, or very similar -- [[ultimategrayfox]] &new{07-18-2008 (Fri) 16:12:20};
- A barb only gets +3 to LotA, so total is only 309 for him. Gold Scarab is superior in every other way though. -- [[Dapaba]] &new{07-18-2008 (Fri) 13:21:26};
- hi guys thanks for the suggestion... ok about wealth and gold scarab... are you sure is less in the end? scarab have 300% + 16 luck of anicent and +3 skill wealth have 350% GF, i never make it so i don't know... about lower resist i didn't use it for not overwrite life tap, but i'll do some test -- [[ultimategrayfox]] &new{07-18-2008 (Fri) 13:12:23};
- About the 40% GF jewels...it's one of the mods that can spawn on a lvl 1 jewel, so if you don't care about high-end jewels, then just use a level 1 character to reroll jewels until you get what you need. I looked at the Gold Scarab runeword, but it's GF is less than Wealth in the end. -- [[Dapaba]] &new{07-18-2008 (Fri) 13:00:06};
- How about trying a 2x Perfect Skull glove on the Rogue?  It might be a weak Lower Resist but it's still better than none. -- [[Blinn]] &new{07-18-2008 (Fri) 07:19:28};

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