[[The Hall of Glory]]

*Arctos - Frost Nova Amazon [#vb431e4e]


**Character Intro and Overview [#yc5c12d1]
Cool?! Amazon's have a nova spell? At the beginning this was very strange for me, that this spell can own. I had very much problems with using + 1 to Amazon skill's jewels at her. She couldnt kill very fast in domain! I had about 35k at this time. Later on i have found and rerolled very much + 1 to all skill jewels and she has gone better and better.
Now her whole equipment is all skilled, but there is always the problems with the wyverns!
I cant kill them very fast! So i thought that this nova must be the weakest in ES.

I would say 60k would be not soo hard to get, because my weapon only has 60% cold skill damage!


**Stats and Attributes [#n9422ff3]

All Energy and all jewels/equipment maxlifed and +lifed!


**Skills [#z5ca7682]
30 Frost Nova
30 Cold Arrow
25 Fire Wall
25 Decoy
15 Freezing Arrow
1  Valkyrie


**Equipment [#ff182e8a]

Diadem of the Skillmaster with +3 Amazon Skills and + 3 Lower resist!


Ethernal Reign


Lod RuneWord Doom!


Rumour of Pain Equipment 15%/15%/14% ;/


3 Socket magic shield with + 8 to oak sage


Eye of the Beholder Amulet


Zodiac's band


Rare ring with Teleport! I hoped that i would find something better! I didnt socket this ring!


Master of Water Kanjii Runeword with Cold Mastery


**Merc and Merc Equipment [#i243853d]

3 socket MoYaSu Sword with Conviction Aura
Izeal's Vize Armor
Medi Aura helmet
belt with resists
shock armor gloves
2 elemental jewels
shield of pain
beads of the guardian 

**Comments [#cc78932b]
- MfMqTvdnmNbhvFANv -- [[swvkoyjcn]] &new{01-18-2009 (Sun) 08:33:07};
- bGvVHLULPYgANLC -- [[nhfxeh]] &new{10-08-2008 (Wed) 16:03:09};

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