a:: low level coupons | runes | items | gems |  items qualities in nightmare and hell mode
 sol: edit item table for each level so as to remove garbage?
b:: runeword smoke still within the runetable.. 
 sol: nop? it?
C:: certain items in item table flooding out other items in item table (database item overload)
 sol: remove crap-ish items to make way for decent items.. such as
 low quality
single socket normals (in finding its better to socket it yourself) 
 low level potions on high level grids
 keys , thawing potion stamina potion.. do you really need them past zone 1 lvl 1 ?
if u can buy it in stores .... then do u need it out there.
d:: gold pay out | on floor screwed per hellmode only 2k(AT BEST) gold every ten enemies >>> on floor find | treasure boxes while ::
cost of perfect jem :: 45000, jems needed for maple leaf ?16? while :: needed maple leafs for whole body set +1 :: 14 :+= 10080000 gold for one completed set /10 kills yield :=1008000 kills ... [woohoo im lvl 88... 9005620 kills to go >:|}
e:: super multiplicate skill damage past level barrier.. i have amazon deals 3 million damage at lvl 62 with spear poison skill.
sol: make it so other characters yield same bonus!
f:: hop jump and glitch certain long frame skills used before or after || during movement abilities lead to really irritating glitches.. for instance
: jump disables itself
: ?bash? becomes untriggerable | runs forever until hits a wall.. then keeps running against wall
: flame wave.. BLOWS UP o.o
: furry misses second swing infinitely
./ all these glitches occur until the item is reequipped in inventory
g:: graphics overload concerning sandstorm, ice orb, hells gate ; damage doesnt register half the time during heavy loads ++ COUNTLESS various math errors resulting in game self killing under heavy firing 

f.e. :: sandstorm vs uuberdiablos armageddons == min mul math error{three others as well}
sidenote...: causes my graphics cards bit correction(overclock feature) to freak... wayyyy to many 1x1 snow pixels.. it would actually be less stress if they were a minimum of 4 pixels each. just a thought

sol: redraw heavy blitting images to standard size(object occlusion benefit) and perhaps remove some transparancy(if there is any its lethal at high speeds)

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