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**Concept [#k2c7acd0]
There has been some newfound life in the Boltress category, but let's focus on one of the primary reasons why she is aptly named so: Charged Bolt. What you want out of this character is as much lightning skill damage and -% to Enemy Lightning Resist as comfortable.

If you are new to ES, I suggest you wait until you gather good equipment for this class, otherwise it will be very difficult to play!

**Base Stats [#q769d442]
-Strength: Enough for equipment
-Dexterity: Base
-Vitality: Enough to build a comfort zone, but not too many.
-Energy: Your majority of stat points go here.

**Skills [#b54dc5f5]
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--Charged Bolt: 30
--Soul Shiver: 1
--Lightning Mastery: 1
--(Optional) Teleport: 1
--(Optional, if you have a heavy Mana base) Energy Shield: 1
--Fire Bolt/Ice Bolt: 30
--Fire / Cold Mastery: 1
--Lightning: 30
--Synergies to Lightning: Rest

**Equipment of Choice [#p4e5bc7f]
I will present two types of equipment: suggested items and my setup.
I will present two types of equipment: suggested items and the setup of my sorceress BoltressThree. Play style between the two is way different, so even the equipment can be different.

***Suggested Items [#ia150c60]
-ArchDimeron helm. Your best bet is a grand crown.
-Any item with Lower Resistance. This will be your backup in case your mercenary dies (read below).
-Items that grant -% Enemy Lightning Resistance. Only useful if you break the immunity. Rumour of Pain Belt and Flickerheel are examples of items that have this property. You may also want to find Sescheronya's Spark jewels which also reduce enemy lightning resistance.
-Any +All Skills items. Usually forged onto items.
-Any +Sorceress Skills items. You can craft Lightning-tab jewelry for your sorceress to help early-game.
-A starter Sorceress wand. Aim for +2 Lightning skills and 2 sockets.

***My BoltressThree setup [#sc977a0c]
Helm: ArchDimeron Grand Crown. D-stone +/+% Life.
Shield: LoD Lidless Wall. I knew this came in handy. D-stone +/+% Life.
Weapon: Starter +2/2 Heavenly Stone.
Gloves: Converted Rumour of Pain with -15% Enemy Lightning Resist.
Belt, Boots, Armor: Tasselhoff's Travelling Gear -- for the sockets and MF/GF mostly!
Ring1: Kilashandra-Ree's Black Crystal (for Lower Resist and other awesome mods)
Ring2: Crafted +2 Sorceress ring that spawned +1 all skills
Amulet: Spellcaster's Aide. FCR, +skills and the Protection from Evil aura that can help ease some of the pressure off of you. 

**Suggestions for replacement / Item obtainment: [#e26549cd]
ArchDimeron: Get a 4os helm. Obsidians come easy as Qual-kek gives one to you as a reward for saving his mercenaries. Use a gem can and collect flawless/blemished-grade gems until you have enough -- or if you have enough money, buy them only from Akara in Act 1 since it's cheaper.
Shield: You can replace this with a rare shield, or a 3-socket normal shield with Secret/Dodge/Rift (+1/2/3 All Skills). Secret is the easier of the three.
Weapon: Magic wand + Ancient Decipherer + Sapphire + Chipped Topaz + Magic Jewel.
Gloves: If you prefer, you can use crafted sorceress gloves.
Belt: I suggest Rumour of Pain (Sharkskin Belt).
Boots: Crafted Sorceress boots.
Armor: For +3 Skills, Templar Protector is nice, but your light radius will shrink.
Ring1: Craft a Sorceress-class ring, then use Ancient Scroll #6.
Ring2: You can use a crafted Sorceress ring or, imo, a Zodiac Band, a second Kilashandra-Ree's or Khelek's Crystal Band.
Amulet: IMO, until you get Spellcaster's Aide, use Beads of the Guardian.
**Item tips: [#e26549cd]
-Use an exceptional 4os helm to make ArchDimeron, for more d-stoning room. To keep your effects from disappearing, unsocket the gemword before d-stoning.
-Rubies and ruby-melding the gloves will give + Life Per Kill x2, which can bring some of your life back up should you get hurt. Your best bet is to try not to get hurt too much.
-You can also use a Conviction mercenary instead of ArchDimeron, however you need a lot of +all skills to raise his aura to a reasonable level; and you lose the beneficial Ancients' Call too.
-Beads of the Guardian is a good amulet for the +2 all skills, +all res and Cannot Be Frozen. Useful if you don't have a Fu rune or any other means of CBF.
-Consider trying for converting an extra Rumour of Pain or two into boots and gloves, respectively, to boost -% enemy resistance, if you are lacking Seschronya Spark jewels. Also, Flickerheel (Sharkskin Boots) has -% Lightning resistance and CBF.
-Tyranium Ore + Key + Wand = Increase Lightning skill damage.
-Make square/odd charms. The extra sockets can be useful. You can reroll square/odd charms by using two blemished gems.

**Hirelings [#m0194236]
Your mercenary of choice should be the Act 5 Offensive Barbarian. Not only is he aggressive, casting War Cry and using Bash often, he will use Battle Command and the indispensible Ancients' Call warcry. If you have Lower Resist, save it for when your merc cannot get to you. Ancients' Call is treated as a curse and your Lower Resist will overwrite it.

Weapon/Helm/Armor: Barbarian merc set. Try to upgrade or find the H set.
Ring1: Any item that has +1 all skills and life leech.
Ring2: Zodiac Band
Amulet: Any item that has +1 all skills and life leech.
Gloves/Belt/Boots: I suggest using Achille's set. If you are afraid of the -40% Lightning Resistance on the boots, Ri-forge them to remove 35% from the penalty.

**Strategy & Tips [#de565149]
-You should have your primary and secondary attack skill on the Left Mouse Button.
-Reserve the right mouse button for Lower Resist and Conviction. Make sure you try to have Conviction on at all times. If you have a Battle Orders javelin, slap it on the right mouse button so it is available when you switch. If you have Oak Sage, use it.
-Your secondary attack can be used at a fair distance; for greatest effect, you need to get close to your enemy before launching your charged bolts. This will make sure most of them will hit immediately. The damage listed on the skill tree is PER BOLT. Thus, if you have 5K damage charged bolt, and you cast 30, chances are you will be dealing 5K times 20-25 -- ouch!
-Hell bosses usually have Lightning immunity. Get it stripped first!
-If your mercenary dies, don't hesitate to retreat to bring him back up in town. Save your money for this!
-My comfort zone for -% Enemy Lightning Resistance is around 45-50. Your mileage may vary.
-To make it easier to gamble Killashandra-Ree's, make sure you have a very high-level character and set your Gamble Filter to just "Sorceress" class-specific. Gamble only rings. Convert unwanted uniques into devil's food points. Save rares and magics for re-rolling other rings.
-Remember that a re-roll on Killashandra-Ree's requires 3 perfect gems.
-If you find yourself constantly running out of mana, make Insight armor. Not only will your mana regen get a boost, you will have more FCR.

And finally,
-Remember that a sorceress needs 106% FCR to reach 8 frames per cast (FPC).


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