*Players' Personal Pages [#ob609a99]

**Let's Make Your Personal Page! [#w1cd1f6d]
How about making your personal page? Among Japanese ES players, it's popular to keep a personal playing log on the Wiki. You see several ''JP_Nikki'' pages in recent changes, and ''Nikki'' means ''Diary'' in Japanese.

Besides a playing log, a personal page may include a self introduction, self reminders like a ''to-do list'', a ''wish list'', a ''FT list'', a ''character list'', future character plans, and summarized data you need at hand. (For example, [[the list of LoD Unique Jewelry Coupons:http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Tables#e8e8f7b2]] was originally made on a Japanese player's personal page for his own use.)

If you keep a playing log of ES on a blog, you can post a link to that blog here, instead of making a personal page on the Wiki.

**How To Make A Personal Page [#d68e9ae5]
***Make A New Page [#j2c7537a]
-Click ''[ New ]'' in the menu bar to make a new page.
-Give it a page name like ''Diary_Tom''. (Diary_&color(red){Your Name};)
&color(blue){(Starting with ''Diary_'' makes it clear that the page is a personal page, when you see Recent Changes.)};
-Select the template [[@Diary_Template]] in ''-- Use another page as a template --'' window.
-Click ''[ Update ]'' when the page is done.

***Link Your Page [#t5bd28e9]
-Click ''[ Edit ]'' at the next section (List of Personal Pages.)
-Copy any link line and paste it at the end of other lines.
-Modify the explanation and the link.
-The format is:
--&color(red){[[};Explanation&color(red){>};Page Name&color(red){]]};
-The format for an external page (i.e. blog) is;
--&color(red){[[};Explanation&color(red){:};External URL&color(red){]]};

***Keep A Diary [#j4c0db9f]
-3 asterisks (&color(red){***};) at the line head makes the third level heading. The wiki tag &color(red){&date;}; automatically inserts the date.

***Attach Images [#p290623d]
-You can attach images to your page by clicking ''[ Attach ]''.
-The wiki tag &color(red){&ref(./};filename&color(red){);}; displays the attached image.

**List of Personal Pages [#k61089e8]

[[AdmiralCrackbar's Diary>Diary_AdmiralCrackbar]]
[[Bastige (psycho2)'s Diary>Diary_Bastige]]
[[Billybgame's Bonzo Bitchin' Blog>http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?Billybgame%27s%20Bonzo%20Bitchin%27%20Blog]]
[[Blackduck's Diary>Diary_Blackduck]]
[[Blinn's Diary>Diary_Blinn]]
[[Cerepol's Diary>Diary_Cerepol]]
[[Cheveyo's Diary>Diary_Cheveyo]]
[[Contrail's Diary>Diary_Contrail]]
[[Crux's Out of Order>Diary_Crux]]
[[Freykin's Diary>Diary_Freykin]]
[[goeido's Diary>goeido]]
[[Hans' Mosh Pit>Hans' Mosh Pit]]
[[Jakebow's Diary>Diary_Jakebow]]
[[MasterKazoom's Diary>Diary_MasterKazoom]]
[[Metro's Diary>Diary_Metro]]
[[Moonie's Diary>Diary_Moonie]]
[[Nameless' Diary>Diary_Nameless]]
[[Nightfire's Diary>Diary_Nightfire]]
[[Stingray's Diary>Diary_Stingray]]
[[Ultimategrayfox's Diary>http://miyoshino.la.coocan.jp/eswiki/?diary_Ultimategrayfox]]
[[Viske's Diary>Diary_Viske]]
[[Xc0n's Diary>Diary_Xc0n]]
[[XenmorphÅ's Diary>Diary_Xen's Diary]]
[[Lucifer666's Diary>Diary_Lucifer666]]
[[Valahan's Diary>Diary_Valahan]]

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