*Intro [#z8412b68]
This is basically a page inside the diary completely dedicated to catalougueing and helping me organize my Shared Stash Items

*Coupons [#m4de9738]
**Normal [#b69f7d5f]
***Used Coupons: [#oe21c00f]
Battle Staff
Long Staff
Ring 1
Short Bow
Short Sword
Spiked Shield

***Current Coupons: [#v26c308c]
Crystal Sword
Full Plate Mail
Giant Sword
Gnarled Staff
Gothic Shield
Grand Scepter
Heavy Boots
Light Crossbow
Leather Gloves
Long Battle Bow
Long Sword
Ring 11
Ring Mail
Short Staff
Skull Cap
Small Shield
Splint Mail
Studded Leather
Tower Shield

***Unneeded LoD Uni: [#d22b1729]
Breast Plate
Chain Boots
Giant Axe
Heavy Gloves
Large Shield
Leather Armour
Light Belt
Military Pick
Quilted Armour
Spiked Club
Studded Leather
Two-handed Sword

**Execeptional Coupons [#v05bb424]
***Used Coupons [#v1236fe3]

***Current Coupons [#oc46c150]
Martel De Fer
Ghost Armour

***Unwanted LoD Uni: [#k7302383]

**Elite Coupons [#nb67fb31]
***Used Coupons [#z905f88a]

***Current Coupons [#y7bc73f0]

***Unwanted LoD Uni: [#r0f5ccde]

*Uniques [#pc2ac881]
Arc's Skewer Morning Star
Axe of the Elements Hatchet
Blessed Avewnger Grand Scepter
Blizzard's Sword Flamberge
Blood Crescent Scimitar
Boots of Firewalk Boots
Corpsefire's Head Zombie Head
Corrupted Sanctuary Elven Chain
Cruel Heart Sacred Globe x2
Darkteflan Two-Handed Sword
Diamond Cuff Wrist Blade
Dimoak's Hew Bardiche
Dreamflange Flanged Mace
Fearless Garb Scale Mail
Firebrander Hunter's Bow
Gift of the Sea Fuscina
Gilded Spikes War Javelin
Gloves of Nor Tirai Sharkskin Gloves
Goldark's Strap Muscle Wrap
Goldwrap Heavy Belt
Hadriel's Barricade Akaran Rondache
Hail of Bolts Javelin
Hand of Grog Heavy Gloves x2
Hiiikata's Heart-blood Hachigane
Hinge of Sinew Jawbone
Icelander's Wear Heavy Boots x2
Ichorsting Crossbow
Kaihlanna's Pride War Fork
Maelstrom Yew Wand
Mail of the Sun Chain Mail x2
Manifer of Slugger Brass Knuckle
Nagelring Ring
Orb of the Red Dragon Jared's Stone
Osbidian Helm Helm
Palashia's Defense Trellised Armour
Phalzyr's Frenzy Ninja To x2
Plaguebearer Composite Bow
Pluckeye Short Bow
Poseidon's Trident Trident
Radament's Rotting Skull Unraveller Head
Ragegarb Hard Leather Armour
Rainbow's Power Crystal Sword
Raven's Cord Razor Bow
Red Rose Petal Assassin's Spiral
Rixot's Keen Short Sword
Robe of the Phoenix Linked Mail
Rod of Zerae Maiden Spear
Serpent Lord Long Staff
Skullbear's Soul Bone Shield
Soulsear Cestus
Tavern's Blade Sabre
Talisman of Kisshoten Assassin's Choker
The Diamond Hairband Circlet
The Needler Arbalest
The Salamander Battle Staff
The Surgeon Balanced Knife
Titan's Wake Cedar Bow
Torch of Ice Wand
Treefeller Axe
Tribesman's Focus War Sword x3
Unholy Dartgun Repeating Crossbow
Wall of the Eyeless Bone Shield
Yoyo's Sanity War Staff

*Sets [#l1078a10]
**Complete [#q49584be]
Arcanna's Tricks
Infernal Tools
Motoko's Captivation
Death's Hand Leather Gloves
**Incomplete [#m30397d8]
-Number to the right of the name is how many pieces are missing

Achilles' Advantage 1
Anduin's Honor 2
Bererker's Garb 2
Blackwing's Impudence 2
Danarak's Divinity 2
Gabrielle's Innocence 2
Greiz's Desert Pride 1
Kain's Means of Destruction 4
Kashya's Survival Kit 1
Kashya's Survival Kit N 2
Merlin's Legacy 3
Messerschmidt's Rule 1
Milabrega's Regalia 2
Nai's Mastery 2
Qual-Khek's Barbaric Gear 2
Rathol's Disease 2
Tara's Calling 1
Vega's Elegance 1

*Ancient Scrolls [#d0b6f83e]
Scroll 01: Y     Scroll 02: Y     Scroll 03: Y
Scroll 04: Y     Scroll 05: Y     Scroll 06: Y
Scroll 07: Y     Scroll 08: Y     Scroll 09: Y
Scroll 10: Y     Scroll 11: Y     Scroll 12: Y
Scroll 13: Y     Scroll 14: Y     Scroll 15: Y
Scroll 16: Y     Scroll 17: Y     Scroll 18: Y
Scroll 19: Y     Scroll 20: Y     Scroll 21: N
Scroll 22: Y     Scroll 23: Y     Scroll 24: Y
Scroll 25: N     Scroll 26: Y     Scroll 27: N
Scroll 28: Y     Scroll 29: N     Scroll 30: N
Scroll 31: N     Scroll 32: Y     Scroll 33: N
Scroll 34: N     Scroll 35: N     Scroll 36: N
Scroll 37: N     Scroll 38: N     Scroll 39: N
Scroll 40: N     Scroll 41: N     Scroll 42: N
Scroll 43: N     Scroll 44: N     Scroll 45: N
Scroll 46: N     Scroll 47: N     Scroll 48: N
Scroll 49: N     Scroll 50: N

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