//This is a template and you can alter any designs and formats.


**Concept [#oe70b9bc]
Simple GF Bowazon which can run some Hell special areas carefully.

**Current Stats [#w6a8f735]
Coming later.
//:Whirlwind Damage|950~5600
//:Berserk Damage|750~4800
//:Defense|2450 (3978 with Shout)
//:Max Life|3010 (4594 with BO)
//:Max Mana|625 (933 with BO)
//:Resists|F:85 C:66 L:85 P:83

**Base Stats [#ucd70c4c]
Coming later.
//:Strength|75 or Minimum Requisite for Equipments
//:Dexterity|Minimum Requisite for Max Block

**Skills [#he02d29b]
//You can write some comments here, or delete this line.
:Strafe|20 [29 Effective]
:Guided Arrow|10 [18 Effective]
:Slow Missiles|25 [34 Effective]
:Valkyrie|20 [31 Effective]
:Decoy|25 [36 Effective]
:Pierce|7 [16 Effective]
:Critical Strike|2 [11 Effective]  (All further points are going here)
:All prerequisites|1

**Equipment [#x8bbbf0b]
>Still Mapling...:
&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Bow.jpg);
&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Quiver.jpg);&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Amulet.jpg);
>D-Stoned Res on to the Armor:
&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Armor.jpg);
>Thanks to the Holiday Giveaway, I was able to make this:
&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Helm.jpg);
>Standard GF fare:  D-Stoned res on the Gloves, and for some reason I added a little MF to the boots.:
&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Gloves.jpg);&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Boots.jpg);&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Wrap.jpg);
>Easy GF & Res on the Elemental Jewel, not ready to D-Stone the rare yet.  I keep thinking I can find something better (Aha!  That's what I can do with my gold!):
&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Ring1.jpg);&ref(Diary_Crux/IGotShot Ring2.jpg);

**Hirelings [#ob887e8e]

//:Type|Act 1 Rogue (Fire)
:Type|Act 2 Desert Mercenary (Might)
//:Type|Act 3 Iron Wolf (Fire)
//:Type|Act 5 Barbarian (Defensive)

**Strategy & Tips [#bba18838]
Strafe in most situations.  Legendary Arrow for stationary items (i.e. Act 5 doors, catapults)& singling out a foe.
Once BoS and Amp activate, things start falling much quicker.  Use Inner Sight for the tougher foes.
Liberal use of Decoy to draw out foes, distract them from the valks and merc, and as a wall against enemies.  



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