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*My Page [#u7c42b1e]

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**My Profile [#v7cddb12]

Hi, I m a 19 years old student from Germany, I´ve been playing this mod for about 5 Month now and its a lot of fun.
I basicly created this diary to make a trade list, not for telling big storys about me playing this mod, so have a look.

**Active Characters [#qd231fa6]
- [[Mellisan>Hall_Moonie]], lvl 100 Lightning Sorc
- Cynn, Melee Sorc
- Salia, a Goldfind Enchantress, gonna put her in the hall when she is finished
- Rhylia, a cold sorc... well working on it

**My Trade List [#qfd093cc]
I´m only playing Softcore, if you might want to trade with me pm me on Phrozenkeep Forums, nick is also Moonie.

***Wants [#n515f951]

Goldfind jewels ( 35+ )
good sorc jewels
good magic sorc skillers or really good rare ones
fire mastery Oskill ring

Thing I will always accept: 
- Crystals
- Coupons
- PGs
- Maples

If you have any items, that might be good for one of my characters, feel free to pm me, even if they are not on my want list.

***Haves [#l3ad6315]

- All Ancient Scrolls
- Maples&Sa Runes, D Stones, PGs
- All Runes & Decals (except Cham)
- Crystals
- Good versions of all regular Charms ( i.e. 5/5 PC, 15/14 DC )
- 2 Vlads Tepe, 1 Unknown Hero
- All unique charms except Something Wicked
- Most set/unique items ( including Jewels, regular rings/amus )
- lvl 75 Amu for: Ama, Assa, Nec  Rings for: Ama, Pal
//- lvl 75 Amu for: Ama, Assa, Nec  Rings for: Ama, Pal
- lots of LoD uniques (ask)
- high ilvl elite rares for rerolling (ilvl88+)
- eth elite weapons/armors, a few eth elite rares for rerolling (ilvl88+)
- Skill Charms&Jewels for every class and tree
- some skill LC for every class (ask)
- rare jewels with 2 or more of the following mods
- allres, life, maxlife, +3-4% to X dmg, - 3-4% to enemy X resist, enhanced dmg, 10+ str/dex, str/dex /clvl, +skills, gf
- allres, life, maxlife, +3-4% to X dmg, - 3-4% to enemy X resist, enhanced dmg, 10+ str/dex, str/dex /clvl, +skills, gf, max dmg/clvl
- eth uniques (Titan Gauntlets, Gladiator Belt, Royal Partizan, Throwing Daggers, Impaler, Titans Dagger, Demon Fleece)

- lvl 7 Salvation on equip Tiara
- +12 Might gloves with Manaleech
- lvl 9 defiance, +2 nec rare diadem
- Rare Gloves with +14 might and +3 bow
- a few decent Might rings
- decent lighting mastery ring ( + barb skills ), decent cold mastery ring ( + pala skills)

**My Diary [#bee71764]

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***11th November 08 [#z0c316c4]
After having so much fun with a Melee Sorc in the Cutthroat Competition I decided to make a new one, I m gonna try to play untwinked until hell.
The druid was not really what I was expecting, but after all I think its better to create a new character and play it, so it grows with the rising difficulty, instead of equiping an old character with new stuff.

***22nd October 08 [#qdce67ff]
Dear Diary, today is your birthday.

**Comment [#b5e66939]
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