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**My Profile [#va884ab8]
My 1st time i played D2 was when a friend of meine mentioned it, right from there was like i was sucked right into it, its amazing the game. Been playing ES since the R series for quite some time and cant even pick up other mods or even play vanilla, this mod rocks so much its getting better and better with each release Tsuru delivers, and i just cant play other than this awesome RPG/hack n slash/Rogue kind of game.

**Active Tournament Characters [#y3fd487c]

-&size(12){''Craftsmen Tournament''};
--Conan concentrate Barbarian lvl 29

**My Diary [#fe573e90]

***26-04-2008 [#e71e30e1]
First time writing my diary its awesome just need to get comfortable with it lol. From here on im gonna report here my details of my barb thats currently playin in the craftsmen tourney, and maybe later add some more chars that ill eventually play with them outside of the tourneys.

***02-05-08 [#ca5ac80f]
Conan bited the dust on Chaos Sanctuary where that damn speedy guys that spawn altogether with might+cursed or whatever it is,it took two bashes for Conan to die i didnt even had time to blink my eyes and i couldnt hit rejuv fast enough also, when time comes maybe ill reenter this tourney and try it just for the sakes of finishing a char without dieing.

**Comment [#xa62ccea]
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- so wait for the nasty combo teleport + wind nova (or something like that) that wyverns do at nihlataks domain....they killed my barb in a whisper...that was hist first time dying...obs: that was in normal -_- -- [[asjerath]] &new{01-23-2010 (Sat) 09:52:15};

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